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#SufferingforBlessing: Losing #Family Support and Enduring Hardship is #PayingThePrice to be a Future #SideHustleMillionaire

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  • #SufferingforBlessing: Losing #Family Support and Enduring Hardship is #PayingThePrice to be a Future #SideHustleMillionaire

    #Enduring #slander, #hardship, #financialinstability & #family members ignoring you is #suffering for blessing & makes you a #sidehustlemillionaire
    Image: GalmGirlsNation

    Ambition. Everyone has it but doesn't put it to work at full strength. Ambitious people who do the transformation work in business and their personal life pay the ultimate price to be the boss.

    Ambitious people who go the extra mile suffer some kind of way.

    Here's a quick short list of some things ambitious people experience:
    • envy
    • jealousy
    • hatred from some family members "not all"
    • falsely accused
    • cheated out of money
    • promises broken by others
    • people dating you just to see what you're about
    • talked about by so-called friends behind your back
    • ignored
    • secretly judged by so-called friends according to your finances
    • left out of a circle of peers
    • disowned by people unless you start flashing money
    • only spoken to when dressed up in a business suit or fashionable casual outfit
    • people only coming to you for financial help
    • some folk concerned with image how they look in the eyes of others and what people think of them

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    The list goes on. It's not always peaches and cream being an entrepreneur. You have to be just as sharp mentally as people who scheme on you. You have to be mentally sharp after 60 and 70 years of age. If you want to be successful in your business you have to be willing to be talked about in a negative light, thrown away by family such as cousins who were always jealous since childhood, be respectful to people even when they disrespect you which sometimes requires being quiet and keeping it moving, work crazy hours during the night when needed, maintain a positive attitude, and never quit when things get tough.

    Most people who say they are in your corner as a friend or family member most likely turn on you sooner or later. That's life. You live, learn, and mature from those experiences. It makes you a better entrepreneur when you keep moving forward and maintain a positive mindset. That's what true entrepreneurial transformation is about. Being better daily from life experience.

    If you're willing to go through the mud emotionally, mentally, and spiritually to be an honorable entrepreneur and inspire others, you are a true business transformation champion. Last but not least, never forget to pass the torch of ambition and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, so they too will follow the right path to business success. Success comes with a price. If you're not willing to go through non-stop suffering, jealous family member such as aunts and some cousins slandering you, and other forms of adversity, you're not ready to become a "side hustle millionaire." No millionaire today who started from the bottom had it easy.

    'The Iron Clad Die-hard Truth'

    You will NEVER be a [side hustle millionaire] and make it to be in Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, Inc.com, CNN.com, HuffingtonPost.com, nor on Bloomberg.com as a business transformation success story, if you feel you don't have to endure hardship. Hardship comes from those closest to you. Especially family. Believe in yourself, do the transformation work, and prove naysayers wrong by showing who has the true spiritual and business muscle for the hustle!



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