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#Starbucks Expands #Business with #CoffeeOnRails

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  • #Starbucks Expands #Business with #CoffeeOnRails

    #Starbucks #businessexpansion to the #railroad
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    The growth of Corporation never ceases. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is straight out of Brooklyn just like Spike Lee and Drewry. Schultz is straight out of Breuklan projects in Canarsie Brooklyn and ventured into entrepreneurship in the mid-1980s. He focused on becoming the had an owner of Starbucks coffee Corporation. Howard Schultz has been blazing the way since inception and continues to operate faithfully at full strength. Because he did the transformation work as an entrepreneur and never gave up when things got tough he achieved billionaire status and more. Today, he continues to lead Starbucks into amazing growth, expanding in areas of business never imagined.

    Who would've ever thought there would be a Starbucks train? Yes, a virtual Starbucks trained specifically engineered to serve customers coffee and other Starbucks related products. Howard Schultz made it happen. He had no idea back then how great the Starbucks coffee business would be. He's a great example of entrepreneurship and a golden example demonstrating how far one can go in the world of running their own business when they believe in themselves and never quit. He did not get this far just awful of a famous name of coffee company. Every entrepreneur who achieved greatness today worked their tails off and got out of their comfort zones. They went the extra mile when others thought it wasn't worth risking.

    Congratulations to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz for taking the Starbucks business to new heights and being a prime example of honorable leadership. Keep inspiring the masses and representing Brooklyn to the fullest.