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#SideHustleMillionaire: Words of Hope for #Furloughed #FederalGovernment #Employees

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Words of Hope for #Furloughed #FederalGovernment #Employees

    It’s sad Donald Trump continues holding civilian federal workers hostage as they suffer from a furlough them in a government shutdown because of his temper tantrum after originally claimed Mexico would pay for. It’s not the civilian workers faults that Donald Trump is not getting his way with the Democrats in achieving the funding he’s hoping for.

    There has to be more to it than Donald Trump just wanting to put up a wall to keep illegal immigrants out. He’s requesting $5 billion and most people feel that’s more than enough to put up steel wall to separate the United States from Mexico. It’s also sad that furloughed government workers have to sit at home without pay and be at the mercy of landlords and creditors while they’re out of work due to no fault of their own. But the good news is, furloughed federal government workers in Washington can make the painful transformation from employee to entrepreneur thanks to the awesome power of the Internet.

    'Working Your Online Side Hustle From Home'

    The Internet allows anyone to start a business working from the comfort of their home and engage in online marketing without previous experience. Have you ever heard of a process known as affiliate marketing? If not, affiliate marketing is a process of partnering with in online advertiser “brand-name merchants” to promote their products and services on blogs, discussion forums, paid advertising networks, and social networks as a means of garnering affiliate commissions to supplement your existing income situation. In other words, affiliate marketing is a process of partnering with an advertiser to sell their products and services across multiple platforms online in hopes of generating sales through your affiliate link. Once you join an affiliate program as an affiliate, you’re given a uniquely encoded affiliate link. You can then take that affiliate link and promoted on your blog, website, discussion forum or social network in hopes of getting your affiliate link exposure to potentially generate sales from people online. If someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn something known as an “affiliate commission.”

    Believe it or not, many people got into affiliate marketing because of their situation like you either they got furloughed from their job, they were homeless, sick of getting up and going to work in the morning, unemployable, wrongfully terminated, or wanted to change your lifestyle and needs their own boss. You can engage in affiliate marketing working from home or your laptop in your spare time by working just a few hours a day and learning more about how affiliate marketing works by performing searches in Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com for search terms like “how to get started in affiliate marketing,” how to make money online, and other search terms like “how to make money from affiliate programs full-time.” Believe it or not, many people just like you have gone from furloughed employees and homeless and unemployable to a “side hustle millionaire.”

    Affiliate marketing is the ultimate side hustle and make anyone go from broke to a [side hustle millionaire], if you believe in yourself and do the transformation business work. You won’t earn a substantial full-time income in the first six months because affiliate marketing is a freelance business venture that you have to steadily work yet at least for the first year to two years before seeing decent residual monthly income. Side hustle millionaire status won't be achieved instantly. you have to continually work at it by creating "lots and lots of content," which can be lots of work in the beginning stages of your Internet marketing career. Affiliate marketing is also no get rich quick overnight operation because in this line of work, you’re definitely going to need “lots and lots of patience,” and creates “lots and lots of content” for your blog or website if you plan on using blogging or website marketing as a means of organic traffic generation and using that method to earn a full-time income as a dedicated affiliate marketer.

    Hint: Since Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com will always be times richer over Donald Trump, perhaps you, the furloughed Federal government employee, can do your home research on "affiliate marketing and blogging as an amazon affiliate marketer," and perhaps learn more how "blogging as an Amazon affiliate" can potentially yield you monthly income from "side hustle blogging as a furloughed Federal government employee." It's possible. All you have to do is get started by purchasing a domain name and web hosting to install your self hosted blog on, join Amazon as an affiliate, and blog away to your hearts content. And don't forget to e-mail all your family members and friends to let them know you have a blog and to comment on your blog post. You can bounce back financially from the government shutdown to get started on your side hustle now with affiliate marketing as an Amazon marketer, purchase a domain name and web hosting, and start blogging now. If you stay focused posting once a day for three years consistently, you'll put yourself in the driver seat to earn a healthy monthly income. But always remember nothing is guaranteed in business. Side hustling online is definitely worth putting forth the effort and believing in your ability to prosper in online entrepreneurship.

    This'll be a great way to generate instant buzz without paying one dime in paid advertising costs and inspire people to share your blogs on their social networking profiles that will give you more exposure to your blog posts. When you blog posts have more exposure, you increase the potential of making money from ads on your blog. And when you have ants from Amazon on your blog, feel more inclined to click the links and make a purchase. This is how you earn what's called an "affiliate commission." Earning affiliate commissions is a great way to overcome being furloughed as a federal government employee and defeat Donald Trump's government shutdown.



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