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#SideHustleMillionaire: Making Money Full Time in #Blogging Starting as a #SideHustle Going From #Employee to #Entrepreneur

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Making Money Full Time in #Blogging Starting as a #SideHustle Going From #Employee to #Entrepreneur

    Guess what? You're still living. What does that mean for you? It means it's not the end of the world despite personal life challenges and personal financial struggles you're currently going through. Everyone is going through something right now and it's not just you. You probably have personal debt close to $10,000 or more. Probably close to a million. The good news is, you're probably looking for a way out right now in terms of starting a business on the side with or without a day job. Is this correct? If so, keep reading. The internet is here to stay and search engines of thrive off of fresh content. With that said, as long as content is king on the internet, it'll always provide opportunities for people from all walks of life regardless of past employment experience or whatever you been through in your life or whatever you're probably going through right now to start a small side hustle online and earn your way to financial freedom with a concentration and never going back to a day job ever again today in life.

    There's a way to get out of your unemployment or day job situation. So you're probably one of millions of people in America and across the world I want to make money online full time, right? The first initial action stuff you need to take is purchasing your own domain name. Purchasing your own domain name is your online real estate and the place people will know you. Your own domain name also build brand recognition and online trust. Once you secure your own domain name, it's time to reserve a dedicated server to host your self hosted WordPress blog on. So three things you need in the beginning to establish your online real estate as a respectable business. One, your own domain name. Two, dedicated web hosting. Three, install WordPress on your dedicated web server. Once you've secured those three things, it's time to pick an itch topic your blog will be centered around.

    You can pretty much make any niche topic for your blog as you please. If you grew up with a favorite hobby during childhood, you could send to your blog around that niche. Many people today who became blogging side hustle millionaires Started from the bottom just like you. Some people are unemployable. Some people lived at home with their parents and suffered until they earned their first million dollars and went from employee to entrepreneur. Some people played it smart and save up their money instead of purchasing a house after earning their first million online from blogging. If you have a niche for talking about personal finance on your blog, Talk about it. If your blog topic is going to be about comic books from the past, stick to that. You can make different categories on your blog ranging from Marvel comic books, DC comic books, and associated categories for different comic book characters such as the Incredible Hulk, Wolverine, etc. If you start a blog centered around a topic you're passionate about talking either everyday or every other day, chances are you'll feel passionate about creating blog content centered around your favorite topic whether it's a childhood hobby or something you have extensive knowledge of today that you don't mind sharing with the general target audience free of charge in hopes that you'll make money from it.

    See this: 20 FinCon Influencers To Watch Out For In 2018 - Forbes.com

    Once you've picked your topic for your blog, perform a search in your favorite search engine for “high paying affiliate marketing networks.” Joining affiliate networks as an affiliated publisher enables you to be open to an array of advertising opportunities to partner with niche based online advertisers in hopes of getting approved as an affiliated publisher, placing a code of JavaScript or HTML or an iFrame on your blog, and making money from ads on your blog if one of your blog readers chooses to click the ad and make a purchase. When blog readers click ads on your blog and make a purchase, you earn what's called an affiliate commission. This is how you can potentially make money online 24 hours a day as a dedicated passionate blogger who wants to turn a hobby into a million-dollar future business with the intention on being a future side hustle millionaire. In order to succeed online full-time, you have to be passionate about what you're doing and be willing to continually create blog content even on days you don't learn one red cent or dollar from ads on your blog. If you do what you love then it's really not considered work even though it is work. Right?

    Truth - Many people never become online Millionaires and make the successful transition from employee to entrepreneur because they give up in the Journey of building their blog from humble beginnings to side hustle millionaire. You have to be willing as previously mentioned to keep going the extra mile by creating lots and lots of content and doing the transformation business work even when you don't make money. This is what separates the wannabes from the do-gooders. Sometimes, accomplished bloggers who are side hustle millionaires today give away free blogging tips how to build a Blog from nothing and making millions from it in 5 years or less. For more information on that, you can also search Bing, Google and Yahoo for more information on the search term of “ blogging millionaires who started out with nothing.” You should come across a few articles from cnn.com, forbes.com, and other reputable websites discussing people who started out with nothing or started out living on welfare and going from rock bottom to online millionaires off of sheer ambition. This can be you too if you believe in yourself that much and go the extra mile in content marketing and partnering with the right affiliate networks to earn high commissions from ads on your blog. Lastly, another great thing to know is there is no salary cap on the earning potential you can achieve online. Stop working for an Unfaithful employer who continues to rob you of pay raises, secretly hates you behind-the-scenes, treats you less than employee, and has no respect for you. Take your power back from your employer and start your side hustle in secrecy by purchasing your domain name, reserving dedicated web hosting, installing WordPress on your server, and get your blogging business started now without further delay. The sooner you get organized is the sooner you may potentially achieve side hustle millionaire status less than 5 years after you launch your blog. The choice is yours.



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