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#SideHustleMillionaire: Advice for Beginner #Bloggers Starting #ReviewBlogs and Dabbling in #AffiliateMarketing as a #SideHustle

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Advice for Beginner #Bloggers Starting #ReviewBlogs and Dabbling in #AffiliateMarketing as a #SideHustle

    #Blogging as a #sidehustle with a #niche in #writing #blogreviews about #trendingtopics such as #laptops, #hiking #accessories, #homegarden, #plants, #science and #onlineshopping is a good #thing for #reviewbloggers to #makemoneyonline from #affiliatemarketing & become a #future #sidehustlemillionaire. #Promoting #affiliateprograms on #selfhosted #WordPress #blogs is #goodforbusiness because it #builds your #brandreputation as an #aspiring #reviewblogger

    So you decided to take a risk on yourself and lay out money to purchase a domain name and reserve a dedicated server for your new online business. Your domain name is now configured, you're dedicated web server setup, and you just installed WordPress as your premium blogging CMS management solution. Your niche topic is writing reviews on your favorite products ranging from hiking accessories, laptop reviews, car reviews, and writing reviews about fragrances. Always know that you're online business is nothing more than a side hustle starting from the bottom while working on making the successful transition from employee to online entrepreneur and future side hustle millionaire hopeful. perhaps this article will inspire you to go the extra mile in your Niche blogging journey to make the successful jump from quitting your day job to working for yourself online full time and hopefully earning your first million dollars marketing affiliate programs on your blog known as affiliate marketing.

    There's a couple of things to bear in mind after installing WordPress on your server and getting your blog career going.

    1. You need to have the right WordPress plugins installed to help boost your SEO. Some WordPress plugins to help boost your SEO that you should consider installing include Yoast by Joost De Valk. this is a free and paid WordPress plugin all WordPress niche bloggers should install because even if you use the free plug-in, it'll enormously help with your search engine optimization efforts. It'll help your pages give Google, Yahoo and Bing a better understanding of what your blog posts are about and may potentially help you rank better and search engine results pages.

    2. External Nofollow plugin for WordPress is definitely recommended. You want the WordPress plugin to automatically add "rel=nofollow" as a canonical tag to every blog post you add external links to, whether the external link is a link to an article to read for more information or an external link linking to an affiliate product or service to help you garner increased affiliate commissions.

    3. Write lots and lots of content. This is the hard part most bloggers struggle with because you have to get in the persistent mindset of creating content for your blog on a daily basis. 1 post add a post it to your blog at least 5 days a week for two years consistently will put you closer to the point of quitting your day job and working for yourself online full time. Here's the secret sauce. Evergreen content is a process of writing articles, blog posts, press releases and documents in excess of 1500 words or more. Search engines love fresh content and content that's informative with links pointing to third-party external resources for more information. If you develop the healthy content marketing pattern of writing blog posts at least 5 days a week in excess of 1500 words or more, you set a pattern for search engines to grade your blog by and it also definitely helps you get better search engine rankings.

    4. Use your smartphone with the speech recognition function enabled to write content on your phone before posting to your blog. Or attach a headset with a microphone To your desktop computer or laptop and write content in rough draft mode using Google Docs. unless you're content with creating content the regular way by manually typing on the keyboard, using speech recognition and the power of your voice to speak your content will help you create longer pages. People have so many things rambling in the back of their minds they want to get out on a document or piece of paper. Manual typing has limitations because people get tired of typing on the keyboard and don't actually get to get all the content out that they want. Speech recognition helps you to achieve your content marketing goals because all you're doing is using your voice to make words appear on the computer screen which you can proofread and edit and finalize before publishing to your blog. Doing this helps you improve your grammar and punctuation and correct spelling errors before publishing the final draft to your self hosted WordPress blog.

    5. Don't look at how much money you're not making in the beginning. Many side hustle millionaire bloggers today who made Millions off of affiliate marketing earned a measly can of beans in the beginning. You're not going to earn a full-time income from your blog for the first year or year-and-a-half. Get used to blogging 5 days a week creating Evergreen content and not earning one red cent for at least a good year and a half. If you stay faithful and do the transformation business work by creating a lots and lots of content and state of course, and retain your passion for blogging as a side hustle with the intention of turning it into a full-time online business, you'll succeed and continue to move forward on days you don't learn one dime from affiliate advertisements on your blog.

    Hopefully this article gave you a little bit or some insight on staying motivated with affiliate marketing and blogging. This is a performance-based business and it's not for everyone. There are no guarantees in this line of work that you'll ever become a side house on millionaire or earned one check from promoting affiliate programs on your blog. If you believe in yourself enough to start your own online business and passionate about doing what you do as an aspiring career blogger, you'll make it in this line of work and Inspire others to follow your lead through positive thinking and working together to become side hustle millionaires.



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