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#QuestionsAndAnswers: Starting a #FoodBlog On a Self Hosted #WordPress Platform With a #DedicatedServer

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  • #QuestionsAndAnswers: Starting a #FoodBlog On a Self Hosted #WordPress Platform With a #DedicatedServer

    Still wondering how effective content is? Content marketing is the life and blood of any online business in any niche. Writing and publishing fresh content on a consistent basis whether it's everyday or every other day can make anyone a future side hustle millionaire. Bloggers and internet marketers of silent "online marketing rockstars," because we just as big as U.S. politicians. search engines Thrive off of content published on a regular basis to blogs and websites and sell ads against your content indexed and search engine results pages. In other words, content is king and always will be king on the internet and as long as you produce fresh content for your blog website daily, you have a better chance of getting increased traffic from search engine results pages that you never have to pay one dime for. This is the beauty of writing and publishing fresh content everyday or every other day.

    A person pose the question somewhere on the internet about which blog site is most preferred for starting a food-based blog. First and foremost, any blogger that starts a Blog with the intent on becoming a career blogger and future side hustle millionaire should consider the importance of purchasing a domain name with full domain registered Privileges and reserving a dedicated web server to host their blog on. Once your domain name and dedicated web hosting plan of choice is reserved, you can log into your dedicated server administrative dashboard inside of your web hosting package and look for the option to choose WordPress to install on your domain. Most web host provide a one-click installation of WordPress which is basically an automated function of your server creating the mySQL database automatically for you and installing WordPress simultaneously so you don't have to perform the functions manually of creating the by SQL database and manually installing WordPress. Once your self hosted WordPress blog is installed and you have the intent on starting of food-based blog, you can pretty much start work on creating your first WordPress blog post as an aspiring and amateur food blogger introducing yourself to the online world. You can write something in a title whereas it says in so many words “Welcome to my first food blog post.” Doing so is introducing yourself exists.

    Once your first blog post about food and introducing yourself is up and running, you can then focus on creating quality content for your food blog. Doing so is putting you in the future position of getting passive amount of free search engine traffic from Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com to your blog that you never have to pay one dime in paid online advertising fees for. The more content you write and publish to your food bass Blog the more money you potentially make from ads on your blog that will make you a future side hustle millionaire. believe it or not, if you invest enough time and writing quality content for your food blog on a daily basis or publish contents your blog every other day, you can put yourself in the blessed position to go from employee to quitting your day job and making the successful entrepreneurial transformation to being a full-time affiliate marketer - blogger - side hustle millionaire in the making. But it all starts with you and taking the initial action step in the first move in doing the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation.

    PinchofYum.com founder Lindsay started her food-based blog in 2011 while she was a 4th grade elementary school teacher. 2 years into her blog and consistently posting content about food, she was in the best position to earn enough income to quit her day job and Achieve side hustle millionaire status as a full-time food blogger that she is today. She's been featured on CNBC.com as a food blogging side hustle transformation success story and continues to earn passive income today running a business she has an undying passion for - food blogging!

    What's stopping you from doing the transformation work and getting started with your blogging? Fear of failure? Worried about what people think? Stop worrying about what people think and just get started. If you fail, there's hidden lessons to be learned and it's not the end of the world. The good news is, if you fail in your food blogging, all you need to do is to revamp your thinking strategy and continue the Journey of doing the transformation business work by not giving up. Content is king on the internet as previously emphasized and as long as content is King on the internet, you have the grand opportunity to pick up where you left off with your food blogging and continue your journey to achieving side hustle millionaire status and working from home full-time with food blocking or whatever you choose to blog about.

    There's more than enough money online for everyone to earn from blogging and online marketing. Are you now ready to take the leap into the deep Abyss and try your hand at starting your own self hosted WordPress blog and work on it part-time as a side Hustle and stop making your greedy evil employer rich? The longer you stay on that day job the more you hamper and suppress your true potential to let the entrepreneur out and achieve side hustle millionaire status. You are what you think and if you believe, you will succeed despite the odds against you.



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