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#QuestionsAndAnswers: Helpful Advice for #Entrepreneurs Striving to be a Future #SideHustleMillionaire

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  • #QuestionsAndAnswers: Helpful Advice for #Entrepreneurs Striving to be a Future #SideHustleMillionaire

    #sidehustles allow you to #break #free from your #dayjob & #employer who #continues to #getrich from your #labor. #Start an #online #sidehustle by #launching a #self #hosted #WordPress #blog on a #dedicatedserver & #workfromhome with #affiliatemarketing & #contentmarketing

    People pose questions on the internet without direct answers. They search search engines like Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com for more information, sometimes coming up worthless in finding the right answers. Hopefully this article will inspire you with creative ideas to help you move forward in your side hustle transformation from employee to entrepreneur and help you achieve side hustle millionaire status.

    Getting rich quick overnight is no overnight operation because there's real work involved. You have to create content, engaging online video, great articles or press releases or podcasts, and build meaningful relationships with people on social networks. Rome wasn't built in a day and with that said, you definitely are not getting rich overnight online.

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    Here's three questions that will hopefully help you have a better understanding about online marketing:

    1. Blogging or podcasting - which one is more effective? Honestly, both mediums are effective when it comes to internet marketing. You definitely want to have a blog in whatever you do online because with a Blog, you can easily update your site with fresh content on the fly as there's virtually an unlimited number of free plug-ins. It's also a good idea to acquire your own domain name and reserve dedicated web hosting to host your self hosted WordPress blog on. If you're not already using Wordpress, it's highly recommended you do so because of the fact that WordPress is free of charge and it'll help you achieve your content marketing goals faster. Podcasting is also a powerful medium because it allows people to hear your voice and know that they're dealing with a real human being and have their questions answered in real time. VLogging or better known as video blogging, is also a powerful medium because using you to allow people to see your face and get familiar with who you are up close and personal Robin Leach Style. Streaming online video has the unique tendency to instantly convert eyeballs into sales on the fly. If you have to choose between blocking or podcasting to use first as a form of promoting yourself online to make money, definitely go along with blogging and adding video to your blogs. Reason being is because content is King on the internet and as content will always be king on the world wide web, it'll also be a form of online job security. Adding content to other people's networks is a good thing if you tend to use other people's networks to build backlinks to your blog or website to increase your online visibility. But nevertheless, you should first Focus first and foremost primarily on building up the content of your blog simply because the more content your blog has, the more likely they are going to come by your site, and extra content and list in the search engine results pages, resulting in massive increases of organic web traffic over a period of time that turns into repeat sales, enabling you to potentially make money online 24 hours a day and achieve side hustle millionaire status in due time. Hopefully this answers your question.

    2. Curious how long it takes before your blog starts seeing nice traffic from search engines and social networks? This is definitely a question aspiring online entrepreneurs want to know and shouldn't ask. amateur entrepreneurs who's just starting out online and affiliate marketing of blogging shouldn't ask this question about how long it takes before getting large amount of traffic from search engines social networks simply because they need to focus first and foremost primarily on building up their blog with lots and lots of content. Content marketing is responsible for increasing traffic organically to sites that regularly keep themselves updated with fresh content. There is no definitive answer on how long it takes until amateur bloggers and internet marketers start seeing large amount of traffic. Few things they need to focus on first and foremost is not only building up the content of their blog, but also building and sustaining meaningful relationships with blog readers with meaningful comments, building and sustaining successful relationships with people on social networks like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and take time to personally respond to people on social networks without trying to sell something. Traffic and sales come when you don't try to sell something and when you don't ask people to share your content. Reverse psychology has a unique way of increasing traffic to blogs and content marketers who focus on creating useful information for people to read and feel empowered by and don't create content just for rankings in search engines. Secondly, you have to have patience in this line of work. It can't be stressed enough about being patient in the content marketing process. Being blunt and Frank with you, you're not going to make money online full time starting out for at least the first year or year-and-a-half. This is crunch time when you need to build up the content of your site and build relationships with people and build up your permission email based marketing list for the purpose of keeping people updated with new posts on your blog and other things you're doing online with your business. You can't get traffic to your blog unless you create content on a daily basis. A last bit of a helpful tip on getting lots of traffic from search engines is not only creating content on a daily basis, but also creating content in “Evergreen content” form where's you're creating a blog post in excess of 1500 words are better. If you measure your traffic rank for 6 months starting from inception a and go for a hundred eighty days tracking your results on a daily basis on Alexa.com, you'll notice that the benefits of creating quality content for your site everyday will pay off as your Alexa traffic rank numbers will start to get lower and lower. When your traffic rank gets lower, that means you're improving and search engine results pages, and you'll start to see a detailed graph of your blog traffic progress on Alexa hopefully within the 6 months. This will give you the additional push as a future side hustle millionaire to keep creating lots and lots of content every day and most importantly, building meaningful relationships with people, with the intent on turning those people into repeat customers from your content marketing efforts.

    3. Someone somewhere inquired on the web about helpful tips for online marketing. The first helpful tip for improving your online marketing potential is to get in the consistent mindset of creating lots and lots of content for your self hosted WordPress blog or website. The reason for getting in the mindset of consistent content marketing is because search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo thrive off of indexing fresh content into their organic search engine results Pages. What they do intern as they sell advertisements from paid advertisers against newly indexed content which comes from new content from your blog website. Content marketing is by far the most effective form of online marketing because it's a foundation of information and messages your conveying to your target audience. Content can be in the form of blog posts, YouTube videos, web pages, share documents, blog comments with links pointing back to specific blog posts, paid press releases, published articles, YouTube videos with links in the header video description for more information on what you're trying to convey in the video, Pinterest and Instagram images shared in blog posts and web pages, and the list of virtually goes on. If you own a blog and use WordPress on your dedicated web server as a CMS blogging solution and looking to increase your online marketing potential, look into installing a WordPress plugin that allow you to share new blog posts published to multiple social networks at once without manually logging into every social network to post a link to your new blog. Sharing new published blogs on multiple social networks like Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com and elsewhere increases your online marketing potential by having more eyeballs on your content. This is another sure shot way of guaranteeing yourself the potential to capitalize on free online marketing methods.


    Hopefully this information has somewhat empowered you to have a better understanding about free ways to market your business on the internet. Are you looking to make the successful transition from employee to entrepreneur and stop making your employer rich off of your hard work without getting a pay raise or commission or other corporate benefits? Stay tuned for future posts soon to come on DNN discussing side hustle online entrepreneurship, working from home, and creative ways to make your side hustle pay off for you as an aspiring online entrepreneur in the making. After starting your online side hustle, don't look at how long it takes until you start making $10,000 or more monthly. Work on your internet marketing project slowly but surely. Learn some patience if you don't have any. The art of online marketing and working from home is not for the faint-hearted. If you do the transformation business work and stay inspired in the process of building your business from scratch while getting out of the mindset of making your employer rich and breaking free from the habit of getting up and going to work daily and investing more In yourself by creating lots and lots of content for your blog and promoting affiliate programs on your blog, you'll be in the potentially blessed position in less than five years to work from home or anywhere full-time with your smartphone or laptop and earn a 100% living from the internet.



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