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#AffiliateMarketing to #SideHustleMillionaire: 5 Direct Reasons Why You Should Instantly Start Your #SideHustle #Today

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  • #AffiliateMarketing to #SideHustleMillionaire: 5 Direct Reasons Why You Should Instantly Start Your #SideHustle #Today

    Truth - Starting a side hustle blog as a fun hobby and part-time secondary employment with or without a regular job is a great way to financially secure your future. As mentioned in previous articles and threads on DNN, long gone are the days of job security when you could graduate from high school with an academic diploma and get a good-paying job and retire with a decent pension and health care benefits. It doesn't matter today if you have a college degree. If someone on your job doesn't like you for whatever reason or you have on good smelling cologne and a female buzzard employee continually hounds you every time you show up to work and complimenting your fragrance and you have no interest in her, your job will be secretly in jeopardy for future wrongful termination out of jealousy and alleged Fatal Attraction. When you start a side hustle blog whether you're a female or male and continually work on that blog by writing lots and lots of content as a passionate Hobby, it's really not considered work though it is work. Writing lots of content for your blog as a side hustle puts you in the future position to be a side hustle millionaire and working for yourself full-time as an online entrepreneur. This is why you need to get started with no delay and get organized today by starting your side hustle blogging career.

    Five quick reasons why you should take a risk into the abyss and launch yourself hosted blog as a side hustle now:

    1. You might get wrongfully terminated next week or next month or even tomorrow. You need to have a plan B and plan C and every other plan in place when termination occurs. This way, while you're working on your side hustle project, you can work on other things to keep yourself in a positive state of mind and productive.

    2. Achieve financial goals never imagined in the past. How would you feel if you woke up in the morning knowing you are earned an extra $500 to $1,000 from your blog by sleeping? Blogging as a side hustle with lots and lots of content and doing the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation non-stop can put you in that future position to make money online 24 hours a day.

    3. You can take vacations and travel as you please without being confined to an office cubicle. when you achieve side hustle millionaire status in affiliate marketing and blogging as your secondary career transitioning to your full-time business, you can get up and go as you please. If you're a dedicated affiliate marketer and blogger, you can easily hop on a plane and go to places like Santa Barbara, California, Texas, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and New York City As you please. You don't have to worry about consulting with your ratchet employer to get approval. And most likely, if you did work for someone else and possibly put in a request for time off, your boss would disapprove while they take vacations and keep your commission money and laugh at you behind your back knowing they're spending up your money on their vacation. no need to worry about that when you have your own side hustle making you money 24 hours a day.

    4. You don't have to ask permission to do anything from any narcissist employer. You can do whatever you want anytime of the day as previously mentioned. You don't have to argue with a ratchet employer because they disapprove of you doing anything you want. This is your own business and you can have your cake and eat it too. As long as you have lots and lots of content produced on your blog daily or every other day and your search engine rankings and affiliate revenue is improving, you have the rest of the day, week, and month and year to yourself to do as you please because you're not confined to corporate nor a ratchet acting Human Resources generalist who's In cahoots for your wrongful termination.

    5. Pay off heavy debt. How would you feel if you're working from anywhere with a smartphone, laptop or even off of a library computer and making so much money in your side hustle to the point where you can pay off credit cards, home equity line of credit, a car note, and college tuition debt and still have money left in your pocket? You feel really good about yourself, wouldn't you? It's possible when you get started with affiliate marketing and blogging as a side hustle and not looking at your current situation.

    Food for thought - Every side hustler who made it big online today and became side hustle millionaires all started from the bottom. Whether they were wrongfully terminated or quit their day jobs or were unemployed for lengthy periods, they had an undying spirit in them to make the internet marketing career work for them. Those side hustle millionaires are no better than you. They're everyday people that went from ordinary to extraordinary. If you believe in yourself and do the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation, you too can reach side hustle millionaire status just like them. Regardless how long it takes for you to succeed, don't give up regardless if family, friends, your narcissist employer or anyone else turns on you. The more people that turn on you the closer you get to achieving side hustle millionaire status as an affiliate marketer and blogger.



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