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#SideHustleMillionaire: Running a Business on Arrogance Without Humility is 'Predestined Failure'

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  • #SideHustleMillionaire: Running a Business on Arrogance Without Humility is 'Predestined Failure'

    Truth: You'll be surprised how GOD blesses you further down the line if you humble yourself before The LORD Jesus Christ!

    There's a fine line between humility and arrogance. Arrogant entrepreneurs sabotage their success. Humble entrepreneurs known as "unsung heroes" normally don't get the credit they deserve, but still remain humble regardless. Did you know humility plays a key role in the success of your business? When experiencing success, it's very easy for anyone to get conceited. If you're doing the transformation work in your heart of making healthy changes and value the importance of humility, anyone can keep a very short leash on arrogance, and not let the cat out of the hat.

    Here are a few tips to fellow entrepreneurs from DrewryNewsNetwork on humility:

    a) Swallow all feelings of pride. Arrogance will be your downfall in business and relationships if you think it's all about you.

    b) Eat those silent feelings of wanting to be a boss. Though you may possibly earn lots of money and potentially a boss, the real value lies in lifting up others. The universal law of reciprocation has an unwritten rule that when you share positive spotlight on others and lift them up, support comes back in your favor. If you're always talking about yourself in bigging yourself up as a boss and not lifting others up, how do you expect the ball to always roll in your favor? Do the mental math on that and get out of that "arrogant boss mindset."

    c) Do good things for others without expectation. Saying and doing nice things for others without asking for anything in return is true transformation of the heart. It says a lot about your character. Are you really humble and a team player? If so, let your positive energy shine on the outside and do something nice for someone.

    d) Go the extra mile in anything positive you do. Positive thinking invokes a positive spirit. And, a positive spirit and doing the transformation work in your heart will rub off on others in following your lead. Always incorporate humility and you'll always be on the plus side of life.

    e) Anything positively creative you can think of.

    How you carry yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur or "side hustle millionaire" predicts your future profitability.