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#StraightTalk: Be Happy for Others When They Succeed in Business

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  • #StraightTalk: Be Happy for Others When They Succeed in Business

    It's too easy to be concerned about the success of yourself before and after starting any kind of business. You know your personal struggles and how far you came in life. From nothing to something. And it's even easier to talk about only yourself or your business at business summit trade shows. Truth is, talking about others whether it be at special business events or among family, friends, and perhaps your loyal customers can subliminally bring more business to your business. Having an open mindset to see others just as successful as you and supporting them wholeheartedly can virtually open windows of infinite possibilities for you. This is true transformation of the mind and spirit when you uplift the progress of others.

    Humility is a Must in Business

    No one wants to give business to a person that thinks they're everything to the world. It's an unwritten rule in life in anything you do that keeping humility at bay in your heart, mind, and spirit helps propel you beyond success and open doors of spontaneous opportunity, even to the point of your business competitors having second thoughts about you and lending a helping hand to your business. Humility grows your business beyond your wildest dreams. It additionally allows you to be kind spirited to the point of financially lending a helping hand to other business. This is why it's important to not only stay humble building and running your successful business, but also celebrating the success of others and lending them a helping hand when needed.

    Spontaneous Benefits

    Did you know applauding others who are successful in their business has hidden unique benefits? This is the spontaneous side of being in business for yourself and supporting other entrepreneurs.

    Some fringe benefits of supporting and celebrating other entrepreneurs include:
    • Being on their mind when they have a special event and invite you
    • Being on their mind to randomly lend a financial helping hand when you need it
    • Being on their mind if they discover a grant or additional free money opportunity and share special information with you
    • Being on their mind when they think of someone to give a gift to
    • Being on their mind just to give you a call and see how you're doing
    • Being on their mind when having a family and fellow entrepreneurs get together and invite you
    • Being on their mind when they know of a U.S. government contracting trade show that's unadvertised and shares information with you
    • The list goes on and on

    'Always Celebrate and Support Others in Business'

    It doesn't pay to have a one track mind and think its always all about you and your business. Think of others along the way and unique creative business strengths they possess. Everyone has a certain uniqueness to them to present to the world.

    Learn to build and sustain positive business and personal relationships with like-minded people and those who are completely out of your business circle and may think way out of the ballpark. You'll discover in time how supporting others whether its like-minded or opposite thinkers can propel your business and mindset to new horizons and may significantly boost your business profit potential.