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#SideHustle: #Blogger Allison Lindstrom Discusses 3 Year Blogging Anniversary and Blog Income Report

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  • #SideHustle: #Blogger Allison Lindstrom Discusses 3 Year Blogging Anniversary and Blog Income Report

    Blogger Allison Lindstrom celebrates her 3-year anniversary on April 12th 2018 in a video discussing her monthly blogging income reports. Allison Lindstrom is a full-time blogger who turned her blog from a side hustle to stable income. She runs the blogging site and She explained in her YouTube video Allison started her blog back in 2015 under a different domain name and while building the content of a blog from the ground floor up, she transitioned the blog URL address into her personal name branding her online real estate. Well she could have easily said it was a walk in the park and a cool breeze building her blog from scratch, Allison makes a clear and concise statement that content marketing for her blog has been no easy task. Allison also explains that blogging has placed her in a financial position to spend quality time with her children and concentrate on creating quality content in blog posts.

    To keep yourself in a positive image of being a down-to-earth blogger, she shares her blog posts on social media and asks people to speak their mind on what she can do to make her blog better. She asks people on social media what they want to see in blogs while celebrating her 3-year blogging anniversary. Allison queries her blog readers if they want to see income reports post it to her blog, videos about things Allison learned in her blogging journey, and how she stays innovative by creating content in different ways.

    Blogging can be a lucrative side hustle for anyone who puts their mind to doing the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation. Alongside writing great content for your block on a daily basis, another thing you'll need to stay consistent with is investing quality time into doing cardio. The reason for investing time into increasing your cardiovascular output is because you'll be sitting at the computer or sitting somewhere on your desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone for possibly hours in one sitting focusing on your blog content marketing. And when your body is sitting or in one place for hours, your metabolism tends to slow down, resulting in a reduced cardiovascular well being. This is why it's important to hit the gym first thing in the morning on an empty stomach after drinking water and vitamins. Or hop on the treadmill at home in your bedroom, living room, or basement and perform at least 20 minutes of cardio in the morning on an empty stomach before starting your day writing content for your blog.

    Blogging is more secure than a traditional day job and should be taken seriously by day jobbers and others looking to turn side hustle block freelancing into a full-time income machine. Gone are the days and the era of relying on a traditional day job for job security and retirement. There is no such thing as job security anymore because there are crooked employers in America who secretly target certain employees for termination because of personal vendettas. This leaves most people to wonder about their future and job security for the company they work for, and seriously consider blogging as a side hustle with the intention of making it a full-time business and never looking back to working a day job again in life.

    Blogging can make you a side hustle online millionaire if you believe in yourself and stay consistent with writing quality blog content daily. If you stay consistent in your blogging side Hustle for three years and never give up, you too can achieve good income potential like Allison and put yourself closer to becoming a side hustle blogging millionaire just like Michelle Schroeder Gardner did from the blog site You are what you think.

    Never let any employer make you feel you're inadequate, a corporate slave or yes man, or less than a human being because of what they think of you. Believe in yourself and start your side hustle blogging business now. Content is King and always will be. The internet is here to stay and will always provide opportunities for people from all walks of life to start a side hustle blog at any age and any time in their life. The best time to start your side hustle blog is in the worst and most uncomfortable time of your life. It'll prove what you're truly made of. Go for the gusto and get started now.

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