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Side Hustles Allow You to Liberate Yourself from Corporate Enslavement

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  • Side Hustles Allow You to Liberate Yourself from Corporate Enslavement

    For people that know nothing about the side hustle and how to use it to their advantage of potentially quitting their day job in the future, they need inspiring stories to read from across the web for their personal online business inspiration. Some people are still in the dark wondering what a side hustle is. For those who are still wondering about side hustling, it's pretty much starting a side job without applying for a physical second job. In other words, whatever is passionate to your heart such as freelance writing, buying and selling online, selling old things out of your apartment or house, arts and crafts, Sports commentary, building and selling websites, or helping people find the best discounts online to use at their favorite internet department store, there's pretty much a market for everything and you can make a side hustle out of it. Everyday people are quietly starting side hustles from the comfort of your home computer, laptops, or even working from their smartphone using a WiFi connection, the speech recognition function on their smartphone, and creating content in their Google Docs smartphone applications. Truth is, the side hustle is quietly making some people online millionaires. Now's the time for you to get organized with no delay and start your side hustle, so you can break free from your cushy day job and be the entrepreneur you've always dreamed of and achieve financial freedom.

    The easiest side hustle you could start right now from the comfort of your home, smartphone, or laptop computer is launching your self hosted WordPress blog. To achieve this, you'll need to purchase your own domain name-URL address, rent a dedicated web server, and install WordPress on it. Once you have your WordPress blog installed on your dedicated server and domain name configured, you can come up with a niche topic for your blog. A few good Niche topics would be comic book reviews, reviews on laptops, sneaker reviews, free math tips for struggling math students, free tips for people looking to improve their English grammar, or brand name Fashion reviews. Or how about starting a review blog based on best stores to shop at at certain times of the year and how to look for clearance items in a particular store? These are some of many ideas for a review blog you can start as a side hustle and grow it into a full-time business, putting you in the future potential position of quitting your day job and humbly faking your narcissist employer on the way out the door. Side hustle blogging is a good way to post your thoughts and a blog about how you feel about anything and include affiliate links to that product or service in hopes of earning sales and commissions. Side hustle blogging is a lucrative business because people use blogging as a means of earning a 100% living. And it works.

    These articles discussing the side hustle will hopefully inspire you to get organized with no delay and put your creative side hustle business ideas into fruition now with the intent of growing your online hustle from the ground floor up:

    1. Side Hustle Spotlight: The Actor/Blacksmith Who Makes Things That Last - published an interesting article on February 15, 2018 about an actor blacksmith from New Jersey as a side hustle. In the time when Paul Salvetti is not acting, he works his side hustle as a Blacksmith at the red Mill Museum Village. This is his unique way of keeping himself busy when he has no acting gigs. He feels his Blacksmith side hustle is filling to him because it's something that doesn't require special credentials. Moreover, Paul feels the Blacksmithing side hustle helped his acting, as mentioned in the article. Side hustling nowadays is definitely a good thing. It provides a feeling of financial security, and less reliability on traditional forms of employment.

    2. These Three Olympians Somehow Find Time To Side Hustle - Side hustles are surely nowadays the way to go. just published an interesting article on the same topic Backstage on the trending topic of side hustles. The Fast Company article discusses three American olympians side hustle, when they're not training for the American olympics. Running a side hustle is not just for people looking to transition from the nine to five day job scene to running their own full-time online business. Ryan Robinson of RyRob wrote an interesting side hustle story on Fast Company. He's also a contributor for and other online magazines. Ryan is a dedicated side hustler who always strives for excellence to inspire people to take online side hustling seriously as a way of life and being the best entrepreneur possible. Ryan goes in discussing gold medalist Kelly Clark. She's an American olympic athlete with a side hustle as a furniture maker.

    Kelly took side hustling entrepreneurship to the public 9th step as the article mentions this year's Winter games could reportedly be her last Olympic appearance. Clark found accelerated success in her side hustles outside of her life as an athlete, according to the Fast Company article. Furniture is a lucrative business because people are always looking for something trendy for their living rooms, bedrooms, and purchase furniture as conversation pieces. Clark's company is known as Sparrow Creative. She also gives back from her side hustle success through her charity known as the Kelly Clark foundation. She helps youth with valuable resources as a means of bringing out the best in them and reaching their fullest life potential.

    3. Earn Passive Income by Starting a Side Hustle - has an interesting article about earning passive income by starting a side hustle. Everyone is talking in today's era of information technology about starting an online project on the side and not relying on a day job for employment security. Where is traditional job security at today? If you're disliked by your narcissist employer or your employees for Spiritual reasons or no reason, you'll most likely find yourself set up for future termination whether you like it or not. There is scripture in the Bible that says in so many words that a person should rejoice when they are removed from the company of others. Termination is a subliminal positive thing because it brings out the entrepreneur and best in anyone who dedicates themselves to succeeding in their side hustle and above and beyond spiritually. Doing the transformation spiritual and business work requires anyone to gain vast experience in countless adversities. And being wrongfully terminated and setup are just a few of many adverse experiences which can turn out spiritually fruitful in the long run as well as financially rewarding.

    4. 5 Insider Tips to Making $15000 Off Your Side Hustle - shares valuable inside tips to potentially earning $15,000 from side hustling. This inspiring article written by Jordi Lippe-McGraw writes about the author and founder of student loan hero, Mr Kevin Han. Back in the day, Kevin had over $80,000 of student debt which he paid off in two and a half years through working side hustle gigs. He decided to take a risk and get out of his comfort zone as a lawyer that paid a handsome salary. According to the article, though the salary Kevin earned as a lawyer was healthy, he still had to get out of debt and resorted to side hustling as a means of satisfying debt quickly. The article goes on to mention that Kevin earned $14,000 in 2016 from side hustling, and over $16,000 in 2017. As a way of mentally getting used to side hustling, he opened up his mind to overcoming the fear of trying almost anything. He's doubled and dabbled with an array of side hustles. Most importantly, Kevin preaches about monetizing everything you're doing online and offline.

    He even goes on to recommending that you always look into new opportunities. Staying on your A+ game with the newest opportunities is a great way of keeping your head financially above water in the game of side hustling to financial freedom. Lastly, Kevin speaks on treating side hustle income as bonus money. Some people are okay with this mindset when working there side business projects, simply because it's free will money that they get to store away for future purposes. Having a side hustle allows you to not only reach your financial goals, but also put away nest egg money for your future retirement. Even though you love doing what you're doing now with your side hustle business, your mindset may possibly change in the future and not want to do this line of work anymore. This is why it's important that when you earn vast sums of money side hustling online, be mindful to put it away and not spend money like water. If you work your side hustle business the right way and get into the power mindset of saving money when you start collecting those large checks with multiple zeros in them, you'll be okay later financially and have nothing to worry about.

    5. How to keep from going broke from your friend's side hustle - has an interesting publication on February 17, 2018 discussing America's hot topic of the side hustle. Looking at the bigger picture when it comes to achieving Financial Freedom in today's world of uncertainty, taking the alternative route of starting side hustles online is the way to go. Your narcissist employer wants to keep you in slave to the point of never giving you a raise and wanting you to make more money for them. In the back of their mind and sometimes said out loud indirectly, they will allegedly refer to you as their yes person. A yes person is someone who will do or say anything without questioning authority. Authority needs to be question when necessary because they're no better than the hourly or salary employee. Some people in authority of positions can be so arrogant and narcissistic to the point that they positively Inspire someone to subliminally put their day job on the back burner mentally by doing less work and concentrating more on their side hustle.

    This is the beauty of using negativity from narcissist employers fuel your entrepreneurial motivation to make more money for yourself. Supplementing your income is an absolute must today because it's far more than a business fashion trend. In fact, side hustling online and internet entrepreneurship will continue to grow in popularity and create more opportunities years to come. Working online and doing anything online business-wise is allegedly and predicted to be a 20 billion dollar plus business annually. How much of that pie do you want for yourself? It is possible no matter what you're going through now. You have to believe in yourself of Faith now and getting started with no further delay on your side hustle. Hopefully, the article above from CNBC will inspire you to change your way of thinking, start your own business, and put your narcissist employer on the back burner mentally and fire them in the near future by thanking them for indirectly fueling your dreams to come into fruition.

    6. Ryan Robinson of lose is a contributing writer for Forbes and other famous online magazines. Ryan often discusses the hot trending topic of the side hustle and how the average everyday working person can go from a 9 to 5 cushy day job. Robinson has an interesting post discussing 10 businesses anyone from starting their spare time working from home or anywhere. Are you a day job or looking for a different way to earn a stable income while putting your creativity to work in unleashing your true entrepreneurial potential by starting your own side hustle? Are you sick of your cushy part-time or full-time job and sick of being harassed by your narcissist employer who wants to do nothing more than make you a yes man or a corporate slave while they get rich continually off of your hard work without giving you a dupe a raise? It's time to get out of the rat race corporate sleeve mindset and dive into side hustle entrepreneurship.

    Changing your way of thinking significantly increase your online income potential as a side hustle. Stop giving your employer power over you by dedicating yourself to serving them full-time. Entrepreneurship is the way to go in today's age of information technology by working on your side hustle project and specs leaked of feeding your day job employer to the point whereas quit your job the near future at your side hustle takes off. Do you own a smartphone? A home computer? Or a laptop with Wi-Fi connection? If the answer is yes and you have instant Internet connection, now's the time for you start online blogging as a side hustle career. Doing so will get you get one step closer to quitting your day job and telling your employer goodbye for good.

    7. 5 side hustles you can do sitting on your sofa - This article written by Jeanette Settembre of discusses the potential of making money while sitting on your couch at home. When looking at the bigger picture in life concerning strengthening your finances and opening your mind set to infinite money making possibilities online, you'll discover there's virtually money all around you. Back in the Woodstock era and the Roaring 60s, there was no such thing as affiliate marketing, blogging, side hustles, and all that good stuff. Making money online wasn't thought of yet. The internet was still operating as a government based entity with a black background and green letters. It wasn't available to the general public yet for dual-use.

    You can make money now with Netflix as a side Hustle simply working from your sofa couch. All you need to do is watch a Netflix film with your laptop nearby, pull up a Microsoft Word or Google Docs blank document, and start writing in rough draft mode your personal feelings about the movie you just watched on This is one of many unique ways of virtually creating money out of thin air. If you really want to get one step ahead of your blogging competition, make sure your blog post reviews are at least 1500 to 2000 words in length. This is what you call Evergreen content. Evergreen content is a blog post or web page over 1,000 words. If you're able to write 3,000 words about the Netflix movie you just watched in a blog post review, go for the gusto.

    8. How one 33-year-old went from welfare to making over $1 million traveling the world - It took him between two to three years to get his blogigng business off the ground. He never lost hope in the process of doing the transformation work. Johnny Ward of Ireland knows struggle. Growing up poor in Ireland, he got to experience firsthand what it's like to not only experience childhood living on welfare as the article on says, but know what it's like to experience struggle. He started from the bottom with his entrepreneurial vision and drive toward making it big online. Like most side hustle bloggers starting from the bottom refusing to quit when things get hard, Johnny found a way to keep his blogging drive alive while working a slew of low paying jobs. Ward somehow managed to survive working on a can of beans as a summer camp counselor and also as an English teacher working in Asia, according to the CNBC article on the young thirty-three-year-old going from welfare to millionaire blogger.

    Like most people, Johnny had no stable finances which possibly led to his above and beyond motivation to make blogging work for him. He had no previous experience in blogging nor internet marketing and sought help from someone to build his site. Johnny went from being on welfare to running a million-dollar digital marketing company. But it didn't come without adversity. After he started blogging, he earned only a can of beans in his first 6 months according to information in the CNBC article. Henceforth, his blogging affiliate revenue started increasing months later. About two and a half to 3 years into his blogging, he's earning close to an annual salary of $500,000. Is that inspiring or what? If Johnny Ward can do it and he started from the bottom like every other entrepreneur, why do you continue making excuses for not getting started online today with your blogging side hustle? You have no reason to delay anymore.

    9. Grant Cardone worked a rotten sales job he hated for a can of beans, according to the article. Cardone stayed on his job despite his distaste for it and learned the tricks of the trade in regards to sales strategy secrets and how to build sustainable relationships between business to customer and business-to-business. Most importantly, he understood the concept of having a winning spirit and likable character when it came to selling to people. Because he refused to quit despite financial difficulty and having an overdrive for winning in business, Grant found himself successful beyond imagination despite countless hurdles. Truly he did the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation. Because he refused to quit, he now owns companies and wealthy. You have no reason not to put your creativity into action regardless of your current financial situation. Stop giving excuses and start doing now by putting your money where your mouth is and showing who has the true business muscle for the hustle.

    10. Michelle Schroeder-Gardner - Michelle never thought blogging could be a full-time business and a stable moneymaker back in 2011 when she was working a cushy day job and drowning in almost $40,000 of personal debt. Back then, she just graduated from college and accumulated debt to the point where as she was using allegedly funds from her paycheck to pay off her personal debts. So she decided to use blogging as a hobby to write about things dear to her heart and use it as a way of just earning a few extra dollars on the side, not knowing her blog would make her a millionaire years later. Michelle started a blog as a side hustle and used it as a way of creatively expressing herself and supplementing her income. She consistently blogged for years, watching her blog income grow monthly and annually. Michelle's blog income grew to the point 3 years later putting her in the financial position to tell her employer goodbye forever and resorting to her blog as her main source of income. She discusses not only side hustles as a means of making good money from the internet, but also offers free financial advice to people looking to better manage their finances.

    Michelle also has an affiliate marketing course available for download at an affordable price. She earns over $100,000 monthly and over $1 million annually as a blogger and affiliate marketer plus a full-time side hustle. All of this was achieved off of a thought and belief in Michelle's heart she could turn a side hustle into a full-time business. Michelle is no different from you. Why are you still making excuses and doubting your ability to prosper as an entrepreneur? Is it because of your current financial status? Is it because you're stuck in a job or your possibly unemployed? Whatever your situation is right now that's a challenge to your life, use your diversity as motivational fuel to start your business in the most challenging time of your life and use that as stepping stone to entrepreneurial greatness. The best of the best today started from humble beginnings and prospered out of the worst life experiences.

    'Faithfully Moving Forward'

    Hopefully this thread has inspired you to reignite belief in yourself and take a chance starting your side hustle online project today. Day job employers show no mercy toward always certain employees when it comes to giving a pay raise. Employers don't want you to achieve your financial potential because you no longer want work for them and make them rich. This is why a vast majority of employers openly deny most employees a raise, because they want to see them financially enslaved and turn them into "yes men."

    Taking control by starting a side hustle business project working in your spare time will liberate you from your narcissist employer, if you dedicate yourself to making your side hustle internet project work for you. You are what you think. Never allow any money hungry employer make you feel inadequate to the point that you can't prosper after starting your own business. You deserve better. The sooner you get started in your side hustle, the closer you'll be to financial freedom and happiness.