A majority of today's elite entrepreneurs encountered countless adversity. From wrongful employment termination, rejected after filing numerous job applications, to being slandered by family members, lied on by jealous people, and contemplated against by narcissist employers and co-workers, entrepreneurs in the elite class today endured until they prospered. They had a visionary mindset where they desired to be in doing what they love to do. They took a small idea and transformed the game into being thought leaders for change. They didn't allow adversity of any sort ot hinder their progress. As challenges arose out the wood works, they pressed harder in their endeavor to achieve excellence and stay organized without further delay.

Who would ever think Alibaba.com founder Jack Ma was once broke and struggling? He knew that a traditional job wouldn't work for him. Instead of relying on the life of a time clock servant, he took a chance at entrepreneurship after studying the marketing methods of world class buying and selling sites like eBay.com. He studied to his hearts' content and had an undying passion for business. When he looked back at the countless rejections Jack Ma faced, he was thankful for every experience and opportunity that wasn't granted to him. That was "entrepreneurial boot camp," and staging ground for jack to prove who has the "transformational business muscle for the hustle."


Are you struggling with the idea of starting your own business or internet side hustle? Side hustles are lucrative. There's more than job security in it. The first initial action step you need to take toward side hustles on the internet is have an open mindset in learning a new way of thinking.

This way of life will not be easy if you're one of millions of people used to punching the time clock. All good things take time to come into fruition, including a mindset change from employee to entrepreneur. Once you feel you've adapted into the mindset of an entrepreneur, be mindful to keep checking back on DNN for more coming soon on getting started in part-time side hustles with or without a cushy day job. The best worldly freedom you can achieve is breaking free from a narcissist employer.