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#SideHustle: Things All Bloggers and Marketers Need to Know

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  • #SideHustle: Things All Bloggers and Marketers Need to Know

    Many people today who desire to make the transition from employee to entrepreneur fail to research what marketing trends are getting the most business and traffic from all corners of the World Wide Web today. People looking to achieve entrepreneurial transformation from employee to entrepreneur should at least take an hour or two out of their daily schedule to perform extensive research on ways to creatively market themselves, and how they can take a current trend and add their own unique style to it to stand out from average competitor. And ideal example is researching ways vintage comic book bloggers or vintage comic book marketers currently market vintage comic books for sale.

    If vintage comic book collecting was one of your favorite pastimes as a child, you could research marketing trends by performing searches in Google or Yahoo on the search terms such as vintage comic book bloggers, or other search terms such as "high traffic comic book blogs," and your preferred search engine of choice should return fruitful results centered around your phrase or exact match search. The purpose of conducting this type of marketing research is to understand the competitive market you're about to throw your hat into. Additionally, marketing research is mandatory as a new internet marketer or side hustler, because you're looking to use this vehicle as a means of potentially earning a full-time income with the intent of quitting your job in the near future.

    Once you've identified and researched your market and potential it holds, then you can strategize creative ways to make yourself stand out from the average. Most importantly, while conducting research on your topic of blogging about vintage comic books and how much of a market there is for that niche, you can also use free traffic measuring tools such as Google analytics. Google analytics is a free service that helps marketers better understand marketing trends, discovering where major sources of traffic are coming from online, and what specific content pages are performing best on blogs and websites. Using Google analytics ( is also mandatory for marketers looking to achieve deeper engagement with their target audience and effectively increase return on investment, so they can better market products and services.

    Related: Paying Off An $8,000 Personal Loan Inspired A Successful Side-Hustle - has an interesting story on a woman who was once an employee and took her side hustle blogging venture to the next level. According to the article published January 5th 2018 by Susie Moore who goes into mild detail as her days as an employee, she writes an email to her employer stating that she needs to take a personal day off. At the same time, she makes herself available through email if something were to arise at the job and they need her expertise on the spot. While she didn't completely shut out her employer that day and took a personal day off to work on her side hustle blocking Adventure, Susie also mentioned in the article about taking one or two days off from work to do some research on your side hustle. And perhaps even meeting other bloggers in your niche to pick their brains how they got started. By doing so, Susie was able to garner some creative marketing ideas and better understand side hustle blocking trans, thus making her a better blogger and marketer.

    So what would have likely happened if she didn't perform her extensive research into her side hustle blogging niche? Susie probably would have failed and would have been on her job longer than expected and miserable. By performing extensive research into side hustle blogging and the potential it quietly holds for people looking to take online entrepreneurship to the next level, she succeeded in her ambitious quest to quit her job, work from home or anywhere in her spare time, earning a full-time income, and most importantly, understand her target blogging market. Susie is now armed with legitimate tricks and extensive knowledge how to keep her target audience engaged to her blog posts and stay one step ahead of her blogging competition.

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    Know what you're getting yourself into business-wise before marketing any type of product or service. By performing research ahead of time, you're actually arming yourself with necessary education to not only help you make money doing what you love, but making it a lifetime business. And lastly, if there's anything to learn, it's to never rely on a job for employment security. It's a good idea to financially back yourself with a side hustle business online where you can work in your spare time, just in case you lose your job for any reason. This is why it's important to have marketing education. This way, you keep yourself treading above water as an entrepreneur striving for excellence.


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