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7 Inspiring Side Hustle Stories You Must Read Now

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  • 7 Inspiring Side Hustle Stories You Must Read Now

    Let's face it. Starting a side hustle business online while holding down a job can be challenging. You have to manage time between your job and passion for your side business project. Then there's the other thing. You have to get enough sleep at night without going to work the next day running on insomnia because you were up the night before working on your internet side hustle business. It's an ironclad fact if you do what you love doing as a hobby and business, it's really not considered work, though it is actually work. Fact is, the side hustle is not to be looked at as just a small potato project and something to put a few coins in your pocket monthly. Believe it or not, nor side hustle, if you apply yourself wholeheartedly and contribute needed effort, will become your full-time business operation, with the opportunity for you to walk away from your day job for good. Your side hustle is what it is and what you make of it.

    You're not the only one who's currently struggling or have struggled before and after starting your side business project. Many of today's side hustle entrepreneurs who went from a small potato operation to a side hustle online millionaire at humble beginnings. Some of them were fired from their jobs because they were set up by their narcissist employer and some co-workers, some we're homeless, some were denied opportunities for raises and promotions in a company and decided to quit their jobs, and some just had an undying passion to have their own business no matter what. Whatever your struggle is, you can transform that negative energy and use it as positive motivation to propel yourself beyond successful in your side hustle business venture. As the internet is here to stay, it provides opportunity for people from all walks of life to start an online business as a side project and work on it in their spare time regardless of their current status if there are unemployed, employed, broke, or middle class. Don't look at what you're going through now. Focus on thinking positive, having a long-term Vision where you desire yours business to be in the next 5-10 years, find like-minded people to build quality relationships with, and focus on providing people value online through your side hustle business. This way, people will always check back to see what's new with you.

    When people really see true potential in you and they don't want you to get ahead, they will say and do things to try to mess with your mind. Be thankful those people take time to talk negative about you and work on bringing you down. It means greatness it's in you and they may see things in you that you don't see in yourself yet. Little do those people know they're narcissist actions is building you up spiritually and showing much stronger you are vs. them.

    Seven side hustle stories of people who started from the bottom just like you:

    1. Ryan Biddulph - Ryan is the successful blogger Behind The Mastermind idea of starting coming out of Newark New Jersey, he was once a security guard whose hand was forced by his employer and terminated. Biddulph goes on to mention that he felt his hand forced, and started his blogging venture off of a leap of faith. In just a few years time, he became successful beyond imagination. He used the negative energy from his security guard termination to start his own business and hasn't looked back. In fact, Ryan was very happy he was fired from his job. The experience not only put more money in his pocket, but helped him believe in his entrepreneurial ability to start and operate a successful blogging business, with experiencing a conditional success today earning hundreds of thousands of dollars selling his eBooks on experiencing much success with his blogging ventures and doing what he loves best, Ryan turned the blogging side hustle into a full-time business with the ability to travel as he pleases.

    He's been so successful that he's been mentioned in magazines such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, Get Response, Huffington Post, and discussed on Sir Richard Branson's Virgin blog. For a blogger and side Hustler to achieve that much success, their product or service and their personality has to really be that good. And Ryan is just that. Ryan continues to be an ideal and honorable example to this very day of someone who successfully transitioned from employee to entrepreneur immediately after termination. He didn't allow the adversity from getting let go from his job to hinder his thought patterns of unleashing is true entrepreneurial ability to prosper in the world of blogging. He inspires people to take blogging and side hustling seriously free inspiring blog posts, lecturing from time to time at NYU in New York City, selling inspiring and informative e-books on Amazon as previously mentioned, and frequently uploading videos to his YouTube channel. He's also active on Facebook and regularly commenting on blocks. It's Ryan can do it, so can you. Succeeding in the side hustle online business game is nothing more than a state of mind and a test of your mental ability to prove to yourself and others who has the true business muscle for the hustle.

    2. has a very interesting article defining what the side hustle is. The buzzwords side hustle has been screaming across internet for a few good years now. Basically, startups defines side hustle as replacing part-time business and starting a business while holding down your day job. Realistically, most people need to hold down their day jobs because either they have a family, and need immediate funds on hand to pay bills, keep a roof over their head, and food in the refrigerator while respectively building their part-time side hustle business. Believe it or not, thousands of Americans have capitalized on the unique opportunity of starting this type of business on the side from the comfort of their home. And like wildfire, the online side hustle has spread across the world even to the United Kingdom. The article goes on to mention in so many words the goodness about starting a business online as a side project is the typical risks reduced through webpreneurship. Whether you're rich, poor, or middle class, you need a side hustle to supplement your income, because there's no such thing as job security in today's world of uncertainty regardless of your college degree. Benefits of starting a side hustle are clearly explained in the article.

    Some of the benefits include doing something you love doing as a beautiful labor of love. Additional benefits include the potential to earn 24-hour profits, building your financial security and secrecy, testing your ideas without obligation, and getting started anytime. You can pretty much start a side hustle about anything dear to your heart. Whether it's cooking, A weight loss blog, commentary blog, showing people how to make money online, your personal outlook on dating and marriage, comic books, and putting your skill set to work at full strength. You can turn a hobby into a full-time business through a side hustle and potentially become an internet millionaire in possibly as little as 5 years. Mind you, after you start your side hustle, don't focus on how long it takes until you start making money. Focus on building up your site with rich content and forge sustainable, positive relationships with your target audience. You can best sell your target audience by not trying to sell. Once you adapt and make good use of it, the money will start pouring in. Until the millions come pouring in, continue moving forward faithfully building your side business project and don't give up on days when you don't make money online. Those are the days that are truly test you to see what you're made of as an entrepreneur.

    3. Forbes has an interesting story on a young lady who was six figures in debt with a student loan. Nicole Abboud wrote an interesting article on January 22nd 2018 on disgusting the importance of becoming a quitter to move yourself forward. Quitting doesn't necessarily mean you're a loser and you've given up a fight. Sometimes, quitting or getting fired from your job is a good thing. Getting terminated is not the end of the world; yet, a subliminal blessing in disguise. In the Forbes article talking about her six-figure loan and her belief of starting her dream business and prospering despite her financial adversity. She was already employed in the career field of law when she decided to quit her day job and start her own business. That's pretty bold to do, especially when you're in a constable job earning good money. In the body of the Forbes article, she shares food for thought on her first year in business, self-awareness, the importance of humility in entrepreneurship, and most importantly, playing The Humble game of patience. Patience is a virtue in the world of small business or side hustling, simply because there will be days when you're building your online business earn one red cent. What do you do as an aspiring side hustle entrepreneur when your funds are low, building your business online from the ground floor up, and need money right away but yet not earning money online yet? Do you continue building your business, or give up and do a huff and puff temper tantrum about things that are not happening right away?

    Nicole makes a very interesting point at the footer of the article saying that this could possibly be the year you decide to quit your job and go full time into entrepreneurship. However, she also emphasizes not only thoroughly reading the article, but indirectly saying that you should make an informed decision as to if entrepreneurship is the right path for you to pursue. If you currently have a day job and looking to start a side hustle, work on your side hustle slowly but surely in the morning before starting your day job and immediately after coming home from work. This way, your chugging away at your side project slowly but surely with the intent on making yourself financially stable and leaning away from making your employer richer. Your narcissist employer really loves when you stay after your scheduled shift and work overtime because they're benefiting from more money off of the sweat off your back without compensating you one extra dollar. Now's the Time to stop your employer in their tracks and put more money in your pocket through side hustle entrepreneurship. Hopefully, the Forbes article written by Nicole Abboud will motivate you to start your internet business now out of inspiration or desperation by doing the transformation business work. The sooner you take the first initial action step by taking control of your life through entrepreneurship, the sooner you'll be able to kick your narcissist employer to the curb and benefit from financial freedom. The choice is yours.

    4. CNBC has an interesting publication discussing the humble beginnings of FUBU founder Daymond John and founder Sara Blakely. Both worked day jobs before becoming potential billionaires. Blakely worked a plethora of jobs and had a future of consistent employment uncertainty. In fact, she sold business machines as a means of earning a full-time living. With only $5,000 allegedly to her life savings, she took that leap I'll face at did the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation by starting her Spanx brand.

    She worked on her side hustle business project while holding down her job and believe in her ability to prosper in entrepreneurship. She understood at the time she needed a regular job like everyone else to pay her bills and keep a roof over her head plus food in her refrigerator. With a dedicated business mindset and a spirit refusing to quit in times of financial adversity, she prosper by sticking it out. Even if she was fired from her job allegedly, she would have still prospered because of her undying entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Sara Blakely continues to be a hard-line example of a dedicated entrepreneur that took the side hustle to the next level known as the public 9th step. It doesn't matter if you start your business now out of inspiration or desperation. As long as you get your business off the ground regardless of your adversity, that's what matters most.

    5. CNBC once again has an interesting article discussing humble beginnings of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in today's business world. One of them being Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Did you know Mark Cuban was once poor, slept on friends couches, and allegedly was terminated from more than one job before becoming richer than rich? The article entitled how Mark Cuban started with just $60 in his pocket and became a billionaire shares valuable insight on Cuban's humble beginnings in entrepreneurship.

    The article starts off literally saying when Cuban was only 23 years old, he shacked up with five friends in a $600 a month 3 bedroom apartment. He was broke back then. Flat-busted broke, the CNBC article says. Mark also had student loan debt. What's he got a job at a software company, he did his job thoroughly as a Salesman and still got fired. How cool is that when you get fired when you're doing your job to the best of your ability? And not just fired dot-dot-dot fired on the spot and humiliated in front of people and co-workers allegedly. Getting fired is a blessing and an indirect promotion in life, because the company whose terminating you is out early showing they can't afford you financially and spiritually. Mark Cuban got fired allegedly because upper management wanted him to open up a store and perform an array of functions and he had beef with that. He spoke up against wanting to close the store and got fired by a higher up. Is that a good thing or what? Adverse situations have a unique way of bringing out positive entrepreneurial strengths in anyone. And not only did Mark Cuban stay in the field of sales and marketing after getting fired, but he was also fired or quit from three straight jobs before transitioning into becoming the billionaire he is today. Cuban would achieve so much in entrepreneurship that he would never have to look back to going to a day job ever again as an employee. If he did the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation and refused to be lazy after being fired, what's stopping you from moving forward with your entrepreneurial objectives?

    6. Fast Company has an article on entrepreneurs that got fired and got the best revenge. One of the named entrepreneurs is none other than Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Once again, Cuban was fired before he started his own business and he came richer than rich. Less than 10 years after he was terminated from his job, he was allegedly worth more than 1 billion dollars. The article also goes on to mention a female business executive who was ousted from her position at Bank of America who wrote back to the top of the financial industry. Other entrepreneurs experienced adversities ranging from being fired and refused to sit around and mope about their terminations. They took charge by using their undying motivation and leaping into the abyss of uncertainty by starting businesses out of sheer faith. If they can do it so can you.

    7. John Crestani is featured in a article discussing his termination. Crestani started a side Hustle after he was terminated from his job. He acquired a book while down and out financially after dropping out of college. He used his entrepreneurial drive after getting fired to build a multimillion-dollar affiliate marketing Network that currently generates $250,000 to $500,000 per month, according to an excerpt in the Forbes article. This type of affiliate marketing income John Crestani generates allows him to travel the world freely, while sticking to the script of working possibly only 4 hours per week. He experienced years of failure before affiliate marketing and side hustling success.

    'Turning a Negative into a Positive'

    What's your struggle? Did you get fired from your job and humiliated in front of people? Do you have a tough time keeping relationships with people? Bad grades in college or High School? Do you have a good relationship with your parents? Are you seeing as an outcast everywhere you go because of your spiritual proclamations you make before people? Do you feel you don't fit in everywhere you go? If the answer is yes to one or all of the questions, it's time for you to start a side hustle business and believe in your ability to prosper out of inspiration or desperation. The beauty of starting a business is you don't need prior experience, nor a decorated resume with skills and accomplishments and hordes of educational references. The internet is here to stay which gives anyone the grand opportunity to start an online business anytime they desire. All that matters is doing something you love to do and turning that into an undying business passion that will propel you forward financially to untouched horizons. When family members reject you do to enmity, narcissist employers plot on your termination in secrecy, fake friends only try to speak and come around when they think you have money, and ex-girlfriends will ex-boyfriends only contacting you when they think you're doing good, you know you have a special mark on your life and a special calling to stand out from the average. Be the best you can be spiritually and entrepreneurially by putting your best foot forward in the uncertain game called life.

    Hopefully, this post has inspired you to take a leap of faith and start your own business now on the side while things are uncertain in your life. Stop letting your narcissist employer continue getting rich off of you. Stop letting family members and people think they have one up on you. Work on your business in secrecy and don't tell anyone anything. When you a mass millions from your business, stay humble, tithe 10% of all your earnings to church willingly, and most importantly, help the poor. When you follow those directions, go always be financially blessed. Lastly, while you're working on building your business, stay active in the gym with the intent of striving to lose weight year-round. Weight loss has a unique way of keeping yourself mentally sharp and energetic, so you can put forth abnormal effort and 1 million percent of your positive energy into building your business and achieving your dreams. Losing weight and building your business simultaneously equals a transformation business champion for life.