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#QuitYourDayJob: 5 Reasons Why #Blogging Should be Your #SideHustle

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  • #QuitYourDayJob: 5 Reasons Why #Blogging Should be Your #SideHustle

    #sidehustling is the best way to overcome a #narcissistemployer who thinks they can say and do anything they want and treat #people any kind of way. A #sidehustle #blog is a great way to #build your #business and turn your #dreams into a #reality. Your #entrepreneurial #spirit lies within. Take control of your #life now and #start a #sidehustleblog - https://drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/affiliate-marketing/web-startup-ideas

    Have you been on your job too long whereas you felt it's time for change? Are you currently happy with your salary as an employee who puts forth sincere effort for their employer only to get a virtual slap in your face? It's time for you to start your side hustle and take control of your life as an aspiring entrepreneur.

    The side hustle is your key to financial freedom. However, the side hustle is not for lazy people. If you're not a self-driven individual whereas you can't progress without someone standing over top of your shoulder and literally pressuring you to get things done, working online as a freelance entrepreneur is not for you. If you can't work on your own and use past experience as a current tool for entrepreneurial motivation, you're better off staying on your cushy job.

    People who made it big with their side hustles:

    Ryan Biddulph - BloggingFromParadise.com
    Michelle Schroeder-Gardner - MakingSenseofCents.com
    Grant Sabatier - MillennialMoney.com
    John Chow - JohnChow.com
    Nick Loper - SideHustleNation.com
    Ryan Robinson - RyRob.com
    Jon Morrow - SmartBlogger.com
    Darren Rowse - ProBlogger.com
    Kyle Taylor - ThePennyHoarder.com

    and too many more to mention.

    A few good reasons why you need to get started with a blogging side hustle:

    1. Purchase a domain name and secure a dedicated web server. Free blogging platforms such as blogger.com, tumblr.com, livejournal.com, and typepad.com (a six apart company who also owns LiveJournal.com) are great places to get your feet wet and creative online writing. The flip side is you don't want to use these free platforms as a means of building a serious business blog. Reason being is because if anyone wants your content deleted for any reason, all they have to do is keep flagging your blog posts even if your blogs have no objectionable content. With your own domain name and dedicated web hosting, you have complete functionality over everything your blog displays. No one can flag your content for any reason other than your writing openly displays a threat to United States national interests or possibly openly displaying death threats targeting someone. As long as your blog discusses decent things, no one can shut you down.

    2. Your boss will never pay you what you feel you're truly worth. You're an employee for the company for a reason. Working for your employer is not tailored to help you gain financial freedom. You're an employee because you're a helping hand in keeping that company richer. It's your efforts and personality that puts more money in your employer's pocket. Whereas you feel you are entitled to a raise and more and possibly deserving of commissions, your overlooked and laughed at by your employer and acting boss in secrecy. This is another valid reason why you need to get started with your blogging side hustle. If you feel your cheated out of commissions and a raised as an employee, starting your blogging side hustle now is the best choice you can make. Why? The frustrations and adversities you're experiencing now from your employer can be transformed into positive energy and increased ambition to build your side hustle business blog from the ground floor up as a side Hustle and transforming it into a full-time future online business with the ability to potentially earn millions of dollars from online advertisers -sponsors.

    3. Your retirement will always be uncertain as long as you're working a traditional job. The employer you work for now will always see to it in secrecy that you're never paid what you feel you're do. They will always try to keep you around one way or another either by reducing your hours on the job so that you'll possibly ask them for more hours in hopes that they will give you what you ask. By asking your employer for more hours on the job, this gives them a feeling of satisfaction. When your employer reduces your hours, be thankful they're doing just that. Reason being is because when your hours are reduced and paycheck reduced to taking home a can of beans bi-weekly, this gives you the subliminal inspiration to improvise your strategy for your future retirement. This means it's time to take the side hustle seriously by starting your small business blog centered around a topic you're passionate about discussing. You need to work on your blog slowly but surely as your employer is led to think they have you allegedly wrapped around their finger. Keep building consistently while your employer thinks they have the best of you. While you're building your side hustle business from the ground floor up, keep your future retirement in mind and where you desire to be financially 5 to 10 years from now. If you see yourself having a successful million-dollar business transforming from a side hustle into your full-time online business, Now's the time to defeat your employer at their own game while you feel uncomfortable by getting organized mentally and taking your side hustle blog from the ground floor up to the next level.

    4. It's time to take control of your life. You've been allowing everything to control you for so long. You've always dreamed of starting your own side hustle business but don't have the time nor energy after coming home from work. It's time to reconsider a changing your lifestyle and thinking patterns by getting in the gym and doing cardio on the treadmill first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This way, by starting your morning off on the right foot with cardio on an empty stomach, you're not only burning stored body fat, but you're also increasing your energy levels to the point of having more ambition and energy to start and operate your side hustle business successfully.

    5. You're a future side hustle millionaire in the making. Blogging should be your side hustle because it's a beautiful business you can work on in your spare time and master in due time. It's a business that allows you to respectively speak your mind and profit from your thoughts by monetizing your content with relevant advertisements from well paying advertisers. Those rambling thoughts in the back of your mind and creative ideas posted in a blog can bring out the best In you by inspiring blogging consistency to the point where as you're blogging everyday or every other day and putting yourself in the grand position to make money online 24 hours a day. How beautiful of a feeling is it to know you just woke up and not even slept 8 hours to discover you earned another 500 to $2,000? This is very possible with blogging, if you stay consistent with your blog posts for two to four years.

    Are you sick and tired of being in the corporate rat race and having to work paycheck to paycheck? The side hustle blogging business is doing very well and forecasted to make the average person wealthy beyond imagination years to come. Side hustle blogging is what you make of it. What you put in you get out. This line of work had no pension, healthcare, nor retirement benefits. If you believe in yourself and have an undying ambition to build a blog business from the ground floor up starting as a side hustle and creatively work at it, you'll prosper in due time.



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