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#GoogleAdSense: Follow This Humble Advice by #LisaIrby to Potentially Get Your #AdSense Account Back in #GoodStanding

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  • #GoogleAdSense: Follow This Humble Advice by #LisaIrby to Potentially Get Your #AdSense Account Back in #GoodStanding

    #GoogleAdSensepublishers should do everything in their #publishing power to protect their #GoogleAdSense accounts from #clickfraud -

    It's always devastating to anyone when their account is disabled. Perhaps you're one of many people who made an honest mistake by tagging everyone on your Facebook page with a video you just uploaded to your YouTube channel and people on Facebook felt annoyed. Or maybe you tagged as many people as possible on your Facebook profile or Facebook fan page with an image and a cloaked link to one of your blog posts or webpages with Google ads on it and received an e-mail later down the road from Google mentioning something in the ballpark of "your AdSense account has been disabled." You appeal and appeal only to get continually rejected. But there might be hope for you to get your Google AdSense account back in good standing.

    Did you experience your AdSense account get possibly disabled and you didn't have a clue what you did exactly? What you need to do is go back and re-evaluate all the promotional methods you used in the past that may have placed you in a vulnerable position to be labeled as an invalid Google AdSense publisher. Think real good. Then prepare a rough draft appeal to Google in WordPerfect format. Or you can use to create an AdSense appeal draft as Google Docs of will auto-save your content as you type or speak it into the document. Be sure to proofread your content before presenting your case to Don't expect a positive reply. Stay humble and don't use caps in the body of your message. If they continue to reject, continue going back and examining your blog or website to see where you went wrong. Don't give up as this process will be quite lengthy. And in the meantime, look for other contextual advertising programs to supplement your income while you work on improving your site and SEO.

    The internet is open to anyone to start a blog or website as a professional business from the ground floor up. If you made an honest mistake while you were an AdSense publisher, be honest with Google and tell them flat out. Apologize if needed. And let them know the next time around if they hopefully forgive you, you won't do this and you won't do that. Having an AdSense account is a blessing and you should safeguard it by any means necessary so you don't get labeled again for invalid clicks - click fraud. If you share content automatically on Facebook, don't tag people, Just post a link to your profile, Facebook group, or Facebook fanpage and leave the rest up to people to choose whether they want to view your published post or not. Don't make others feel like they must read your content by tagging them, because having AdSense in your site will make you vulnerable again and someone will report you to the Google AdSense click fraud team for investigation. You always want to keep your account in excellent standing with the AdSense ad optimization team because Google ads are the easiest money in the world online to earn.