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#BloggingforBusiness: Are You Going to Finally #GetStarted or What?

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  • #BloggingforBusiness: Are You Going to Finally #GetStarted or What?

    #Blogging for #business and #quittingyourdayjob / now's the #time to #doaway with your #cushyjob! -

    Blogging is a very lucrative venture. Most people that started a blog either started it as a hobby or started blogging without having a clue what they're doing. And that's okay. Why? Blogging allows anyone to not only create a visible presence on the Internet and unleash rambling thoughts in the back of their mind, but transform it into a profitable business that yields fruitful income years to come. The beauty of blogging is it doesn't require you to have a college degree, previous employment experience, doesn't require you to traditionally be dressed as if you where heading into the workplace, and no sales quotas. That's right. Blogging is a freelance opportunity out worries of meeting sales quotas. Maybe you're one of those people in a current sales job whereas your pressure or maybe not even pressured to meet a sales goal monthly or weekly. You can use the same energy from your sales job to create a blog and turn it into a business that yields fruitful income for you years to come instead of continually making your employer rich. All that's required on your part is a dedicated and humble mindset that's teachable to learning about beautiful benefits of blogging and turning it into a serious business for you. Most importantly, staying consistent with blogging by creating valuable and engaging content deemed empowering to your target audience will keep them coming back years to come.

    Are you one of many folk today currently unhappy with your job? Unemployed, or need to fit your frustration in a blog and get all other things in the back of your mind? Unsure which direction your life is heading in financially? You can have a piece of mind with blogging, knowing thoughts rambling in the back of your mind are slowly but surely building a business for you on the Internet. allows anyone with a account start a free blog. This is a great way for people to get started writing and publishing online at zero dollars. The only thing you might need to spend money on is a headset with microphone, alongside spending money on a domain name and renting a dedicated Web server to host your blog on. And possibly shell out a few more dollars for a quality speech recognition program to install on your desktop computer or laptop.

    The purpose of having a speech recognition program with a headset and microphone is so you can use the power of your voice to watch words appear in a Microsoft Word document or write content before publishing your blog in A speech recognition program will allow you to stay motivated toward creating valuable content for your blog as you can use your mouth to put yourself in a grand position to earn healthy residual online income in the near future from blogging, while holding down a sales job or unemployed. Most people currently working in sales jobs are part-time bloggers and use the motivation from their current sales positions to build their own side businesses on the Internet in the field of affiliate marketing and blogging. If you're one of those salespeople whose especially sick of their boss talking and treating them some kind of way while you continually make your boss rich off of your hard work, it's time for you to get serious about the Internet and start a blog so you can put yourself in the drivers seat for earning a healthy commissions from sales you generate your blog by having advertisements alongside your blog content. Are you listening?

    If you're one of many people in a sales job whereas you're not being paid commission and feel some type of way about your employer and some of your coworkers treating you some kind of way, this is your opportunity to change your train of thought and get serious about online entrepreneurship and blogging as a full-time business. There's more than enough money to go around for everyone. All it takes is to turn passion into profit while having a humble and determined mindset. Creativity also plays a key role in transforming your blog posts into repeat traffic from search engines and converting that traffic into repeat sales and commissions for you. Now is the time for you to put your business talent to good use. Blogging as a serious full-time business should be taken seriously on your behalf because your boss will allegedly withhold raises from you, secretly laugh at you behind your back because putting too much money in their pocket from your efforts, and look at you as someone that's naive. Why would you want to keep working for someone who denies you raises, talks to you and treats you some kind of way, and denies you commissions and raises? Whether you work part-time or full-time in a sales position or what ever job where as feel you're mistreated, this is your time to shine by starting a serious business blog from the ground floor up. This is the time for you to have a made up mind and set a realistic goals and reinforce to to yourself in so-and-so amount of time, I'm determined to walk away from my employer with my head held high and be in control financially of my own destiny. Say to yourself also "I refuse to allow others to control me financially." Blogging is the Golden gate to financial freedom. You can do anything good you put your mind to. Don't let your employer or some of your coworkers make you feel like you're nothing without them. If it wasn't for you, the company would it be that much richer. Use your own talent to build your own respectable blogging business.

    'Leap of Faith: Taking the 1st Action Step'

    How do you get started building your blog from the ground floor up on the side while holding down a sales job or unemployed? It's quite simple. All you have to do is make up in your mind a time when going to write a blog whether it be first thing in the morning before going to the gym or work. Or possibly writing a blog in the evening before going to bed. Make up in your mind that you will write one lengthy post per day 1000 words or better. When you create content 1000 words or better, this is called "long form Evergreen content," or "Evergreen content." Darren Rowse of has wonderful blog posts discussing long form Evergreen content. The reason for writing "long form Evergreen blog posts" is to not only provide value for your blog readers and inspire them to do something, but also to provide value to the search engines.,, and search engine spiders quietly give more preference to blogs that have longer pages published and allegedly position them higher in search engine results pages, because they have comprehensive information on the published blog posts. Another words, you're not going to continue visiting a blog that's only writing a paragraph or two with very little information because it's not helping you.

    Search engines that notice blogs that have long form Evergreen content on them that provide value to readers are given special preference in the search engine listings ranked higher in SERPs. This is why its important for you as an amateur or intermediate blogger to write long form content when building up your blog on the side from scratch. It places you in the position to benefit in longevity with free traffic from search engine results pages years to come, and the position to make money from your blog while unattended from the computer while out and out doing other things.

    Are you seeing the bigger picture now how building up a blog on the side from scratch can do good for you financially?