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The Goodness of Starting an #OnlineSideHustle

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  • The Goodness of Starting an #OnlineSideHustle

    Helping your church and pastor through financial contributions and service from the heart is the real transformation and will keep you residually blessed by the
    Lord Jesus Christ

    who is



    Truth: Today’s era is not the era for relying on your employer and job for a healthy pension. Pensions are pretty much out the door. Wondering why companies today are quick to offer you a 401 (k) plan? Corporations know people are spending happy. Once your 401 (k) is spent to the bone, you’ll be right back out in the workforce slaving away. Even if it means you’re 80+ years old and looking for a job again. That’s the iron-clad truth. However, if you have an alternative plan for financial supplementation to add to your retirement income or existing day job income, you may fair out well if you start an online side hustle from your laptop or comfort of your home and steadily work at it.

    'Work Slowly and Steadily Toward Your Online Business Goals'

    Maybe you’re one of those people who work a job where your employer treats you bad. While the disparate treatment from your boss could be a silent deterrent toward you quitting your job, you could use that treatment from your employer as indirect motivation to start an online business and work on it in your spare time. What skill set or special craft do you harness that people will find value from? Is it blogging and writing a certain style about a favorite topic that’ll attract and retain readers? Do you have a love for writing on things such as shoe and sneaker reviews, computer reviews, or love to film things with your palm-sized digital camera everywhere you go and share videos on Whatever your niche and passion is, you can use that to start an online side hustle while taking the emotional and verbal treatment from your unthankful boss and use that bottled up frustration to catapult your online business into a full-time income.

    The key to success in working creatively toward achieving your online business goals is patience. Especially if you’re building a content-based blog or website from scratch without resorting paid online advertising services such as or Microsoft’s Additionally, continue holding down your day job whereas you dedicate yourself to one or two hours a day before or after work to apply yourself to building your online side hustle business. The reason for building up your business is to not only escaped the job scene and avoid working for your unthankful employer in the future while they get rich off of you, but also planning your retirement ahead of time whereas you won’t have to read rely on a 401(k) retirement savings plan to help you get by. 401(k) is designed working for the rest of your life and dependent on corporations. If you don’t have patience for this line of work, now’s the time to change your current way of thinking because there’s no guarantee of getting a quality paying pension regardless of how many degrees you possess.

    'Running an Online Business Full-Time'

    Some people feel working from home will make them lazy. Some people feel working from home will never enable them to earn as much money as their day job here at thoughts like these are what you call “limiting beliefs.” There’s truth in the saying “you are what you think.” If you believe in yourself apply the necessary effort and retain faith in longevity you can achieve more than running an online business from home full-time.

    Short list of benefits of running a successful business from home:
    • Building your financial foundation to the point of contributing large sums of money in the future to your church, so you can help your pastor achieve church building and related goals. A home-based business will enable anyone who wholeheartedly applies themselves to making it work earn large sums of money.
    • Having more free time to yourself to pray throughout the day, achieve spiritual fasting goals, and free time to have clarity of thought in thinking of something creative to write for your next blog post or webpage.
    • Making your own hours. Running a business from home full-time will allow you to start your home based business duties on your schedule without having to worry about meeting deadlines for and unthankful employer as you are “your own boss.”
    • Financial flexibility. Of course it’ll take time for your online business to generate enough revenue to walk off of your day job but will certainly be worth it in the end.
    • Having a piece of mind--mental clarity of not worrying about rushing to get dressed to go to work for and unthankful employer and working with some people on the job quietly can’t stand you for whatever reason.
    • Having no employees. And should you choose to have employees in the future to help you run your online business, it could be anyone from family, friends, or perhaps your spouse. You’ll want to keep a small circle of people if you choose to have employees because you want to feel a certain type of way about trusting everyone in your inner circle. And most importantly, keeping everyone in your inner circle accountable.
    • Ability to work online in the middle of the night. This is the time most people are either mating or sleeping to get a good night’s rest for the next work day. Working on your online business in the middle of the night will help to keep dedication instilled within. It’s a great feeling to know not only are you striving for excellence to get organized with no delay in improving the financial status of your online business, but also setting yourself up for future financial stability without relying on any day job employer to supply a paycheck.
    • Helps you to stay financially stable to the point of never working for an arrogant and self-centered employer ever again a day life. If you’re one of those people currently holding down a day job and working on your side online business with an arrogant and self-centered unthankful employer, bite your tongue and go through the temporary trials and tribulations of dealing with that person until your situation improves. Always have in the back of your mind what you’re going through now with that employer is only “for a season.” This too shall pass!

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    Something to think about: It’s good to set certain goals you desire to achieve in a certain timeframe. An example would be working diligently toward building your online business in three years to the point of earning $10,000 monthly or more. On the flip side, if you don’t give up if you don’t achieve that goal in three years time. All good things come to those who wait and do the transformation business work at full strength steamrolling away in faith. Start an online business in a niche that’s dear to your heart The online business you start that keeps you striving for excellence will eventually in the long run leave you possibly with a feeling of fulfillment and more. Another words, if you do something you love to do as a business it’s not consider work. Are you listening?

    The time to start your business is now out of "inspiration or desperation!"

    If you believe you will achieve. Don’t look at where you’re currently in life right now even if you’re starting from the bottom with nothing. Don’t worry about your image and what people will think of you after they find out you started your own online business. If someone is really with you from the beginning they’ll let you know through word indeed. Regardless of who or who isn't with you, keep going the extra mile and do the transformation work in regards to faithfully building your online business from the ground floor up. Go through the nonsense if you’re still on your day job with your employer and some of your coworkers because it’ll benefit you later down the road in terms of relying on the Lord Jesus Christ who is God and God alone for your strength to help you prosper through the awesome challenges of life. When you come out on the other side of things, you’ll be thankful to the Lord thy God for experiencing true transformation of endurance, humility and perseverance.