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Enduring Tough #FinancialTimes After Starting a Business and Transitioning to #SideHustleMillionaire Status

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  • Enduring Tough #FinancialTimes After Starting a Business and Transitioning to #SideHustleMillionaire Status

    In today's super information highway, anyone can become an internet millionaire. Earning large checks on the internet are merited based on effort. If you apply yourself wholeheartedly, it will happen.

    The internet today is a means of income for many. The world wide web is nothing more than a huge portal of information readily available to the world. One can earn a decent living online just by supplying the masses with relevant and useful information in the form of fresh content. Fresh content is an assortment of pictures, videos, text, articles, snippets, and so forth. Building up your online entity to make money for you in your online business or home based business will surely not be an overnight success. As with anything, and even starting your own business, you must keep working at it. I will tell you this much. If you put a year to two years of smart thinking, into building up your online presence, through supplying the internet audience with useful and quality content, you will potentially place yourself in a position to make lots of money on the world wide web.

    When you publish information online, search engines like Google.com, Bing.com, MSN.com, YaHoO.com , Lycos.com, Excite.com and more are notified. They send their crawlers or search spiders to invisibly read your content , thus indexing it into their search engine listings. That is how you get traffic. When you keep your content always up to par and publish frequently, you get indexed more often. Result? More free search engine traffic. Did you have to pay for it? No! And, if you can keep this method going for the next year or 2, you can avoid paying for PPC pay per click advertising.

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    Believe it or not, there's many who have used this method of starting up their own sites and became online millionaires in a few short years. Starting out online broke is the status of most inexperienced internet marketers. Earning a living online is very possible for anyone. Blogger Melyssa Griffin has an interesting number on on her blog post saying "Write down all the things you can do without money." There's so much one can achieve without monetary funds on deck before earning the big checks from the internet. That said, hang in there and keep the faith while creatively operating at full strength earnestly building your online business from the ground floor up. It's going to be tough for the first two to three years, especially if you're working online as a solo-preneur before graduating to the point of earning enough online to hire employees to manage your site and write content for it. Regardless of the time frame for things to come into fruition, just keep pushing no matter what. The best of the best kept going when times were so tough in their life they felt the raging waters against every inch of transformational progress they strove to achieve; yet succeeded going against the grain wile enduring the pain.

    All it takes is effort, humility, determination, and lots of hard work. If you look at the bigger picture, it's your own business. You'll be able to live the life you've dreamed of potentially. Get up when you want, never have to clock into a 9 to 5, get dressed everyday and so forth. Just put your mind to it and it will happen, if you stay the course.

    Unwritten rule: Once you start earning good money online, pay it forward and help someone genuinely in need. Do it out of the abundance of your heart. Don't expect money back. Always give because in the long run, blessings will come back to you when least expected. Be willing to sometimes give free online services to clients as a gesture of appreciating the business they give you. Do kind things for others for no reason. That's the real business transformation. And always smile when doing for others because happiness is contagious and positive energy keeps you motivated to go the extra mile in your business and everyday life.



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