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Use Failure as a Stepping Stone to Abnormal Success

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  • Use Failure as a Stepping Stone to Abnormal Success

    Every successful larger-than-life entrepreneur today experienced the most humiliating failures. Nobody started out on top. If you want to succeed in business and in the uncertain game called life, you will fail during humble beginnings. When you fail while starting out in your business venture, it does not mean you won't be a successful CEO. It simply means that you are aligning yourself for success in the future, by learning the hard way about business in your humble beginnings. If you have a mind to succeed that refuses to quit when things get hard and refuse to stay down when you stumble, that's when you'll begin to experience positive growth in your business transformation and transition into entrepreneurial greatness.

    The best of the best started out in business with nothing. Most entrepreneurs started out as homeless people, dropout college undergrads, dropped out of high school, unable to keep a day job, overweight, rejected by their peers, unable to fit in with others, and the list virtually goes on. These entrepreneurs who started out so humble and experienced the greatest adversity were the ones who went the furthest with their businesses. Why? Because they felt they had the world against them and they refused to lay down in defeat. No matter what you've been through in your personal life, you can start a business despite any number of times you've failed in the past. Entrepreneurship is for anyone at any age and can possibly sculpt your mind to have a greater respect towards life. Running a business will surely make you see life differently.

    Do you want to know the hard truth about succeeding in business? As a sole proprietor starting a business from scratch, you may discover some friends and family will turn their backs on you. They may not do it out right direct, but shall notice a change in how they act towards you in due time. This may be possibly due to potential jealousy and do not want to see you succeed in your business efforts. They may possibly want to see you fail, because they don't know how to do what you're doing. Stay positive and encourage those whom you feel are jealous of you to start their own businesses. Family and friends are the ones closest to you and have an impact on your emotional wellness. They may possibly test your faith as an entrepreneur while striving for excellence to move forward. Accept this challenge in a positive way and stay faithful while building your business from scratch, because they are patiently waiting to see you fail. If you do reverse psychology and think positive always when building your business, you will always succeed in times of uncertainty, even when some family and friends may secretly want to see you fail.

    One thing you don't do when starting a business and building it from the ground floor up is tell your daytime employer. Why? Simply because your daytime employer is the one who was putting food on your table and may feel by you starting a business, you'll possibly be a threat to their company or walk away from them in a few years. That's something no employer wants their employees to do. Never discuss with any co-worker or shift manager on the job about you starting your own business, no matter how excited you are. Keep that business to yourself, or else, you will fail by potentially and spontaneously getting fired without reason. This is the hard truth.

    If you find yourself failing time and time again after starting your business, take time to evaluate yourself and see where you are possibly going wrong. It may be one little thing you have to adjust in your business efforts in order to succeed, whether it be your character, taking time to personally interact with attentional customers and site visitors, sending out customized e-mail newsletters with individual names on them, or whatever the case may be. Don't be too pushy about selling a product or service to someone. People don't like when a have sales offers virtually shoved down their throats. Sometimes, in order to avoid business failure, all it takes is taking the personal time to speak with your site visitors and customers on a personal level. This way, they get to interact with you personally and discover you are a genuine person. If you learn from failure in your business endeavors, stay faithful and keep moving forward as an entrepreneur, as you can transform failure into being a success potentially larger-than-life. Never give up no matter how hard they entrepreneurial journey becomes. Success is all in your mind and you control the show.

    There will be people who quietly sit back and hope on your downfall. Keep going in uncertainty and do the work toward achieving your goals. Pay those people no mind. Ignore them and move forward. You'll discover family and phony friends turning on you in the process of striving for excellence to get organized and reach the top of the mountain. You'll get tired and slow up along the way. It doesn't matter how long it takes. Just finish. It's all about the end result and don't look at how much further you have to go. Do what you can in the moment and keep the faith every step of the way. That's the heart of a true champion for change.



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