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  • #Startup: #Blogging as a Second Job to Full-Time Business

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    Are you looking to earn a second income and work in your spare time? We live in an age of economic and employment uncertainty. Anyone seeking to stay above water financially is required as an unwritten rule to think creatively outside the box. No one wants to work for an employer for ten, twenty, or thirty years coming close to retirement and either getting a pink slip after a company has been sold, wrongfully terminated, or retiring on a 401(k) or government pension plan, only earning a can of beans in retirement. Virtually everyone is required to have a second job as a means of making ends meet and having a peace of mind in the process. Striving to build an income outside traditional employment or during periods of unemployment is a great way to have a piece of mind for decades down the road.

    In today's era of information technology and instant access to the as internet from anywhere, the world wide web makes it possible for anyone anywhere in the world regardless of employment status to creatively think outside the box. A good thing about the internet is folk having the ability to start what's called a weblog and publicly share their thoughts on their web blog, a.k.a blog. A blog can discuss just about anything ranging from baseball, basketball, football, comic books, fashion, helpful tips for other bloggers to make money online full time, blogs about search engine optimization, blogs about desktop PC and laptop reviews, blogs about food reviews, and the list goes on. Search engines like Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com love crawling and indexing blogs in search engine results pages, because they're frequently updated with fresh blog content.

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    Blogs didn;t become popular until the mid 1990s and started making money in the late 1990s and early 2000s. When bloggers update their blogs with fresh blog content either daily or every other day, this places you in a position of financial opportunity to earn money from advertisements placed on your blog by partnering with advertisers relevant to the content on your blog. Blogging is slowly proving itself an online financial champion, and a stable means of earning income as a second job with the potential to transform into a full-time business working from the comfort of your home. Working from home by blogging as a second job not only helps folk build a supplemental income, but helps save money on gas and related costs from traveling to a second physical job.

    Why is blogging being taken seriously nowadays as a second job with the potential to transform into a full time business? For starters, blogging is a mental game changer. Not only is blogging a mental game changer, but it'll change the way you view life, making money, and using the power of your thoughts to build a healthy supplemental second income on the side from your day job. The problem is, millions of people across the world don't earn satisfactory income from their first job main source of employment to sustain life and consistently make ends meet. Neither do most folk have additional funds on hand to pay for public or private transportation to work a second job. This is where the power of the internet and blogging comes into existence as a means of potentially creating and sustaining a healthy second income.

    As a means of creating a niche based blog that'll keep your interest in posting fresh blog content daily or every other day, choosing a niche topic dear to your heart is a good idea. It'll keep you inspired to keep writing to your heart's content. Additionally, niche blogging is an itch you have expertise in and will keep you on your p's and q's in the creative blog writing process. If you're passionate about discussing topics such as best affordable seafood restaurants, vintage comic books, affiliate marketing, how to make money on eBay and Etsy selling old things in your attic or basement, or HO scale model railroad trains, you can purchase a domain name relevant to the topic of your blog for under $20 annually. Make the investment now of spending $20 annually to purchase your own domain name. Doing so will inform people of your professional internet real estate and remind them where you're located if they want to stop by and read your blog.

    Purchasing your own domain name is the first step towards solving the problem of overcoming personal debt and the first initial action step toward creating a second income online buy blogging from home. It's the power of your own voice, whether you sound politically correct or incorrect, will keep people attracted to you and coming back to read future blogs. When starting a blog and writing future blogs, just be your natural self. Don't worry about trying to write in a tone that pleases blog readers. You'll get better with time and blogging consistency. Starting a blog when things are not going right in your life has a unique way of keeping bloggers blogging about their personal life.

    Whatever you do, don't take blogging seriously using Blogger.com. Overcoming personal debt is done by taking the action step of reserving web hosting to host your small business home-based blog. Making the investment to reserve hosting is a good move if you want your online business to be seen in a respectful light. For starters, reserving web hosting for your small business home-based blog allows you to have complete administrative functionality over the look, feel, and contents of your blog. Your blog cannot be deleted by anyone for any reason unless you are blogging threats against U.S. national security. If you choose to start a home business based blog on free blogging platforms such as Blogger.com or Wordpress.com, you run the risk of having your blog deleted for any reason and having to start over from scratch. Reserving your own web hosting will preserve your blog from deletion, and have the opportunity to make money potentially 24 hours a day uninterrupted.

    There's a virtual plethora of online marketing companies looking to recruit bloggers in all niches with some online marketing companies pain bloggers possibly thousands of dollars per sale from selling related products and services on niche blogs. This could be your grand opportunity in solving the problem of overcoming personal debt and using blogging as a second job to work from home and transform it into a full-time business. The one main thing required in becoming a successful blogger working from home is the willingness to transform your mindset and adapt to a new way of thinking. As with any business, you will be required as an unwritten rule to work all kinds of hours during the day. Always bear in mind that this is your own business that has no benefits, no retirement, and is what you make of it with no guarantees of financial prosperity. The thought of that should inspire you to take initial action steps now after reading this excerpt in faith and put your best foot forward in starting a home based business blog with the intent on turning blogging as a second job into a full time business, and also with the intent on quitting your day job if your second income is times greater than your first income.

    People purposely and unintentionally get themselves into debt without a backup plan to financially dig themselves out. Most people currently unemployed or working a full-time or part time job fail to acknowledge they're possibly sitting on a gold mine. Everyone has access to the internet whether it's at home or in a public location such as a library or school. Items such as shoes a person no longer wears, a television collecting dust in an attic, suits that are no longer worn, cars parked in the driveway no longer driven, vintage toys tucked away in an old cardboard box, and other vintage items could prove themselves worthy of earning top dollar on social selling platforms such as Angie's List, Craigslist, eBay, Etsy.com, and uBid.com. Doing something so simple such as taking instant photos of items tucked away in an attic or basement and uploading these images online in a matter of minutes can potentially yield buyers from across the United States or the world willing to send you money via PayPal or their credit card number.

    When images are loaded to these social selling platforms, you can embed the images inside blog posts or place the embed codes within the template of your blog to display your items for sale. A prime example of a niche based blog and selling related items would be blogging about HO scale model trains and giving reviews about new HO scale locomotives. Alongside your HO scale review blog posts would be images of HO scale locomotives for sale if you uploaded HO scale locomotive trains to your social selling platform of choice showcased before the eyes of blog readers. If they click the image and purchase the HO scale locomotive train from your blog, you've just earned money from selling your locomotive trains that were once tucked away in an old cardboard box in your attic or basement. This is one of many ways to use a blog to sell items of your own or sell items of others and using your blog as a second job with the intent of transforming it to a full-time business and quitting your day job in the future. This is why changing your mindset now and adjust to a new way of thinking of using blogging as a means of earning a full time income blogging from home and not relying on a day job to help you make ends meet. The problems of personal debt can be solved when you unleash your entrepreneurial potential and believe in your personal ability to prosper in entrepreneurship.

    As a blogger, you owe it to your followers to show some sense of duty to what you're doing. With this, you're well on your way to making income from your efforts.” Other prime examples of creating a niche blog and sticking to the script in blogging consistently is if you're an English or Mathematics instructor and looking to help students improve their skills. If you’re a full-time instructor working in a high school or a university, you could start a niche based blog around your passion as an instructor teaching either Math or English, and use your blog as a means of setting yourself up to earn a healthy future second income. Your blog will consist of free helpful tips to aspiring and current college students, and graduate students searching in Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com for related help on a subject they're currently working on. If students are searching in any search engine for tips on how to become a better writer or ways to solve a challenging Math problem and one of your blog post titles comes up ranking high in search engine results pages for a specific keyword or search term phrase, this is one of many unique ways of not only driving traffic to your blog, but also putting yourself in the grand position to make money from ads or products and services sold on your block. This is also a perfect way of earning money as a side hustle as a university instructor and using blogging as a second income means of making good money working from home. This is why I’ll only strive to encourage and propose to people to change their way of thinking to consider blogging as a way to earn quiet money and take this line of work seriously as a second job to full-time business. The problem of personal debt can and will be overcome through changing your way of thinking starting now.

    Two of the most beautiful things to know about blogging is no previous experience is required, neither is it required to be a perfect writer. Starting a blog and writing with no previous experience is the best way to gain relevant experience as a freelance work from home blogger. It allows you to get comfortable with writing in your own style and watching yourself along the journey making mistakes and correcting yourself along the way, slowly perfecting yourself to transitioning to a better writer. Some of the most influential and richest bloggers today started from nothing. They had ambition and will to prosper in the journey of blogging while starting out broke, unemployed, and having no life savings. The richest bloggers today were once some of the worst writers. No one starts out on top. Having faith in yourself and writing with the intent to make any and all mistakes possible. This way, you gain valuable experience along the way, while examining yourself and improving your writing and blog business income potential.

    If you're willing to change your mindset and potentially accept the proposal of using blogging as a means of generating a second income, you can look forward to a peace of mind in the long run knowing there's possibly more than one source of income coming in. You can benefit from a piece of Mind of using your blog potentially as a family fun project where as family members are potentially contributing content to your blog, thus improving your potential to earn more free traffic from the search engines and improve your blogging income potential. Another great thing to look forward to as a deliverable is the potential to be acknowledged and contacted by big-name online marketing companies possibly looking to sponsor you as a blogger and place high-paying advertisements on your blog and help you gain additional exposure. This is why it pays to think outside the box and consider blogging as a way to overcome working a regular job and believing in your ability as an entrepreneur with a positive mindset. Blogging paves the way for anyone to feel restored hope about getting back on track financially, defeating personal debt for good, proposing a new lifestyle through blogging as a full-time business, and a restored peace of mind.

    There's an old saying that goes "if you build it, they will come." Building a blog now as a second job will put you in a likely position in the future as mentioned to earn good money, and improve the probability of walking off your full-time or part-time job. Search engines thrive off of fresh content published to blogs and websites. When you frequently update your blog with fresh content daily or every other day and lengthy content in excess of 1000 words or more, search engine crawlers will quietly give you more preference over your blogging competitors, plus ranking you higher and search engine results pages and improving the probability of getting more free traffic from search engines. This improves your probability of making more money from your blog and using it as a stable second income to build into a full-time business and defeat personal debt. Blogging is serious business because some people are quietly making a fortune. The proposal can't be stressed enough to change your way of thinking now, by getting used to writing as a means of achieving financial stability through blogging.

    If you're willing to say yes now to changing your mindset and using blogging to make money full time, you have so much to look forward to in the future. You won't have to go to a regular nine-to-five or part time job for the next decade or two or three decades. You'll improve your chances of making more money working in your underwear or half-dressed buy blogging from home or blogging on your laptop from anywhere. You'll have the ability to improve your net worth as an aspiring blogger and potentially earn so much money from your blogging efforts that you'll have more time to spend with the family. You'll also earn the grand opportunity to travel the world as you please if you're unmarried without children.

    Blogging has a unique way of helping an eager to learn person achieve the lifestyle they desire to achieve which is achieving financial freedom, having more personal time to do as you please, overcoming personal debt, and the list goes on. All it takes is having faith in yourself, getting started now with your own domain name and reserved web hosting, choosing a passionate topic to discuss that you have expertise in, and most importantly, staying consistent in your blogging efforts for at least two to three years before seeing healthy blogging profits roll in. You are the mas ter of your destiny.



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