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#StartBloggingNow: Why Are You Leaving #Money on the Table?

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  • #StartBloggingNow: Why Are You Leaving #Money on the Table?

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    If you didn't already know, there's a quiet army of freelance bloggers in various age groups blogging their way to earning millions of dollars in affiliate sales commissions from high-end retailers. Most of them don't have day jobs or a real world job. They only blog. They're the people who get paid to blog all day long about anything they want and have a loyal targeted audience they cater blog posts to. These bloggers partnered with high end online retailers for the purpose of earning affiliate sales commissions, by including ads either alongside in the flush right sidebar of their blogs, in the header of their blogs, or perhaps within the body or footer of their blog posts to entice readers to click the links and make a purchase. This is a practice known as affiliate marketing.

    The Wall Street Journal discusses in the video above about a young female blogger earning good money from blogging. She styles and profiles in her blog with brand-name clothing. She makes money from high-end online retailers by having an ad or clickable affiliate links somewhere on her blog. When readers click the links or ads on her blog and makes a purchase, she earns an affiliate commission. This is one of many ways bloggers can blog their way earning millions from online retailers who encourage affiliates to join their affiliate program.

    Why are you not blogging yet? Is it because you have no experience? Is it because you don't know how to get started? The easiest way to get started in blogging free of charge is to have a free account and create a free blog on the blog publishing platform known as Blogger is the best way anyone from anywhere can get started in blogging and improve their hand at creative writing. Creative writing on the World Wide Web has the unique potential of turning a no one into someone and going from broke to potentially an online blogging millionaire. It's all about determination, humility, and persistence in the world of Internet blogging. If you feel you have the business muscle for the hustle getting started in blogging and quit ignoring the fact that you're leaving money on the table by not blogging and want to truly try your hand to see what you're made of as an amateur blogger, now's the time to get your feet wet by looking more into "benefits of business blogging and affiliate marketing."