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Online Business Success Story - Paula Silinger

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  • Online Business Success Story - Paula Silinger

    She moved to California as an unpaid intern looking to better life. From the sound of it, she struggled with her business in the beginning like John Paul did. Not knowing where her life was completely going she had a vision where she desired to be. Some things she was doing in the moment didn't work out for her career. She then decided to start up her own website. Paula found an affordable web hosting company and launched

    Once or website was launched she was able to sell her products directly. She accepted payments from quick shopping cart. Paula goes on to mention the customer service was very friendly and helpful. She also knew branding herself online with their own domain name was crucial to the success of her online business.

    If you listen closely to what Paula is saying in the video around 1:30, she says "Anybody can do this. Three years ago, I had no capital, no business training, no formal education whatsoever in selling clothing." She goes on to give advice to aspiring online entrepreneurs not to be afraid and take a chance at starting a business on the Internet. Three years after launching the website she claims success by being a million-dollar business.

    If you're looking to get started online as a business you first need to purchase a domain name. A domain name is what people will know you by and make your business look professional in the eyes of customers and companies. A domain name is your unique Internet address. Always know the longer your domain name is online the more authority it gains. Additionally, aged domains quietly affect search engine rankings. This is true. When purchasing a domain name for your Internet business it's recommended to purchase 5 to 10 years up front. It'll give you peace of mind knowing you don't have to worry related on about forking out money to pay yearly domain fees.

    Affordable web hosting is something every online entrepreneur seeks. Affordable web hosting will not pinch your pockets. Affordable web hosting is also an investment in your business which will benefit you for years to come. If you're looking to be taken seriously on the web now is the time to make the move and get a domain name and web hosting for your business. Be inspired by Paula's online business success story and get organized with no delay by starting your business today.

    Paula's company Rickety Rack is located in Beverly Hills, California and continues to prosper. She is an inspiring example of humble beginnings and female business leadership. Keep up the good work Paula!