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Questions to Ask a #WebHosting Provider Before Advancing Toward #ServerMigration

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  • Questions to Ask a #WebHosting Provider Before Advancing Toward #ServerMigration

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    #servermigration doesnt have to be a #headache - #dedicatedservers are the #webhosting #solution for #growing #onlinebusinesses

    It can sometimes be an absolute nightmare moving servers to another hosting provider. Dedicated affiliate marketers and bloggers who rely on their content-based blog or website model to being in a full-time online income have to monitor their blog-website and servers virtually around the clock to ensure operations are running smoothly. When their online business grows and gets closer to achieving "side hustle millionaire" status, it may quietly call for a site owner to consider making a switch to another web hosting provider as a means of having their needs serviced not only at an affordable price, but also having the instant accessibility to additional services the previous web hosting provider didn't offer. Some additional services site owners need are more IP addresses on a dedicated server account, more bandwidth, increased disk space, more RAM, unlimited sub-domains, etc. And all at a monthly price that provides a piece of mind to the site owner-blogger,affiliate marketer-content creator, so they can focus on their content marketing efforts and increasing conversions - ROI.

    Is your online business growing and your needs have changed? Have you come to the conclusion that you need a new dedicated server with more IP addresses, increased bandwidth, more RAM, disk space, and additional storage? Looking to speed up loading time for your website with a reliable CDN (content delivery network)? Or you're looking to sprout out into "dedicated cloud hosting?" If you're near or already achieved [side hustle millionaire] status and the time has come for you to consider "server migration," below is a list of questions you can refer to in asking a web hosting provider before acquiring their services. You want to ensure yourself that you're getting not only your money's worth when paying your monthly or annual web hosting bill, but also that you have all the services you need on your dedicated server, virtual shared server, economy web hosting plan, or cloud dedicated server plan so your site and administrative back-end functions run smooth.

    After contacting a hosting provider, ask them these questions and see if they're willing to answer all up front before making any purchase:

    Hi (web hosting provider name goes here),

    Hopefully you’ll be able to individually answer these questions as I’m interested in possibly hosting with you. I am unhappy with my current web host as they led me to believe they don't know what they're doing.

    Questions about server migration:
    • How many IP addresses come with my account?
    • How much bandwidth do I receive monthly?
    • How much an advertising credits do I receive for PPC ad networks especially Yahoo advertising and Bing ad Network?
    • How much memory is on the account?
    • Do you do site migration and mySQL database migration as well for free or is an additional site and MYSQL database migration change involved?
    • If I opt in to accept your offer today, how soon can I have my domain names and website transfer to your web hosting service before everything is completely up and running?
    • I had previous problems with my host and my search engine rankings are suffering because they improperly configured my domain name and their support is limited. I'm concerned about having my domain name properly configured and propagated so I can improve my seo. Does my SSL certificate automatically renew every year without doing anything?
    • If I choose to switch over to your service, can you please make sure ahead of time that my domain name is properly transferred and configured so that there are no search engine optimization issues? I would like for my domain name to point to exactly to website dot com. additionally, I would like http : // mywebsite dot com, mywebsite dot com, and https :// mywebsite dot com to point to h t t p s :// www . website dot com. Additionally, can you also please make sure that hsts is properly configured with the preload directive and include all subdomains on http :// mywebsite .com?
    • How much is the annual renewal rate for domain names?
    • Am I going to continue paying the discounted price for the second year for my web hosting service or will I receive a price increase after my first year as a new customer?
    • How long is my grace period after receiving my free advertising credits until they expire?
    • How long will it take for your server migration experts to grab my website and mySQL database from my previous web host and transfer it to your network?
    • If I pay upfront my annual web hosting fee, how much will it be with this counts? And if I pay month-to-month, will i still receive a discount?
    • I need my website to load ultra fast. If you have an CDN network, can you configure my website and propagate my domain name so my SEO is boosted? I’m concerned about natural search rankings. My previous web host is slowing down my website and my Alexa traffic rank is suffering terribly and I am losing the little bit of money I’m earning.

    Hopefully, this'll give you something to ask a prospective web hosting provider before making a purchasing decision and going forward with your server migration endeavors.



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