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Economics of #CloudComputing

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  • Economics of #CloudComputing

    Forbes has an interesting article discussing cloud computing economics. The content of the Forbes article discusses cost reduction strategies and living in the age of digital information. Publishing information to the web from a cloud server potentially becomes costly because corporations not only look to cache large sums of information one company servers, but also archive information which requires large amounts of disk space and memory-RAM on cloud servers. Companies look for unique cost reduction strategies maintain cloud servers and improve productivity, online sales, and use digital services to its fullest potential to deliver satisfaction to customers-website viewers. Reducing cost from use of cloud computing services helps companies who rely on the economics of cloud computing technology achieve their goals and stay one step ahead in the overnight changing industry of information distribution.

    Agree or disagree? Drewry News disagrees with the first part of the article pertaining to reading a book by seminal work first published in 1995, by Michael Treacy and Fred Wiersema called "The Discipline of Market Leaders." DrewryNewsNetwork disagrees with that part of the article because it seems like he's subliminally trying to sell something in the header of the article and possibly makes him look kind of thirsty to allegedly get an affiliate sale. He also says don't turn to tech manuals. If something goes wrong on a server and you're a one person operation, you might need a PHP or web server manual to find a page with specific server codes to type into your server to diagnose the current issue. What relevance does a book about market leaders published in 1995 have to do with today's age of information technology or addressing the economics of cloud computing? The book is about the discipline of market leaders when the article is about the economics of cloud computing.

    Drewry News Network sniffed out game and suspected him of trying to confuse readers in hopes of just generating a sale from readers clicking the hyperlink to buy the book. If he really wanted to make the sale and not look thirsty, he could've added the link in the center or the footer of the article and possibly gained as much visibility as if he had it in the header of the article not looking overly eager to generate a sale.

    Drewry News agrees with the rest of the article that provides meaningful insight into the course of cloud computing because cloud servers can become costly. Its pretty much an expanded version of a virtual private server with no fixed price on monthly hosting fees with extra nooks and crannies thrown in. Cloud servers is an indirect way for web hosting companies to allegedly juice more money out of businesses. Monthly hosting fees are at a variable. Drewry News also agrees with some of the article because it discusses an alternative to cloud computing which is hybrid clouds offering economic benefits, as it offers a good hedge against the unexpected costs of public cloud services (Forbes), a good ploy that saves companies thousands of dollars in monthly hosting services while staying focused in their concentration of delivering quality information and products online to their target clientele.

    Source: Forbes