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#WordPress: Take a Close Look Now and Consider These #Plugins if You Want to be a #Blogging #SideHustleMillionaire

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  • #WordPress: Take a Close Look Now and Consider These #Plugins if You Want to be a #Blogging #SideHustleMillionaire

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    #WordPress #plugins for #blogging to #sidehustlemillionaire #status & #protection #against the #GDPR #EuropeanUnion #policy

    With side hustles and the gig economy on the rise, it's providing opportunities for people to start online businesses with blogs and websites and work in their spare time toward achieving financial freedom. People are likely to start self-hosted WordPress blogs posted on dedicated servers because having a WordPress blog allows anyone to have ready access to thousands of free WP plugins to enhance the functionality and content reach to their target audience, thus increasing their potential to become a future side hustle millionaire. Long gone are the days of working a traditional cushy day job and retiring on a healthy pension. The gig economy allows you to take control of your life financially working from remote locations doing what you love on line while reaping a healthy profit. If you do what you love doing, it's not considered work although it is worth. Are you listening?

    So you planned on starting a side hustle and probably went ahead and started a self-hosted WordPress blog. you're probably wondering which WordPress plugins will help you achieve your content marketing and social media marketing goals in a shorter time span, right? And you probably need a few good WordPress plugins to help you optimize every blog post for good rankings in Bing, Google and YaHoO!

    Good news!

    This forum will recommend quality WordPress plugins to install in your blog. Of course, before you install any WP plugin, you'll want to check and see how often the WordPress plugin you're interested in is updated. This way, knowing that the WordPress plugin is updated often will give you assurance that you're protected from any potential bugs that may allegedly occur after the plug-in is installed.

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    Short list of five recommended WordPress plugins for your blog:

    1. SSL Secure Content Fixer - You'll definitely need this plugin on your WordPress blog if you have tons of images in hundreds or thousands of blog posts. SSL stands for secure socket layer. References to blogs and websites that have SSL certificate versus domains that traditionally have the www. Or http. SSL builds trust among your blog readers because it assures them that if they purchase a product or service from your blog, their credit card or PayPal.com information is secure. having a secure blog is everything when you want to rank well and things, Google and Yahoo and increase your online Revenue potential with the intention of becoming a future side hustle millionaire. the purpose of having the SSL WordPress plugin installed on your dedicated server is to automatically fix any image related issues or external links you have going out to third party sites for more information on whatever you're discussing in the blog post. You want to link to https and not HTTP because not only does it help your blogs they secure from hacking and content leaves, but having an SSL WordPress plugin fixer installed will automatically fix SSL related issues and possibly fix HTTP to https, giving your site a competitive Edge in ranking above competition in organic search engine results pages, giving you the advantage of benefiting from more free search engine traffic. This is why you need to have this WordPress plugin installed right now without further delay.

    2. WordPress Automated Database Backup - You possibly sit for hours every day or work intellectually on your smartphone at creating lots and lots of content for your self hosted WordPress blog. Your intention is to be a full-time blogger and a side hustle millionaire. you have the understanding that ranking well in major search engine results Pages requires your WordPress blog to have “Evergreen content” posted to it either daily or every other day at least 6 days a week. that said, you create lots of informative content and with the intention that the content you share with your target audience will be deemed valuable and protected. the WordPress automated database backup plugin does the handy work for you while you stay in heavy concentration on creating lots and lots of quality content for your blog. Basically in a nutshell, the WordPress database automated backup plugin is configured in a way to automatically backup your MYSQL database and deliver a copy to you anytime or any day. Intern, having your MYSQL database backed up means that if in the event your server crashes for whatever reason, you have an immediate backup of your database and can put your content back online within a matter of minutes. Without an automated WordPress database backup plugin, You're vulnerable to losing all of your content you work hard to create. The end result of that could be a loss of affiliate Revenue, search engine rankings, and having to start your blog all over again fresh from scratch. A webmaster and bloggers nightmare!

    3. Force HTTP to HTTPS - This WordPress plugin will work wonders for your self-hosted blog if you're looking to maximize your search engine optimization potential. If you don't already know, Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com give better rankings and preference in search engine results pages to blogs and websites that have https vs. HTTP. Reason being is because https which stands for hypertext transfer protocol secure is secured with an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate, known as secure socket layer protection for blogs and websites hosted on a secure domain name, insurers site readers and customers who make purchases from that particular block a website that the site is trusted and their credit card or PayPal. Com information is secure when they do business with that site. In turn, having an SSL certificate with https on a blog or website builds trust and Rapport among site visitors, encouraging them subliminally to come back and purchase more and read more content. Most importantly, it helps the site to get better search engine rankings years to come. This is a webmasters dream come true when you install an SSL certificate on your blogger website and turn HTTP to https. This WordPress plugin will help you do the job and force your former HTTP to https without lifting an extra finger. Another great thing about this plugin as despite the fact that it forces HTTP to https as an SSL redirect, it also fixes secure content. If you didn't already know, some blogs and websites that have an SSL certificate already installed on it may possibly have some insecure Pages. The insecure Pages can be a result of JavaScript or affiliate add codes with HTTP in it, forcing the page that supposed to be secure to be insecure. The insecure pages are quietly noticed by Google and other search engine Bots, resulting in a loss of search engine rankings. Some webmasters may find this as a nightmare trying to discover which pages are insecure. Once again, this WordPress plugin automatically fixes all insecure static resources as listed in the WordPress plugin description on WordPress.org without altering your database. It's always important to consistently backup your database if in the event your DB crashes for any reason. Having an immediate backup of your database allows you to instantly restore your blog content back on your dedicated server and resume with improving your long-term search engine rankings, thus increasing your potential to become a future “side hustle millionaire.”

    4. Publish for WordPress - Let's say for example if you have paid writers creating content for your blog from remote location such as you're blogging employees working from home or anywhere on this smartphone or laptop. You don't want to give your blog employees access to your direct login credentials because you don't want them having Master access. And that's okay because you want to be in control of everything. And besides, you're the CEO of your future side hustle millionaire WordPress blog. This WP plugin allows you to have complete access and modification ability to the content you're WordPress blogging team is lining up for immediate publishing. According to some of the description in the body of the publish press WordPress plugin on WordPress.org, it says that publish press is the essential plugin for any WordPress site with multiple team members. The description for the goes on to say that publish press has multiple tools that help your team stay organized when creating content. Content is king and always will be king on the internet and responsible for many people going from humble beginnings in their side hustle blogging journey to achieving the status of “side hustle millionaire.”

    5. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) - The European Union started enforcing in the early part of 2018 strict laws on blogs and websites and affiliate marketers and billion dollar companies in the United States about ensuring the privacy and financial transactions of the residents of the European Union. Summarized, anyone living with in the European Union that goes on an American website that makes a purchase has to be notified in advance that cookies will be placed on their computer and that their financial information and website browsing behavior will be protected. companies, affiliate marketers, bloggers and anyone who engages fully in online business transactions is required and mandated by the European Union to install a piece of code into the site template that will let site users from the European Union know in advance that certain information will be collected about them before they start to browse the site. Site users must consent in advance by either checking off a box that pops up on a blog or website, or use their computer mouse to click the consent box or okay before proceeding into the Blogger website to read content or to buy something from it. Refusing to do so leaves a site open to stiff penalties from the European Union if they're caught. Penalties by the European Union can range into the millions and billions of dollars. Believe it or not, the European Union can and will find American companies and small business owners such as affiliate marketers and side also millionaire bloggers who refused to comply with installing the GDPR notice on their sites. they can and will access your United States based bank account to take fine money from you if they hit you with a penalty. This is why it's important to install this WordPress plugin to let people in the European Union no that you are now GDPR compliant as they must consent to the notice first before proceeding into your WordPress blog. Once this plugin is installed and the notice it's flashed before blog readers coming from the European Union, you're all set and have nothing to worry about.

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