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Using #Pinterest as an Alternative Source of #Traffic

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  • Using #Pinterest as an Alternative Source of #Traffic

    Google recently made a sophisticated algorithmic change. It's not the type of algorithmic change that generally affects search engine rankings. It affects search engine rankings for longtail keywords and your overall rankings.

    The recent algorithmic change by Google affected millions of blogs, forums, and websites that are not friendly. If you only account and use "Google Webmaster tools" and "Google analytics" to keep a close eye on sensitive things about your blog, discussion forum, or website, you may have noticed a recent message in your administrative dashboard.

    If you own a blog or website powered by Drupal, PHP BB, IP board, or vBulletin and haven't yet made your site friendly, you may have possibly seen a message in your "Google Webmaster dashboard." If your site is powered by WordPress or Joomla!, it's most likely pre-optimized to be mobile friendly, which means you don't have to do anything to make your site mobile friendly, as Google will notice this automatically without you doing anything.

    For sites currently suffering in Google search because they haven't yet made themselves mobile friendly, they may want to consider using Pinterest as an alternative means of increasing site traffic. is not to be ignored when it comes to effectively promoting your business to increase visibility, and potentially increasing sales. Pinterest is also a great way to create online buzz about your start up company without resorting to PPC paid online advertising. Getting steady traffic from Pinterest only requires creativity, effort, and investing in ample amount of time in order to make Pinterest work for your business.

    If you're serious about your online business making money full-time whether it be in affiliate marketing generating good money from affiliate programs or selling your own product or service on your blog or website, you want to create "lots and lots of content" for your site on a daily basis, write unique descriptions for your pins on Pinterest with relevant hash tags, and build meaningful relationships with people on social networks.

    If you're looking to learn more about using Pinterest as a means of building alternative traffic to your online business to increase awareness and sales, check out the video above from Lisa Irby, founder of