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#WordPress & #ContentMarketing: Try These Plugins on Your #Blog for More #Content and #Traffic - #FreeAdvertising on #SocialNetworks for Your #SideHustleMillionaire #Career in the Making

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  • #WordPress & #ContentMarketing: Try These Plugins on Your #Blog for More #Content and #Traffic - #FreeAdvertising on #SocialNetworks for Your #SideHustleMillionaire #Career in the Making

    Live Website Traffic
    #Recommended #WordPress #plugins for #dedicated #bloggers #looking to make the #sidehustle #blogging their #full #time #career

    WordPress is by far the best semantic blogging platform. With it's unique flexibility to customize it as you please once hosted on your dedicated server or small business web hosting package, you can easily upload by FTP any WP-plugin to enhance administrative functionality, increasing your blog to be more appealing to search engine crawlers and your targeted audience. With the right WordPress plugins on your blog, you can grow your traffic naturally from social networks and improve SEO "search engine optimization" in major search engines like Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com

    More Shares

    When you create content to be published in your blog, you have the sole intention to make it engaging and informative. You also hope that blog readers will share your content and help get viral traffic coming back to read more posts. More Shares for You is a free and useful WordPress plugin that can be easily installed on your server. Basically, this plug-in helps your readers easily share your blog posts to Google +, LinkedIn.com, Facebook.com, and Twitter.com. Looking at the bigger picture, this free WordPress plug-in allows your blog to get free advertising from your readers as they are using their energy advertising your published writings. Additionally, you may potentially see a positive SEO improvement in your search engine rankings when people share your blogs on networks such as LinkedIn and Google +, as they may be considered and judged as "backlinks" by search engine crawlers, giving your site a positive advantage of moving up in search engine results pages and potentially getting more traffic from organic search engine listings.

    At Content

    At Content is a natural content network designed to help bloggers and website publishers get more natural traffic to every newly published page. WordPress bloggers love this network because there blogs are easily syndicated and potentially reposted by AtContent.com blog readers. This site has a "no-follow SEO," meaning your blog will not benefit from increased SEO backlink juice. However, your blog will benefit from increased traffic every time you publish a new post on your blog. Registration is free.

    Squirrly SEO

    Squirrly SEO for WordPress is a must-have for dedicated bloggers. This plug-in is a free and paid version. The free version is very effective in improving a blogger's SEO. All you have to do is download the free plug-in, use a free FTP program such as FileZilla to upload the plug-in to your WP-content folder on your server, activate the plug-ins within your WordPress administrative dashboard, and modify any settings as you please. As you create unique content for your blog over the course of time, Squirrly SEO will effectively work on your server to optimize your blogs or better and deeper crawls by search engine crawlers. Another words, this plug-in is not only a must-have your WP blog, but it can also drastically improve traffic. Don't overlook installing this plug-in.


    Feedweb is a WordPress plug-in allowing bloggers to easily add polls and widgets into their blog posts. It allows your blog readers to rate your blog posts and inspire you to improve your content output. It's a great way to keep your readers coming back because most people want to be nosy and see how many people approve of your blog content vs. people think your blogs are possibly boring or not informative enough. For this WordPress plug-in to work on your server you need PHP 5. The plug-in also comes in a paid version for those looking to get extra features. The free version is effective and recommend.

    Now that you know 4 WordPress plug-ins that will help you reach your blogging and Internet marketing goals, don't procrastinate any further moving forward with your long-term blogger ambition. Blogging is not a get rich quick overnight operation and requires much patience before earning healthy income online. If you blogs faithfully at least six days a week to three times a day, you will build traffic and steady traffic potentially in as little as two years.

    Blogging is a wonderful way to earn money online from affiliate programs and transition into working from home full-time. Once again, this is a very patient process of building a business from scratch by creating a blog and serving your targeted audience. You will not make $1 million in the first three years. However, if you progress faithfully and create engaging content to keep your audience coming back for more, your readers will get you free advertising which will result in a potential increase in affiliate commissions from the advertisements you place on your blog.

    Content Egg

    The CE WordPress plugin works wonders for bloggers looking to keep their blogs updated with fresh content.

    Purpose of the Content Egg WordPress plugin:
    • Assist in adding content relevant to draft blog posts in the form of video, image, and possibly news, and more.
    • Having the ability to add affiliate links (it's a good practice to cloak affiliate links) by keyword.
    • Placing your blog on autopilot: auto-blogging content frees up time and gives dedicated bloggers a piece of mind.
    • Potentially helps translate any language.
    • Pricing update and offer automation.
    • Potential to generate lists for the purpose of comparing prices by keyword.
    • Using filters to search for specific things such as price, offers for customers and new site visitors, and more.
    • It adds your ID (affiliate - partner) to links automatically.
    • Simple to use dashboard.
    • Customized template.
    • Flexible with WP short codes.
    • Flexible with API.
    As with any business, you can make more or less based upon your determination, humility, and sustaining positive relationships with advertisers and readers. If you're serious about achieving "side hustle millionaire" status, you must be willing to go above and beyond by "doing the transformation business work," out of inspiration or desperation. To your WordPress blogging success!



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