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#SocialMediaMarketing: Using Facebook and Paid Services for Increased Visibility

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  • #SocialMediaMarketing: Using Facebook and Paid Services for Increased Visibility

    Facebook is the preferred social networking platform today for dual use. Old classmates stay in touch, new relationships are forged, and online marketers/bloggers auto-publish their content to their Facebook wall to their Facebook friends list. The world''s most-popular social network can also help boost business for you, without spending a dime.

    Most people today use Facebook to re-connect with old classmates, from elementary, junior, high school and college. When the Facebook platform was designed, Zuckererg originally intended for it to be a network just for Harvard students. As word of mouth grew about this new online network among the Harvard elite, Zuckerberg had no idea how much bigger Facebook would be, in terms for business.

    Can Facebook boost SEO for online businesses? Absolutely! Let's take a look at some really cool things that can help grow your website, blog, and or online business to the next level and boost SEO "Search engine optimization", using the Facebook Platform.

    Facebook Fan Pages - Creating a Facebook fan page for your business is a great way to start sharing your content virally with the Facebook masses. Facebook fan pages are awesome to have, because they have no limit, on the amount of fans that can join your Facebook fan page, and see new content posted to your wall, every time you publish a new online publication, video, Tweet, and so forth. And surely, this is one of the useful methods in driving traffic for free from Facebook, as well as boosting your SEO and organic traffic rank.

    Setting up an automated Facebook wall posting service - Who has time to sit at the computer all day, create new content, and then manually post new links to their Facebook wall? It''s very time consuming! You want to focus on creating as much new unique content as you can, without the hassle of copying and pasting each url in your web browser, going to the links section of your Facebook wall, and posting the link for share your content. So here''s a few cook services you can use: - They allow you to setup a free account, and offer great options for you to auto-publish new content to your Facebook and Twitter pages automagically without lifting an extra finger. Simply signup for a free account, input your RSS feed (s) into the dashboard, follow simple instructions, and allow 3rd party content syndication applications to automatically publish to Facebook and Twitter, each time you create a new blog post, publish a new article, and so forth. - Another cool service you can use free of charge. IFTT "If This Then That" allows you to spead your content magically on multiple social networks for free.

    Simply setup a free IFTTT account, follow a few simple instructions, insert the RSS feds for all of your websites and blogs, and within little time, your newly created content on your website, article publication, or blog will now be posted automatically on your Facebook wall. IFTTT offers more services to post to today including - This is a paid service that'll automatically post to your Twitter and Facebook pages of choice. Hootsuite is a great service to use, as formerly used this service posting tweets to the Blomberg Twitter page when a new article is published on the website.

    Creativity Fuels Profitability

    If you want to get creative for the ultimate SEO effect, here's another creative and potentially useful way to drive viral traffic. It's virtually a killing 2 birds with one stone kind of thing. Create unique and compelling YouTube videos daily. now allows video content publishers the option inside of your dashboard to automatically publish new videos without lifting an extra finger to their Face book & Twitter pages. All you have to do is go to the upload section of your YouTube account, scroll toward the bottom, and select ''connect Facebook'' and ''connect Twitter'' to your channel, and upload videos away. After you have done that, write a keyword rich, and very interesting video description. At the top of your video description section, immediately place your URL at the very top...

    ex: {Beginning of video description} - website link goes here

    Placing a link in the header video description section of new YouTUbe videos will help your long term search engine optimization - SEO efforts improve greatly. You must have patience in the process of increasing your online visibility.

    Stay Focused in Online Marketing

    There's many more useful and free Facebook and multiple social networking posting services that will help publishers syndicate their content virally to multiple social networks. When it comes to the internet and expanding your business online, the world can be your oyster. The world wide web is what you make of it. And, the beauty of having a business online is that you can acquire new customers for your business absolutely free just by using free automated social networking tools. Free and paid social networking services and new tools are made available for publishers to build their businesses almost everyday. YouTube,,,,,, and social bookmarking networks like are all a silent goldmine. Just have the determination and patience in using them to your advantage, and in time, you could have business coming in and new unique visitors from everywhere online.