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Cool #FacebookApp Lets You See Who Viewed Your Profile

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  • Cool #FacebookApp Lets You See Who Viewed Your Profile

    #Facebook #application to #see who #viewed your #FacebookProfile

    You don't have to wonder too much anymore about who views your Facebook profile. Sure, we all want to know exactly who checks out our Facebook profile without our knowledge. You were in the dark back in the FB heyday about who stopped by your page. Today's age of information technology has the brightest minds from around the world sitting at home or in a college classroom writing up unique code that'll enable anyone to pretty much see or do almost anything. And a Facebook profile visitor app is something everyone wants.

    Popularity of Facebook App

    It looks as if this app is widely used by Facebook profile owners. According to Alexa, is ranking roughly around the 100k range or possibly lower in the United States.

    ProfileVisitors traffic rank on Alexa

    This means they're getting steady streams of traffic to their site, hold credibility, and app put to work by possibly hundreds of thousands of Facebook page owners.The app for viewing Facebook profile viewers runs on Google Chrome. This means if you're currently running Microsoft Internet Explorer, consider downloading Chrome to your desktop or laptop to enable the application. Once downloaded and added to your Google web browser, a small icon will appear in the upper flush right corner. It's a small blue icon with what looks like 2 heads in the image with a blue background. Be sure you follow the simple instructions to make the Facebook app work for you. Sooner than you know, you'll have knowledge of who's consistently checking you out.

    August 2018 update - It's unsure if this Facebook application is still working as Facebook has made enormous changes to their API which applications are permissible to use on Facebook and how content is shared on the world's most popular social network. Facebook as of summer 2018 made the decision not to allow third-party applications to post content to the Facebook profile wall and revert all content syndication to Facebook groups and Facebook fan pages. Some applications specifically written for the purpose of knowing who viewed your Facebook profile were deemed illegitimate by the Facebook engineering team and Mark Zuckerberg and disabled. If by any chance the four mentioned app is disabled- unavailable for use, you can always perform a search in your favorite search engine for more information on other Facebook applications you may find useful.