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#Facebook: Posting to Your Profile Wall Without Making Money in Affiliate Marketing Makes Time Spent on Facebook Meaningless

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  • #Facebook: Posting to Your Profile Wall Without Making Money in Affiliate Marketing Makes Time Spent on Facebook Meaningless

    Using #Facebook for #sidehustlemillionaire #marketing of #affiliateprograms and #contentmarketing

    There are people in this world who do nothing more than lay into Facebook talking day in and day out about things allegedly meaningless. They possibly have a large count of Facebook friends they stay connected with and desire to garner attention to their profile throughout the day. They post memes, comical videos, and small posts about almost anything just to see who will respond to them and click the Facebook like button. Very little do they know they could easily change their mindset, learn affiliate marketing and how it can positively impact their financial future, and look at Facebook as a potential vehicle to offer meaningful products and services to their followers while putting themselves in a position to earn a pretty penny by promoting affiliate programs on their Facebook page.

    One thing most people don't know in today's digital information world is the more you post to Facebook and any other social network and not using the social platforms as a way to build a business, the more those social networks will make money off of you posting content to your social networking profiles. How so? They sell ads against anything you post to your Facebook wall. When others click on ads next to what you've posted on your wall, Facebook and other social networks earn money from advertisers who run targeted ads. This is how Facebook and others will continue to earn a goldmine while promoting their networks as a free service for people to join.

    Not everyone has a desire to start an online business and that's ok. However, if you're looking to set yourself up for future success and potentially avoid the unemployment line if for any reason your day job possibly fold up dude whatever reason, getting started now on the Internet by marketing products and services on your Facebook wall and other social networks will help you supplement it with existing income. Everyone can use a few extra dollars in their pocket nowadays. Are you listening?

    Easy ways to potentially make money on Facebook:
    • Acquiring a domain name and web hosting service and starting your own business blog and sharing your blog posts on Facebook.
    • Creating a YouTube channel and posting new videos to Facebook and other social networks.
    • Discussing a product or service on your Facebook wall with an affiliate link to the landing page you're talking about to your Facebook friends.
    • Using a free third-party content sharing RSS aggregation service to auto share products and services from affiliate RSS data feeds the quote requires you only set it and forget it.
    While there's many more ways to make money using Facebook you shouldn't be on your profile just posting things just to stay connected with family, friends, and coworkers. Can you believe people on your friends list will actually take what you say to heart about a product or service and potentially click your affiliate link and purchase it from you just because you're someone a like, love and trust? Believe it or not they will buy from you. All you have to do is get started now and get in the positive mindset of believing you can potentially earn a full-time income not just from Facebook but in overall from promoting products and services across the web through your blog, website, or social networking profiles. This can potentially be your full-time income if you put your mind to. The thing about turning the Internet into will full-time income is this is a completely different ballgame. It's a new way of thinking and you must be willing to adapt to the new hour away of doing things. Many people fail in this line of business because they're not willing to change in staying up with the times mentally and entrepreneurially. This doesn't have to be you. If you're one of those people that are posting virtual nonsense your Facebook wall every day such as comical videos that earn you know income but only draws attention to your profile, this may be be your calling to make healthy entrepreneurial changes and take Facebook seriously as a means of earning good money. Hopefully this thread has inspired you to research more about making money full-time from social networks, making money in affiliate marketing, and posting less meaningful things to your Facebook or other social networking profiles.

    Food for thought: If you start a side hustle blog or website and use 3rd part application to share content to your Facebook group or fanpage when new content is published on your site with ads alongside your content, you increase the potential of making money from your Facebook fans and Facebook group members.


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