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  • #BlogIncomeReport: May-June 2018 #Blogging Income Report from 2 #SideHustleMillionaire Bloggers

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    #Quit your #dayjob & #stop making your #arrogant #employer #rich while you get no #payraise. #Employers are #robbing #employees. Get that #sidehustle #blogging going

    No need to fret if you haven't started your side hustle career yet as a part-time blogger. A good thing to know about the internet is there's no official time to start a business. Any kind of business. Blogging proves itself over and over again to be a stable source of income. Having a self-hosted blog with your own domain name is a game changer. Many people who achieve side hustle blogging millionaire today started from rock bottom. Believe it or not, most side hustle millionaire bloggers who went above and beyond earning their first cool million dollars today had college degrees and we're still fired from their jobs. In fact, most people who became side hustle millionaire bloggers had college degrees and we're either fired from their jobs wrongfully or voluntarily quit because they saw the bigger potential working for themselves as a side hustle blogger. Others were forced out of their employment by narcissist bosses who set them up from wrongful termination. The ones who had it the most difficult are the ones who prospered beyond the norm in becoming successful side hustle millionaire bloggers and continue the Journey of making money online 24 hours a day, gleefully sharing their monthly blog income reports to inspire others to take side hustle blogging seriously and start blogging in faith to the public 9th step in making a blogging business transformation from wrongfully and terminated employee to millionaire entrepreneur.

    A few things to bear in mind before starting your side hustle blogging journey:

    Your writing doesn't have to be perfect. Every side hustle millionaire blogger and online marketer makes tip a graphical mistakes. They put the period outside the quotes in most occasions. They also place the question mark outside the quotes on most occasions. Side hustle bloggers make other typographical mistakes by placing the commas, apostrophes, and other punctuation marks in the wrong place, completely throwing off the clarity and conciseness of sentences. Other mistakes some side hustle millionaire bloggers make is not writing thorough sentences enough and at times unintentionally, confusing their blog readers. This comes along with your side hustle blogging career so there's nothing to worry about if you make any of these mistakes. As long as you're writing is natural and of your own personality regardless if you write like a dog on the internet, you'll be okay in the long run. Be mindful that your content is of your original writing and always unique. And if you end up borrowing or paraphrasing from someone else's blog or website, be sure to give proper citation to them in mentioning the website or blog where you got the reference from and give proper author attribution.

    You're not going to earn your first million dollars in 2 years from blogging. Unless that is, you're sitting at the computer for 10 hours a day writing 7000 word a day blog posts 6 days a week. If you don't have the oomph to do that, don't look forward to earning your first million period yet. Give your blogging at least a good four to five years before you earn your first million. You might be able to achieve it in three and a half years if you're persistent enough. Go for the Gusto and do it in 3 years if you can. You are what you think so you don't have to necessarily believe what's written here. You might be able to do it in a year and a half. It all depends on your personal drive and entrepreneurial Vision where you see yourself and your side hustle blogging career in the next 5 to 10 years. The beauty of side hustle blogging is there's no salary cap. "And with that said… EXACTLY!"

    You can blog from your smartphone or laptop computer from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. That's right. the beauty of blogging is no longer do you have to be confined to your home computer and sit at your computer desk in a small room or home office for hours a day creating content staring at walls. You can blog to your heart's content on the go by creating content for it working in free Wi-Fi connection places like McDonalds.com, PaneraBread.com, sitting in Walmart.com parking lot, blog from your car park in front of Wawa.com, blogging from any college university computer, Etc. To make the content marketing process easier while on the go drafting up your next blog post in Microsoft Word, be mindful to activate the speech recognition function where's your using the power of your voice to create content and not using your fingertips to type traditionally on the keyboard. The beauty of using your voice to create content is your words will appear in draft mode which you can then go back and proofread and not have to worry about building up carpal tunnel syndrome by manually punching keys on the computer keyboard to create blog posts in draft mode. the good thing about speech recognition is that it helps you to maintain a certain level of consistency for daily blogging in addition to creating longer Pages. Blogging longer pages is good for search engine optimization because search engines like Bing.com, Google.com, and YaHoO.com look at longer pages as “Evergreen content.” The longer your blog pages the better your search engine rankings and the more it helps you make money 24 hours a day and stay inspired doing what you love doing as a side hustle blogger. in business, if you love doing what you're doing regardless if you're not making money in the very beginning but doing it out of repetition and love for what you do, you'll end up being a side hustle millionaire sooner or later. That's playing. Millionaires are in the position they are today because they have a passion for what they do. They don't start businesses because it's something they have to do although they have to work in order to make money and live. In fact, millionaires are in the position they're in today because they have an undying love and most likely see themselves in the same line of work until they are no more of the earth. If you maintain that type of mindset, you'll always be okay financially and in a position to never work for an evil unthankful narcissist employer ever again a day in life. Are you listening?

    Blog income reports from people who started from the bottom at side hustle bloggers and were either terminated or quit their jobs to do what they love as a full-time career:

    Michelle Schroeder-Gardner - This amazing and inspiring finance blogger started her side hustle blogging journey back in 2011. She's a graduate with a bachelor's and master's degree. Her MBA in finance gave her vast knowledge of creating and managing wealth. Michelle wasn't born into money and came from a working-class family. In fact, after she graduated from college, she amassed personal student debt virtually in the ballpark between $38000 to $40, 000. Unsure how she was going to pay off the student debt, she started the MakingSenseofCents.com blog as a hobby and never intended to achieve side hustle millionaire blogger status with it. In fact, Michelle says that she started the blog as a hobby and as a way of connecting with people. In her first year blogging, she only amassed a measly $100. Unfazed and undaunted by the low profit potential of her first year blogging as a future side hustle millionaire blogger, she continued you and the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation and moved forward by creating content. Lots and lots of content. She continued blogging successfully in 2013 and amassed enough monthly income from the internet to the point where as she voluntarily walked away from her day job and now resorts to her blog for 100% income.

    In 2017 alone, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner earned over a whopping $1.5 million dollars in advertising revenue. in the blog post, she itemizes how she earned over 1. 5 million dollars in 2017 which some of the ways include growing her email list, accepting interview requests, diversifying her income potential, emailing her recommended list of affiliate products to permission-based email subscribers, and posting less blogs. You would think That a person would increase their blogs in order to get more traffic from Bing.com, Google.com and YaHoO.com But Michelle said she's focusing on posting less. Reason being was because she spent more time in 2017 on promoting and marketing her website. But back in the day, Michelle was writing content everyday and sometimes even twice a day she mentions. That was the kick start her blog traffic. If you post one time a day over 2,000 words for at least two years, you'll be in a financial position to quit your day job and overthrow your employer. That's right. Overthrow your narcissist employer and politely tell them you're showing yourself the door because you're a side hustle millionaire in the making.

    In June 2018, Michelle posted a blog she earned $100,324 blogging. In previous blog income reports, Michelle says in so many words had it not been for others posting their blog income monthly reports, she probably wouldn't have started blogging about hers. Everyone needs inspiration from somewhere or someone. Going forward, Michelle says that she earned the one hundred grand for the month of June 2018 from promoting the Bluehost web hosting affiliate program, survey companies, six-figure blogger, bookkeeper Business Academy, credible student loan refinancing, how to work from home selling on Amazon FBA, convert kit, Ebates.com, Pinterest virtual assistant course, personal capital, the $5 meal plan, VIP Kid teach English online, in addition to miscellaneous affiliate promotions Michelle marketed. She also earned additional income from sponsorships and advertising along with be making sense of cents affiliate marketing course which garnered a little over $19,000 in income for June 2018. The income from the four mentioned totaled up to her monthly financial reporting of $100, That's a pretty sweet blog income report just for one month, isn't it? She's an everyday person just like you. She started from the bottom without a money spoon in her mouth. She did the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation and started a hobby blog from nothing and became a millionaire from it. She didn't rely on any narcissist employer to continue paying her salary. She couldn't see herself working for a company for 20 to 30 years and retiring on 20 to 30% of what they feel she's worth. So she took a leap of faith and start her own business. That's what you need to do right about now. The more you put off starting your blogging your online business, the longer you going to be online looking for your next job or constantly nagging your employer for a raise. Take a hint the first time when your employer tells you you're not getting a raise or if they give you a $0.25 raise, that'll show you how much they think of you. That alone should tell you it's long overdue for you to start your side hustle blogging venture. Not now, right now!

    CreateandGo.co - this blog was founded by former fitness personal trainer and certified public accountant Alex and his girlfriend Lauren. According to the flush right side bar of the create and go blog, they were able to quit their full-time jobs with blogging alone and earn a whopping $103,457.98 in the first year blogging with a health and fitness blog. Sounds pretty decent doesn't it? Content is King on the internet and always will be. The more content you add to your blog, the more likely you're able to get traffic from major search engines which will transform into steady streams of advertising revenue for you 24 hours a day. Yes, you can definitely make money while you're sleeping if you stay on track with creating lots and lots of content. Transformational blogging requires concentration and staying the course.

    According to a hyperlink In the Flesh right section of the create and go blog, Alex was broke and frustrated when he first started blogging. He went from zero and struggling and working what he classifies as soul-sucking corporate jobs to earning over $100,000 per month blogging in less than three years. If he can do it so can you. It's not about who you are, where you're from, what you've been through, and regardless if you can't keep a job. What matters is the mind and consistency and lots and lots of transformational blogging content.

    Alex and Lauren did pretty good in the month of May 2018 with their work from home blog create and go. He posted back in May that he earned exactly $161,321.86 working from home. The reason he posts his blog income reports is not to be a show off online and showing how much money he's learning as a side hustle blogging millionaire, but he's claims on the blog that he we never published to brag -only show our followers and readers just what is possible with a small block, some hard work, and a lot of determination! That's what Alex and Lauren said in the May 2018 blog income report. In the blog post, he shows his proof of income from his health and fitness blog Avocadu & blogging income proof for the create and go blog. He also shows how much money or sent what looks like to his Paypal account in sales insights roughly in the ballpark of $8,635 US dollars. The second image below the first PayPal.com image shows sales in the excess amount of $30,157 United States dollars. He combines both revenues from his health and fitness blog and the create and go blog mentioning that his revenues come from Bluehost.com, convertkit.com, leadpages.com, teachable.com, clickfunnels.com, tailwind.com, and social media warfare plugin for WordPress self-hosted blogs. These are programs that Alex is an affiliate of and promote either organically or through PPC paid advertising. He also goes into what happened in his life as bloggers in May 2018 and where he travel to. Truly this is a Blog you want to stay tuned to because he's always posting helpful information how to start a blog as a side hustle, how to stay focused creating content as a side hustle blogger, and taking the leap of faith into side hustling with the intention of becoming a future side hustle millionaire. If you're looking to learn everything about side hustle blogging and how to grow your Instagram profile, you can bookmark the create and go blog to your Microsoft Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser And subscribe to their push notifications if they have one available.

    'Stay the Course as a Future #SideHustleMillionaire Blogger'

    It took them less than three years to become side hustle millionaires. You are just as good as them. You're just as good as Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. Believe in yourself. Take that chance. Get that side hustle going, as Marie forleo would say. the next post will discuss Marie forleo and her humble beginnings from working numerous day jobs known as bridge jobs to becoming a side hustle millionaire and successful blogger and 100% backed by Oprah Winfrey.

    One woman paid off over $8,000 in credit card debt in 90 days—here's how she did it from CNBC.

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