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3 Ways to Easily Turn Selfies into Advertising Revenue

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  • 3 Ways to Easily Turn Selfies into Advertising Revenue

    Making money from affiliate programs with selfies these days couldn't be easier. Kim Kardashian takes selfies. So does your family and friends. They share them social media sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. People comment on selfies. One thing people don't think about is when you post something like that to a social media site like Facebook, you're actually helping them to sell more of their advertising and put more money into the company's pocket. In turn, all you get is attention to your photo.

    Did you know you can potentially make money online from affiliate programs and contextual advertising with your selfie? Of course you can. All you need to do for starters is to get a small business web hosting plan whereas you're able to install a content management program-self hosted blog like WordPress on your Web server. Once your WordPress CMS is installed on your Web server, configure your blog to the look and feel you desire. This is the first step you need to do towards potentially making money online from affiliate programs with your selfies.

    The second step towards turning your selfies into potential advertising revenue is to acquire a speech recognition program so you can use the power of your voice to write content for your WordPress blogs. When you use the power of your voice to write blogs and include your selfies in them, you're then able to partner with online advertisers where as you can place ads from affiliate programs such as Google AdSense,, (an AOL company),,,,,, and many more companies in your blog so that when people click on ads after viewing your blog posts and selfies, you earn a portion of advertising revenue better known as "affiliate commissions."

    The third step towards converting selfies into online advertising revenue is to use a free service such to have your content autoshare to some social media sites. You can use the aforementioned services to auto-post content from your WordPress blog definitely to,,, and for free. As a result of your content being auto shared, you can potentially experience increased traffic to every new WordPress blog you published to the web with your selfie included.

    Now that you have a rough idea of three things you need to do in order to make money on the Internet affiliate programs with your selfies, it's time to start snapping photos of yourself and posting to your blog. That is, if you haven't already reserved small-business dedicated web hosting. To your success making money on the net from "beautiful selfies."