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#AffiliatePrograms: 7 Niche Affiliate Programs for Increased #SideHustleMillionaire Potential

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  • #AffiliatePrograms: 7 Niche Affiliate Programs for Increased #SideHustleMillionaire Potential

    Goodpaying #affiliateprograms on #CJ #affiliatenetworks for #affiliatemarketers, #bloggers, #contentmarketers & #sidehustlers who strive to be a #sidehustlemillionaire

    Affiliate marketing is here to stay until the end of time. It's the best alternative to daytime employment. Some people want a way out of their day job and they don't know how to start their own business online. The best way by doing so is taking the first initial action step by purchasing a domain name and reserving dedicated web hosting to host your self-hosted WordPress blog on. You don't want to rely on free blogging platform such as blogger, Tumblr, livejournal or any other free blogging platform because the content you publish to that platform is not your own after it's published and indexed by search engines. And besides, if someone doesn't like you or your blog though you have done no wrong, anyone can flag your content objectionable which will put you in the red zone for potentially having your blog deleted without notice, leaving you high and dry to start over again fresh from scratch unless you have your content backed up.

    If you have no clue what affiliate marketing is, it's a process of joining an affiliate program of an online Advertiser who's as irrelevant to the content on your blog or website. Once you're accepted into an affiliate program buy it online Advertiser, you simply take an HTML code, JavaScript or an iframe and you paste it into the HTML template section of your blogger website where you want the ad to appear. when a visitor to your blog reads your content and clicks an ad on it and makes a purchase, you earn something that's called an affiliate commission. This is the process known as affiliate marketing when you promote a merchants advertisements on your site in exchange for a commission from every sale made from your affiliate link. Joining high paying affiliate networks and partnering with the right advertisers can put you in the driver's seat to earning serious affiliate revenue, and also put you in the position to become a future side hustle millionaire.

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    Do you own a blog or website with steady streams of incoming traffic from search engines and social networks? Do you have a good traffic rank on Alexa? Are you creating lots and lots of content on a daily basis by doing the transformation business work? If you're a dedicated blogger, affiliate marketer or side hustler looking to join high paying affiliate programs, check out the advertisers below and see if any of them are a good fit for your niche based blog or website.

    7 online advertisers affiliate marketers should consider joining their affiliate programs:

    Almundo - This is a vacation travel based Advertiser looking for Affiliates to promote their affiliate program on niche based travel blogs and websites. The affiliate marketing description is in Spanish on the conversant affiliate network. You can locate this advertiser by clicking on the new Advertisers tab in the affiliate publisher dashboard. The Almundo affiliate program has a 30-day cookie and has affiliate commissions ranging from 3% in Argentina, 2% affiliate commission in Mexico, and 1.3% affiliate commission in Columbia. Believe It or not, affiliate marketing is global and a stable industry where people can become online millionaires working from the comfort of their home.

    Giorgio Armani - Who doesn't know the name Giorgio Armani when it comes to fashion and fragrance? They've officially entered the affiliate marketing game and their affiliate commission structure is sweet. Giorgio Armani has been around quite a long time and has a respected name in the industry. Now that Armani is officially in affiliate marketing today, the Armani affiliate program provides a unique opportunity for high-traffic side hustle bloggers, side hustle millionaires, dedicated content marketers, and alternative internet marketers to capitalize on being an affiliate of the Giorgio Armani program. The good thing about this program is not only is You learn a hearty 8 to 12% commission starting out on all sales. The cookie placed on computers of potential customers will last 45 days, meaning if they're not ready to purchase in the moment and they come back to the Giorgio Armani site and publish later, you'll still earn affiliate commission as long as it's within that 45-day window. The Armani affiliate program also has an automated product feed, manually approve all Affiliates, and give you the flexibility of choosing banner ads or text links or a product feed to host on your blog or website. The only downside to the Armani affiliate program is that you don't have the flexibility to perform sem activities and there's no brand bidding allowed and Noah misspelling of the Giorgio Armani name. You can contact Claudia wunsch communication team on the affiliate Network for more information and how to join as an affiliate of Giorgio Armani.

    Butter Shoes - This is another good paying affiliate program dedicated affiliate marketers, bloggers and alternative internet marketers should take a closer look at. Butter shoes provides people the opportunity to shop at home and not waste gas by going to the mall or visiting Payless Shoes to get discounts on fine footwear. The good thing about this affiliate program is that they start out with 8% commission for all orders and Affiliates who steadily promote their affiliate program. Butter Shoes also boasts in their advertiser profile on the affiliate Network that they have an average customer order size of $300 as promotion codes are also provided for all seasonal opportunities, according to the description in The advertiser section of the affiliate Network on the conversant affiliate portal. They have United States and international shipping, which means is someone outside the United States happens to tap your affiliate link and purchase something, not only do you still get the affiliate commission, but butter shoes will also ship outside the United States. Once you're approved as an affiliate of this program, you'll have the ability to choose between banner ads or text links so that you can maximize your potential of earning good money from promoting the butter shoes affiliate program on your blog or website. This is not to be ignored for people who have fashion blogs or websites or sights about all kinds of footwear for women and men.

    Cancer Treatment Centers of America - This is an ideal affiliate program for health and fitness related bloggers and website owners and those with health-related niche sites. Cancer Treatment Centers of America as listed in the advertiser description section as a nonprofit network of five hospitals and a Cancer Care clinic located in downtown Chicago. They also have offices and Cancer Treatment Centers in Scottsdale, Arizona And North Phoenix, Arizona. Their manttra as listed in the advertiser section is serves cancer patients throughout the United States. They're looking for affiliates to passionately promote their affiliate program and target readers and potential customers age 18 to 64 who's diagnosed with cancer, and Deal with patients from other hospitals who feel unsatisfied with their current hospital health care unit. The affiliate payout is ranging from $50 to $250 per sale. CTCA Currently allows approved affiliates to conduct affiliate marketing efforts based on the following information reference from the advertiser section of the CTCA affiliate program “Content/Review site, Email, Lead form, Paid Search, Display & Social. Acceptable offline channels include: direct mail, directory, newspaper, free standing insert (FSI), magazine or other. Other channels may be enabled if your marketing strategy is approved by CTCA.” This affiliate program looks quite promising for healthy affiliate payouts for affiliate marketers who joined this program and successfully promote their CTCA affiliate links and succeed in making steady conversions through their blog or website.

    GUCCI - That's right! Gucci has officially toss their hat into the affiliate marketing Arena and has multiple affiliate programs for aspiring Affiliates to join and promote in different parts of the world. Gucci has an affiliate program to promote women's clothing and fragrances for designated affiliate programs for Gucci Denmark, Gucci France, and Gucci Italy. The Gucci Denmark affiliate program starts out with a whopping 8 to 10% commission with a 45-day cookie on all Gucci affiliate sales. You also get a product fee that's automated and updated with fresh content to help you build up your Gucci affiliate commissions, you get a newsletter about products and offers you can solicit your readers with in hopes of earning increased Gucci affiliate commissions, and a dedicated affiliate manager for you to closely work with for your Gucci affiliate marketing success. Under the Gucci Denmark program, you're not allowed to conduct any type of SCM activities. You can't bid on any branded Gucci items nor the misspellings. Those are strict Gucci Advertiser conditions all Affiliates must comply with. You can't register similar domain names or anything like that in order to promote your Gucci affiliate links. If you're unsure how to promote your affiliate links under the Gucci affiliate program once approved as an affiliate, you can always email the Gucci dedicated affiliate manager at gucci-de@adforstyle.com. Gucci affiliate program officially joined the CJ conversant Network on July 20, 2018. Also note that the same affiliate commission structure that starts Affiliates off with eight to 10% Commission on all Gucci sales also applies to the Gucci France and Gucci Italy affiliate program. Lastly, the same search engine marketing rules also apply to Gucci France and Gucci Italy.

    ShopRunner - Shop Runner is a stable site to join as an affiliate as they have an offering for customers to opt into to receive their online purchases from Fashion department stores in a short of time span. According to their advertiser description verbatim, it states “ShopRunner is the best way to shop online for the stuff consumers love. Our unique membership experience makes it easy for members to get everything from designer jeans to digital cameras. Members enjoy benefits like unlimited free 2-day shipping, free return shipping, member-only deals and much more. ShopRunner connects 100+ of the top retailers and brands to the best online shoppers.” While ShopRunner is a well-known site for people to sign up for and get there online purchases from name brand department stores in a short of time, approved Affiliates only received $2 commission for every member sign up and a $3 commission when a preferred account is used. The good news about this affiliate program is there's room for opportunity for bonus as listed in the advertiser description. The only thing about marketing this affiliate program is that you're not allowed to use, purchase or otherwise incorporate ShopRunner, shoprunner.com, Or variations of the names in your sight as listed in the advertiser description. Additionally, you're not allowed to post on Brand official Twitter or Facebook pages. If you're interested in joining this affiliate program and unsure how to promote it exactly, you can consult with the affiliate manager once approved as a ShopRunner affiliate though no direct email address is listed at this time. ShopRunner joined affiliate network July 31, 2018.

    1-800-GOT-JUNK - This affiliate program has been in existence since 2011. The founder of the got Junk business started out as a side hustle and he started the business allegedly with less than $1,000. Believing in his ability to do to transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation inspired him to go from a struggling aspiring entrepreneur to a side hustle millionaire and potentially a side hustle billionaire today. His affiliate program has been in Inception since May 6th, 2011 and continues to go strong. Brad Williams is the affiliate manager for 1-800 got junk as he can be reached at brad.williams@02ebrands.com.

    Here's a quick snippet from the 1-800 got junk Advertiser description section giving a little bit of insight about the company “Join the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? Affiliate program and start earning revenue with the world’s largest junk removal company! We’ll take almost anything: furniture, appliances, debris and other junk removal items. The company began in 1989 and has since grown to approximately 200 locations across three countries. We offer an excellent commission structure that grows with your sales!” The company has been around for 29 years at the date and year of this post.1-800 got junk currently allows search engine marketing campaigns but there's no official listed affiliate commission structure percentage at this time. If you're interested in joining this affiliate program and approved as an affiliate of 1-800 got junk, send an email to Brad Williams for more information about the affiliate commission percentage and potential to have your affiliate commissions increased if you bring in steady sales from your affiliate links.

    Hopefully, this information has inspired you to take affiliate marketing seriously. Yes, you can become a millionaire from affiliate marketing through blogging and side hustling in your spare time with or without a day job. Aforementioned affiliate programs can be found on the CJ Affiliate by Conversant affiliate marketing Network at CJ.com. If you wish to learn more about how affiliate marketing can help you earn it 100% living from the internet with the potential to quit your day job and become a future side hustle millionaire and never have to work a job ever again a day in life for an unthankful employer, check out the related links above for your affiliate marketing learning enrichment.



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