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#TerminatedtoMillionaire: 5 #AffiliateNetworks to Keep a Close #Eye On for #Achieving #SideHustleMillionaire Status in #AffiliateMarketing

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  • #TerminatedtoMillionaire: 5 #AffiliateNetworks to Keep a Close #Eye On for #Achieving #SideHustleMillionaire Status in #AffiliateMarketing

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    #Partnering with #highpaying #affiliatenetworks is #crucial to your #success as a #future #sidehustlemillionaire, #affiliatemarketer, #blogger, #internetmarketer & making #money in #affiliatemarketing

    We all know the internet is here to stay. The internet continues to be a wonderful avenue for people from all walks of life to establish a respectable online presence and build a potential million-dollar online business. It doesn't matter who you are. Where you're from. What you've been through. all that matters is content, creativity, iron will, and most importantly, building and sustaining relationships with your target audience. Owning a blog or website and partnering with reputable affiliate marketing companies is a great way to build your financial strength without worrying about your retirement. Affiliate marketing and working from home in your spare time by owning a niche based blogger website and publishing content frequently to your site is no doubt the best way to positively build your online reputation, earn traffic from social networks and search engines like Bing, Google, and YaHoO!, and most importantly, make money from affiliate programs-affiliated advertisements on your blog or website. It can be a challenge at times to discover reputable affiliate marketing companies that pay affiliate on time.

    Are you considering starting a blog or website with the intent of transitioning into entrepreneurship and looking for a few good reputable delete networks to join as a publisher?

    Below is a quick snapshot of the fabulous five affiliate that works you should consider partnering with:

    1. VigLink.com - This is basically the easiest money any affiliate marketer can earn working in their spare time or full time online. VigLink is a contextual advertising company that partners with thousands of brand-name, reputable, and high paying merchants. Some merchants are some of your favorite online retailers that pay handsome commissions to bloggers and website owners who are Publishers of the Viglink affiliate program. Basically, once you're approved as an affiliate of their affiliate program. You can grab a snippet of JavaScript code located inside your publisher dashboard and inserted in the header section of your blog or website. Once the code is installed, all you have to simply do is focus on writing quality content. Anytime you include most Merchants names in the body of your content such as Nike, coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland, eBay, Amazon, Walmart, or possibly others, depending on which of those Merchants has an agreement with the affiliate Network, the name of the merchant will automatically highlight in blue and make itself to be a clickable hyperlink to site readers. When readers click on the hyperlink and make a purchase, you earn what's called an affiliate commission. It's easy money because you're selling something without trying to sell. Reverse psychology works wonders!

    2. Nextopia.com - another great way for bloggers and website owners and content creators to make money off of brand-name merchants. Nextopia started back in 1999 with a concentration in helping online retailers grow their businesses through Innovative technology and proprietary methods, according to the about section on the corporate website. They're based out of Toronto and started from humble beginnings with developers concentrating strictly in e-commerce. Today, Nextopia works with some of the world's top names such as Paul Fredrick, Bikini.com, JimmyJazz.com, shopify.com, Magento.com, yahoo.com, volusion.com, Noritake.com, and more. They help advertisers Drive extra traffic to their site by helping them improve their site search with synonyms, recommending ideal search bar locations on blogs and websites, and emphasizing the importance of autocomplete forms for site viewers to fill out. Moreover, they continue to be a stable company with a respectable online presence. At the time of this post, they ranked 8,019 in Canada. To register with Nextopia as a publisher, visit their website and click in the upper flush right section of the website where you see Partners.

    3. Connatix.com - no blog or website can truly perform to its fullest positive marketing potential without incorporating video and content combined. The beauty of the internet is content is and always will be king. That said, A unique combination of image, video, content, and relevant links to third-party external sources makes me blog or website sticky. A sticky blog or website has increased potential for not just a good return on investment in earning increased affiliate commissions as a publisher and content creator, but also increasing the likelihood of people giving your blogger website free advertising by sharing your content from your blogger website on their favorite social networks with co-workers, family, and friends, thus giving you free advertising and keeping the interest of your target audience. Not only do they work closely with affiliate to help them increase revenue potential through the Connatix affiliate publisher network, but also help affiliate discover their true entrepreneurial potential. The company was founded in 2013 and ranks very well today in the United States at a little over 37,000. This company works with top advertisers such as CBS.com, Time.com, Variety.com, AOL.com, Meredith.com, Mashable.com, Tribunemedia.com, and more. Any publisher Network can't work with top name advertisers such as those named unless you're really raking in big bucks. To work with those kinds of companies means there's Financial stability. And for affiliates, that's virtually music to their ears. Long story short: Connatix.com is a company affiliate should consider for maximizing their online revenue potential and not overlook. Anytime and affiliate incorporates video with content on their site, they automatically and virtually overnight increase their site earning potential with little to no effort. That's a pretty nice feeling, isn't it? For more information and potential site consideration into their affiliate publisher network, be sure to click the solutions hyperlink, located in the upper flush right section of the website.

    4. YieldKit.com - this company was founded in 2009 by two young gentleman and Hamburg, Germany. They created this advertiser and publisher affiliate network with the intent on bringing advertisers and Affiliates together for the purpose of forging online relationships and discovering revenue potential by closely working together. The two gentlemen who started this company saw the True Value in online reviews and decided to create a revenue model for people who write reviews to earn Revenue by monetizing their sites with Yieldkit proprietary ad technology code. In a nutshell, they basically pay users for product recommendations, as users can also distribution their recommendations using a bookmarklet or Facebook app, according to the 2010 history excerpt on the yield kit.com about us section. They have an array of tools available for affiliate to integrate into their blogs and websites such as widgets, search, and custom solutions. Once approved as an affiliate, you'll most likely be working closely with a dedicated affiliate manager to help your site discover it's true revenue potential with using the Yieldkit ad code. The company ranks 49,293 at the time of this post in the United States in traffic rank and continues to show steady growth. Overall, this affiliate Network should be taken seriously by new and dedicated affiliate looking to create multiple streams of income.

    5. BrightInfo.com - Another great affiliate Network that helps affiliate marketers and bloggers better monetize their content. Bright info works with companies such as Hosting.com, Quantcast.com, HubSpot.com, Cisco.com, Sendible.com, and more. If you're looking to take your business to the next level and maximize your true potential as an affiliate marketer striving for excellence to become a million-dollar online entrepreneur, apply for their publisher-affiliate program today with no delay @ Brightinfo affiliate program.

    The video above is by John Crestani, a former corporate slave who went from fired to online millionaire after making the healthy decision to change his life and drop the unhealthy corporate weight from his mind.

    It's a good idea to bookmark this page to your favorite web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome for future reference. You're welcome to share this post with co-workers, family and friends on Pinterest.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, LinkedIn.com, and elsewhere. Stay tuned for recommendations affiliate networks to join soon to come on Drewry News Network.



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