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5 Fire Hot #AffiliatePrograms to Join on #CJAffiliatebyConversant

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  • 5 Fire Hot #AffiliatePrograms to Join on #CJAffiliatebyConversant

     – www.drewrynewsnetwork.com/forum/affiliate-marketing

    Affiliate marketing proved itself to be a stable and viable source for earning a decent living. Since its debut in the mid 1990’s, affiliate marketers who dedicate themselves to creating valuable content such as blog posts, special offers, YouTube.com videos, and webpages eared a silent killing either from the comfort of working from home or on their laptop working anywhere they could tap into a secure internet connection.

    Affiliate marketing is here to stay as more people today are resorting from working day jobs and quietly transitioning to online marketing full time. If you’re not yet an affiliate marketer or blogger, you can always learn more about the internet marketing industry by performing searches in your favorite search engine such as Bing.com, Google.com, or YaHoO.com to learn more. As with any business, you can earn more or less depending on your determination, effort, humility, and persistence.

    ‘Commission Junction’

    CJ.com, formerly known as Commission Junction and now CJ Affiliate by Conversant, continues to be a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. They’re not only a stable affiliate network who works closely with affiliates to help them succeed, but also works with the world’s biggest names.

    CJ by Conversant works with advertisers such as:
    • HP.com
    • Bloomberg.com
    • Dice.com
    • Orbitz.com
    • Fabric.com
    • CheapTickets.com
    • 1800Dentist.com
    • 1800GotJunk.com
    • 123InkJets.com
    • AccorHotels.com
    • Travelocity.com
    • Priceline.com
    • AdvanceAuto.com

    The list too long to mention others.

    The beauty of CJ Affiliate by Conversant is not only working with top name and well-paying advertisers, but also having the grand opportunity of seeing new advertisers coming onboard the minute after logging in to your CJ publisher dashboard. Registering as a new affiliate on CJ.com is only a matter of minutes and waiting for approval.

    Looking to work with powerhouse advertisers looking to put good money in your pocket as an affiliate of their affiliate program? If you own a blog or website, this is your opportunity to partner with these online merchants and work closely with them to increase your affiliate earning potential:

    Allstate.com – Yup. That’s right. Allstate insurance is in affiliate marketing. Think of how many people need reliable and affordable car and boat marine insurance. This is your perfect opportunity to capitalize on earning good affiliate insurance commissions by partnering with them. All you need to do is either have a high traffic blog, discussion forum or website, or have a site specifically in the niche of discussing auto related topics. Not only will you have ads on your site from a well-respected company, but having the Allstate name on your site will definitely increase your online credibility as an affiliate marketer or blogger. Emily Lauer is the CJ.com Allstate affiliate manager if you’d like to contact her for more information about the program and affiliate payout structure. Allstate can be found after logging in your CJ publisher dashboard and searching alphabetically under “A,” under “new advertisers.”

    Verizon.com – Verizon Fios proves itself times over to be a stable internet service provider (ISP). Their virtually lightning fast fiber optic connection makes downloads and site loading virtually move at lightspeed. New and existing Verizon customers tend to not only subscribe to the internet service, but bundle their cable, internet, and phone. What does that mean for you “the affiliate?” More money in Verizon affiliate commissions. You can learn more about the Verizon affiliate program on CJ.com by searching under advertisers, then perform a reverse search from Z to A. The Fios program is a next door neighbor on the CJ advertiser list next to VerizonWireless.com affiliate program.

    ClarksUSA.com – Who doesn’t wear Desert fox boots and Wallabees? Most people born in the early 1980’s and 1990’s may remember a worldly entertainer mentioning in a music video about “Blue and Cream Clarks Wallabees,” as some folk possibly didn’t know what Clarks was until then.

    Did you know? - 1825 in the Somerset village of Street, Cyrus & James Clark made a slipper that led to a shoe and ignited a passion that endures to this day. Designs take their influences from far and wide yet remain quintessentially British. Every new style takes shape around a bespoke wooden last, hand-carved by our own dedicated craftsmen. Epitomized by the Clarks Desert Boot, it’s this unique combination of art and artisanship, imagination and innovation that inspires us as we create stylish shoes that are a pleasure to wear. - ClarksUSA.com

    They’re among the elite in producing some of the world’s most comfortable shoes. The Wallabee is extremely comfortable and came into existence in the 1960’s. They continue to be among the hottest selling shoes since. Today, Clarks not only has an affiliate program on CJ Affiliate by Conversant, but pays handsome commissions to affiliates. More information is available in your CJ publisher dashboard on the Clarks affiliate program by searching for “Clarks,” in the upper left flush section in the box labeled “advertiser.”

    KicksUSA.com – Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Kicks USA continues to be a sneaker leader in making above average sales on the most trending footwear. Their shoe line consists of boots, sneakers, flip flops, running shoes, and more. They also have sports clothing from your favorite teams. Their CJ affiliate program structure pays a healthy 10% affiliate commissions to new affiliates with the potential to earn increased affiliate commissions upon making increased sales from your blog or website. KicksUSA can be found in your CJ publisher dashboard by searching for KicksUSA.com in the advertiser box located in the upper flush section of your publisher control panel. If you don’t yet have a blog or website centered around reviews on the best-selling sneakers and boots, now’s the time to head on over to GoDaddy.com and get a domain name and web hosting, so you can get started in blogging and affiliate marketing, so you can tap into the billion-dollar affiliate commission pie.

    MuscleandStrength.com – Own a fitness blog or website with only ads on it from Google AdSense? Time to diversify your online income strategy and get with the M & S affiliate program. They have a handsome affiliate program starting at 10% for all affiliates, with the potential to increase affiliate commission percentages after bringing in so many sales to the affiliate program manager. Muscle and Strength can be found by performing a search in the upper left corner of your publisher control panel on CJ and type in the advertiser’s name.

    ‘Quick History of Affiliate Marketing’

    Photo: Shoeboxed.com

    #FastFact – Did you know DonaldJTrump.com is the first United States president to be directly involved in affiliate marketing? He hosted his Trump University affiliate program on CJ.com. Even the Donald knows where the money is online.

    Are you serious about starting an online business and unsure what affiliate network to join? CJ Affiliate by Conversant should be your first choice in partnering and registering as a new affiliate to discover and unlock hidden business potential in you. Always remember you are what you think. If you believe and do the transformation business work with faith and humility and put people first before profits, you’ll achieve more than hoped for.

    Stay tuned for future posts discussing “best affiliate advertisers to work with.”



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