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#MakingMoney on #eBaY While Sleeping: Possible?

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  • #MakingMoney on #eBaY While Sleeping: Possible?

    Many people today have not a clue how ridiculously easy it is to become an affiliate and make money online with eBaY.com. It's not as hard as most people think. In fact, it can be a beautiful source of affiliate income alongside daytime employment or in between jobs. Who doesn't have something to sell on eBaY? How many people do you know "including yourself" have specifically searched for something and purchased it off the world's number one online auction site? Just about everyone. That said, becoming an eBaY affiliate and making money while sleeping is very possible for anyone who does the transformation business work and presses on faithfully.

    Believe it or not, many people quietly became eBay affiliate marketing millionaires. They took time to discover unique marketing tactics they could deploy on the World Wide Web. They didn't give up when they log into their eBay publisher dashboards and saw in the beginning they will only earning pennies on the dollar. Instead, they deployed "creative swot marketing strategies" to increase their eBay affiliate income. They understood making millions in the eBay affiliate program was not a get rich quick overnight operation.

    Another truth about marketing affiliate links as an eBay affiliate marketer is no blogger website is required. However, it's a good idea to reserve the domain name and dedicated web hosting, install a blog on your domain names such as WordPress, create content for your blog daily, and install eBay advertisements in the header and upper flush left or right section of your blog in order to encourage clicks on your eBay ads and convert blog readers into sales. If driving traffic to your eBay affiliate links from a blogger website is not your forte, you can always resort to alternative ways to promote your eBay affiliate link in hopes of earning money as an affiliate.

    Creative ways to make money as an eBay affiliate marketer:

    1. Build a natural e-mail list: Permission-based e-mail marketing is the most effective way to reach people. It's a very good medium for not only capturing e-mail addresses naturally and sending out newsletters with your eBay affiliate link or eBay adverts embedded in them, but also reaching people on a personal level touching their emotions and feelings. When people feel something sent to them on a personal level their most likely to react. That said, you can resort to permission e-mail marketing through using social networks like LinkedIn.com, Twitter.com, Facebook.com, and even Pinterest.com to target your ideal audience and create compelling content on social networks whereas people will feel the possible urge to submit their e-mail address to receive your newsletter or anything you e-mail them.

    If you're looking for a reputable e-mail service whereas you can send out mass e-mails to your e-mail subscribers, check out VerticalResponse.com, or perform a search in your preferred search engine for more information on the search terms such as " permission e-mail blasting and marketing," or something such as " free and premium permission e-mail marketing services," and your preferred search engine should return fruitful results.

    2. Create YouTube.com videos: Streaming online video sells itself without much effort. People are immediately attracted to watching an online video show about pretty much anything. Have you noticed folk who upload YouTube videos commenting on trending topics such as politics, pets, technology, Internet marketing, and movie reviews are the ones who get the most YouTube views? This could be you. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel if you haven't already done so, grab an affiliate link from your eBay publisher dashboard, use a service such as bitly.com to cloak your eBay affiliate link, and insert the cloak eBay affiliate link in the header section of your YouTube video description. Another words, placed a link in the very top of your video description section before you insert content of what your YouTube video is about.

    Doing this will increase awareness of your eBay affiliate link and entice people to click on it to search products to possibly purchase. This is an effort and faith based operation and requires zero dollars for advertising your eBay affiliate links. If done right, not only can you make money from your YouTube videos with eBay affiliate links in them, but you can also potentially build a six figure salary off of the strength of promoting your eBay affiliate links through YouTube alone. The world is your oyster when using the awesome power of online video to drive traffic and make money in affiliate marketing.

    'Stay Focused'

    The beauty of marketing your eBay affiliate links through the power of YouTube is increasing the probability of making money while you're sleeping. When you're getting those zzz's in, people potentially search for content on YouTube which increases the probability of your videos showing up and being watched in the wee hours of the night. How sweet of a feeling it is to wake up in the morning and log into your eBay affiliate dashboard to see you've earned money by sleeping. Don't ignore the awesome power of video marketing and "good money" online full time from affiliate marketing.



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