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#CommissionJunctionUniversity: The #AffiliateMeetup Event Hosted by #CJAffiliateConversant

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  • #CommissionJunctionUniversity: The #AffiliateMeetup Event Hosted by #CJAffiliateConversant

    #Learning #affiliatemarketing by #attending #onlinemarketing #events will #help you #take your #sidehustle to the next #level in being a #future #sidehustlemillionaire #blogger and #internet #marketer

    A beautiful thing to know about the Internet is affiliate marketing is here to stay. If you have no clue what affiliate marketing is, it's a process of promoting online retailers' products and services in exchange for earning an [affiliate commission]. "Affiliate commission" is commissions earned as an affiliate marketer partnered with an online retailer in agreement of promoting their products or services. People from all walks of life including those who are unemployed and employed are quietly engaging in what's called "affiliate marketing," placing themselves financially in a grand position to earn a hefty fortune in affiliate commissions.

    'CJ Affiliate by Conversant'

    Commission junction, now known as CJ affiliate by Conversant is a beautiful affiliate network based out of Santa Barbara, California. The company has been in existence since 1998. Their mantra is to meaningfully bring advertisers and publishers to gather for the sole purpose of working together online to increase profit potential in and out advertiser-affiliate partnership.

    Corporate office of CJ Affiliate by Conversant in Santa Barbara on Montecito St.

    Affiliated publishers promote advertisers either own blogs and websites, discussion forums, affiliate landing pages, or use something called an affiliate product API to promote products and services to social networking followers on social networks such as,,,,, and CJ continues to be a leader in the affiliate marketing industry as dedicated affiliate publishers earnestly promote products and services from their publisher dashboard, with some affiliates already earning the established position of "affiliate marketing millionaires." - The company sponsors an open to anyone yearly affiliate marketing get together. It's held not far from the official commission junction-CJ affiliate by conversant corporate office located on Montecito Street. is hosting another successful event in Santa Barbara this year at Fess Parker's Doubletree resort hotel.

    Fess Parker's DoubleTree Resort in Santa Barbara, California


    633 E Cabrillo Blvd
    Santa Barbara, CA 93103

    It's another successful affiliate marketing get together whereas advertisers from across the United States are flying into Santa Barbara to meet ambitious affiliate marketers and bloggers with the intent of forging new advertiser-affiliate relationships and working closely with affiliates to increase their profit potential by promoting their affiliate programs on affiliated blogs and websites and affiliate landing pages. If you're someone ambitious and work tirelessly in the field of sales and marketing currently on your part-time or full-time day job or a recent college graduate looking to gain valuable experience in the field of online marketing, this may be your golden opportunity to capitalize on something really special. - This dedicated section of CJ affiliate by conversant gives amateur and experienced affiliate marketers much to think about. This side of commission junction discusses everything related to affiliate marketing; product interface APIs for affiliates, how to identify and work with content publishers, affiliate cross channel interfaces, social media marketing, affiliate case studies, and more. It's a company blog designed to give affiliates something to think about in their approach to affiliate marketing.

    Never been to a CJ affiliate by conversant affiliate marketing event in Santa Barbara, California? It's worth spending the money to go. That is, if you're serious about making serious money in the stable field of affiliate marketing. This line of work is not for people who procrastinate. This line of work is for people who was serious about "good money," and making affiliate marketing their full-time living. Once you learn and master the art-beauty of affiliate marketing, you'll no longer need your day job. If you need some information and inspiration about affiliate marketing, contact super affiliate "Jeremy Palmer."

    Affiliates can learn more about the awesome power of affiliate marketing via CJ Affiliate by Conversant sister site Conversant Media by visiting