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#AffiliateMarketing - The Positive Impact on Companies and Everyday People

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  • #AffiliateMarketing - The Positive Impact on Companies and Everyday People

    As everyday people in America seek unique ways to supplement their income, companies are transforming the way they do business online, opening doors of opportunity for anyone seeking to generate revenue on the web. Affiliate marketing continues to be a hot topic of discussion and a solid foundation for online revenue generation. Nowadays, most companies are seeking to avoid paying health benefits, pension, and other benefits to traditional employees and resort to creating an in-house affiliate program to compensate bloggers and online marketers for products and services sold.

    This post discusses affiliate marketing such as affiliate programs offered by name-brand companies, ways to generate revenue as an affiliate marketer starting from scratch online, benefits of affiliate marketing, how affiliate marketing benefits companies in America, and how affiliate marketers can increase the likelihood of generating revenue from anywhere with a laptop computer. Information shared in this post stresses the importance of creating a secondary income alongside daytime employment, and getting into the "positive power entrepreneurial mindset" of building a better financial foundation. Additionally affiliate marketing opportunities by named advertisers in this post will possibly inspire readers to consider affiliate marketing as a means of alternative income "if they haven't gotten their feet wet yet," and taking the first action step in faith by acquiring a domain name and choosing a niche for their secondary career of being a newbie in the industry of affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing continues to revolutionize the way companies do business today on the World Wide Web. Affiliate marketing is by far an MLM conqueror: no downline to build and no worries about residual monthly revenues affected if someone in the downline is not doing their part of selling products or services to generate commissions. What is affiliate marketing? A process of advertising a product or service through an advertisement on a blog or website for a company or through pay per click search engine marketing-advertising, and generating commissions when site visitors click on the ad and complete a transaction using their debit or credit card online.

    An "affiliate cookie" is placed on the customer's computer after the advertisement-banner ad is clicked. This is how "affiliate marketers" earn affiliate commissions. Affiliate marketing makes traditional methods of advertising-old-school partner marketing (Amway) completely obsolete, and subliminally encourages everyday people to learn more about ways to effectively work from a laptop or from home to generate supplemental revenue.

    Benefits of Starting Affiliate Programs

    An array of benefits await companies seeking to transition from old-school methods of marketing-sales to moving business to the web. Most companies nowadays seek to increase corporate profit potential and minimize employee benefits by shifting focus online but don’t know how to completely do so. Incorporating an affiliate program into a corporate structure is now the preferred method for small and large companies seeking to outsource traditional employee functions to web based affiliate marketers for a percentage of the sale known as "affiliate commissions." Companies that start affiliate programs save money on employee healthcare, 401(k), electricity bills, and paper for cutting employee checks. An additional benefit starting an affiliate program is not having to worry about looking at people. Some people vie well in a traditional workplace being around people. The affiliate manager, one who manages the corporate affiliate program, never has to feel any pressure about having employees around, because the employees are "commission based affiliate marketers." Commission based affiliate marketers are only paid by the affiliate program they promote when they generate a sale, banner ad click, or convert a customer through a CPA affiliate program "cost per acquisition affiliate marketing." The best benefit of starting an affiliate program is the wonderful tax advantages. Certain states offer unique tax shelters for companies sponsor affiliate programs into their business models, which in turn helps the company save money across the board.

    How can companies recruit target based affiliates? Depending on the affiliate network they choose to partner with to promote their affiliate program such as,, Commission Junction (CJ Affiliate by Conversant), LinkShare, Affiliate Window,,,,, and, they can ask the affiliate network to perform a "target affiliate recruit," and send automated invitations to affiliates whose content is tailored to the merchants niche. Doing so helps the affiliate program recruit affiliates faster and increase the likelihood of generating online revenues from the efforts of recruited affiliates faster than traditional methods of selling products and services in a store-telemarketing-mail-order catalog. Sharing content on social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are wonderful ways of not only helping the company gain exposure, but also a good way of recruiting affiliates. If a company has an affiliate program and posting content from their site daily to a Facebook fan page and Twitter, they can simply make an announcement and ask the target audience possibly interested to join the affiliate program to work closely together for achieving the goal of generating long term revenues from their website or blog. This method of recruiting affiliates through social networks is a cost-effective way which only requires effort and zero dollars for advertising and affiliate program. By recruiting affiliates through social media and affiliate networks, affiliate program managers who target niche based affiliates will make their job easier of generating revenue from niche based blogs and websites relevant to their affiliate program.

    Making money from recruited affiliates will take time and is a better approach to succeeding in online marketing vs. MLM-multilevel marketing and recruiting people to sell your products and services. Affiliate program management-recruiting is discussed in an article in Forbes by Olenski, S. (2014 July 8) "Whether you’re the brand manager at a Fortune 100 brand or the marketing director/everything else at a startup, setting up a solid affiliate program can open a revenue avenue without much of the hassle usually associated with setting up new marketing initiatives." If companies look at the bigger picture in terms of using the Internet to generate business with less advertising spend in mind and have a willingness to "shift focus from traditional marketing-selling methods," they'll continue to reap positive benefits of an established presence on the World Wide Web, see an increase in "affiliate-publisher applications," and a significant increase in online revenue. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that this industry is here to stay until the end of time. This means ample opportunity for affiliates and companies to work together towards increasing net profit potential.

    Making Money from Affiliate Programs

    The beauty of affiliate marketing and earning money from affiliate programs is knowing this industry continues to experience explosive growth and provide opportunity for people from all walks of life to generate revenue on the web from anywhere via laptop. Since this industry came into play in the early 1990's thanks to people such as Pierre Omidyar of eBay, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and companies such as Commission Junction located in Santa Barbara, California, everyday people such as day jobbers and small business storefront owners are quietly amassing a fortune from earning affiliate commissions from business blogs and websites. Many individuals pressing on in day jobs continue daytime employment while supplementing their income from promoting affiliate programs on blogs or website as their in-house side hustle. Some of the best work at home affiliates and super-affiliates started learning about affiliate marketing as a freelancer by searching information in a search engine and watching tons of affiliate instructional videos on how to do this and that in online marketing.

    How does an average person get started in affiliate marketing? The first action step a person should take in faith when transitioning into this industry is acquiring their own domain name. E-commerce will quietly command a change in the history of human thought from people only believing they can achieve financial independence by working a day job and compel them into a new mindset of believing and feeling they can achieve more than just "millionaire status," through releasing creative ideas rambling in the back of their minds out and surfacing to the web in starting their own online businesses and profiting from affiliate programs. Always remember "content is king" as your rambling thoughts on a blog post or webpage is not only considered content, but may inspire someone to do positive things.

    GoDaddy is America's number one domain registrar and offers dirt cheap prices on domain names. It's a wise choice when acquiring a domain name to also secure domain name extensions relevant to the domain name in order to protect your brand. Once the domain name has been acquired, it's now time to reserve "dedicated web server hosting." Dedicated web hosting and a domain name allows the affiliate marketer-blogger-website owner to have full administrative privileges over their online presence. Additionally, having a domain name allows your online business commands people to respect your web presence, thus, taking your online business to another level and commanding revenue from your blog-website. Making money from affiliate programs is not an overnight success operation. Whatever you're knowledgeable in is what the niche of your website or blog will be about. Keep your day job while promoting affiliate programs knowing you are working slowly but surely towards achieving a full-time pension and supplementing your existing income with affiliate commissions.

    Name-Brand Companies

    Affiliate marketing retains credibility year round through amazing names of companies who are in this line of work. Who's in the game? When you compare multilevel marketing versus affiliate marketing, you'll discover after conducting your personal research that MLM is "obsolete." MLM is the old-school way of doing things and known to be mentally draining. If someone in the downline is not performing "as previously mentioned," the outline's residual revenue is significantly affected. This is not the case in affiliate marketing.

    A brief short list of companies in affiliate marketing today:Looking at the bigger picture, partnering with these companies should inspire every day people in America and abroad to get involved in affiliate marketing. Wouldn't you agree? The aforementioned companies are respected and well-known throughout America. For affiliates, this means opportunity to generate revenue without putting forth much effort directly promoting the advertiser. If there's something affiliates-bloggers should do is focus solely on creating "lots and lots of content," so they can get indexed faster by search engines and generate organic traffic without paying one dime for advertising, increasing the probability of getting visitors from search engines to click on the affiliated banner ads and making the purchase.

    A helpful hint toward achieving the goal of creating lots and lots of content would be to acquire a quality speech recognition program, as this report is completely written using Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Using a speech recognition program is not only a great way of keeping site content updated throughout the day and increasing the potential to make money from affiliate programs, but also a useful tool in staying one step ahead of search engine marketing competition, in terms of keeping your site content fresh and unique. Fresh and unique content not only gets more love from search engine spiders, but also gets more traffic in the long run, encouraging affiliate marketers-bloggers to focus more on writing more quality content in hopes of making more money from affiliate programs. Are you seeing the big picture now why affiliate marketing will continue to explode in positive growth in the next 5 to 10 years? Affiliate marketing will continue to benefit unemployed people and day jobbers in terms of building solid income and experiencing the fun side of promoting affiliate programs in hopes of earning healthy revenues on the web.

    Making Money Anywhere from Affiliate Programs

    Some people are viewing their daytime employment from a different perspective today possibly seek alternative ways to generate revenue without setting up a traditional business. This is where the beauty of affiliate marketing starts to slowly trickle in. Something many people don't know is they can set up a future million-dollar business from the comfort of their home. All you need is a desktop PC-laptop with secure Internet connection. As long as a person has a computer and Internet whether it be a desktop PC or laptop, they have immediate access to their dedicated web hosting package and domain name administrative functions, in addition to the ability to create lots and lots of content you publish to their blog or website for the purpose of making money from affiliate programs.

    Making money from affiliate programs is a very patient process. As previously mentioned, this line of work will test you to see what you are made of. According to Cohan (2000), "However, five years from now, 20% of CEOs into his fate that more than 20% of their revenues will come from e-commerce" (p. 98). This is a positive affirmation that affiliate marketing will continue to grow, provide ample opportunity "as previously mentioned" to everyone, encourage people who are walking around silently million-dollar ideas in the back of their minds to make good use of them on the Internet by starting their own web based businesses, whether it be a blog or website.

    Another thing people wonder is how long does it take to make money from affiliate programs. It's solely up to you. It could range possibly anywhere from six months to years. The success of being an affiliate is totally up to you. You can make more or less based upon your personal ambition and effort invested into building your business from scratch. If you're really looking to make money from affiliate programs full-time, it's a good idea to diversify your online presence through affiliation on multiple social networks.

    A quick breakdown (rehash) of what to do to succeed online:

    1. Acquire a domain name and secure domain name extensions.
    2. Purchase dedicated web hosting.
    3. Install WordPress on your dedicated web hosting package.
    4. Acquire a good speech recognition program "Dragon NaturallySpeaking."
    5. Create lots and lots of content and scheduled your WordPress posts automatically post for you while holding down your day job (
    6. Create social presences on multiple social networks and always bear in mind that responding to feedback from your posts contributes toward increased conversions of affiliate advertisements on your blog website.
    7. Implement online video alongside blog posts-website content to increase site user interaction and improve the likelihood of converting affiliate advertisements on blogs and websites into recurring online revenue.

    Affiliate programs are a wonderful way of bringing people together meaningfully to forge positive business relationships. Affiliate programs not only help people increase their personal net worth, but also help the affiliate manager, affiliate, plus fellow affiliates better understand one another. Promoting and marketing affiliate programs open the doors of infinite possibilities for great things to come into fruition.

    Everyone Needs to be in Affiliate Marketing

    Doctors, lawyers, judges, college professors, police officers, prosecutors, unemployed people, millionaires, billionaires, and curious people will be deeply involved in affiliate marketing in the next 5 to 10 years. Who doesn't surf the Internet daily for business or personal reasons? People who search the Internet for products and services create opportunity for marketers. This is where your potential of generating revenue comes into play. It allows the niche based bloggers-marketers to analyze search engine markets for people searching for related products and services, helping to better understand competition and demand. It also allows niche based bloggers-marketers to create better content in hopes of making more money from affiliate programs promoted on blogs and websites.

    Taking the First Action Step in Faith

    What better feeling is it then making money online in your convenience? Author Cronin of The Internet Strategy Handbook (1996) mentions "much valuable technology watch information is available through an Internet connection" (p. 152). With the information superhighway subliminally creating ample opportunity for Internet marketers to write their own checks, this is the primary reason people need to get started now with no delay and take the first action step in faith towards making money full-time in affiliate marketing.

    Purchasing a domain name can't be emphasized enough. Installing WordPress on a dedicated server is highly recommended. Creating content using mental creativity and making mistakes along the way is a great way to show site visitors you are human just like them, striving to earn an honest buck through promotion of affiliate programs. Succeeding in this line of work requires faith and taking a step into the abyss: experiencing unfamiliar ground in hopes of gaining around financially.

    'Never Give Up on Your Affiliate Business Dreams'

    Affiliate marketing will impact the world in years to come allowing people from all walks of life to earn good money from affiliate programs. It's estimated more than 50% people hold day jobs will gain this priceless knowledge of affiliate marketing and blogging, seeking unique ways to create financial freedom for themselves while inspiring others to follow their entrepreneurial lead. Affiliate marketing is an industry high level working officials will transition into full time in the future, with the intention of achieving more than becoming Internet millionaires. Everyone wants to spend more time with their spouse and loved ones without completely depending on a day job.

    This is where the beauty of affiliate marketing sets in. This industry creates wonderful opportunities for business and personal relationship building between advertiser and affiliate marketer. As with every positive relationship, it graduates to the next level of creating more opportunity when least expected. This in turn opens doors of opportunity never imagined. Lastly, as this industry is a test of patience, it's also yet rewarding. Affiliate marketing is worth your effort, investment, and time. That is, if you dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to making the Internet work for you.

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