Remember this guy? Yes, that's Curtis Sliwa. If you're from New York, you know who he is.

The Guardian Angels heads honcho is still around. And he's posting to

In some of his Facebook posts, he talks about MSNBC Politics newsperson Al Sharpton tipping off Jet Magazine back in the day to Jesse Jackson's love child. In other posts, he goes in on comparing a college photo of now Mayor Bill De Blasio to former wrestler Andre the Giant.

In his Facebook post, Sliwa writes this about Mayor De Blasio:

"Mayor Bill De Blasio tweeted out this picture of himself during college. Curtis thinks he resembles Andre the Giant. Do you think the Mayor was and is still a pot smoker. Curtis thinks he dabbled/dabbles in Kush! What do you think?"

Who is
Curtis to be talking greasy about the NYC Mayor like that?