Truth: Where is job security in America today? Some employers secretly dish out disparate treatment behind the scenes to targeted employees before setting them up for wrongful termination. Some employers in the United States allegedly know people inside EEOC to help them suppress a case a terminated employee has filed against the company once the targeted employee is wrongfully terminated.

The side hustle is today's new new of self-employment and job security. This is why everyone has adapt to the entrepreneurial mindset, because traditional employment in this day and age of information technology and world nonsense has many thinking of a plan B for financial security.

If you want to be a side hustle millionaire and defeat the traditional employment scene, just know it's never too late to capitalize on your dreams of being an entrepreneur, despite age or past life experience. All you need is a willing mind to change your current way of thinking and adapt to a new mindset. Be willing to learn. Humble yourself. Keep learning. Start a blog, Learn about affiliate marketing. It can all help you be in a future position to make money online 24 hours a day and achieve side hustle millionaire status, defeating your former employer and never having to be at people's mercy for employment. Something to truly think about.