He's a graduate of Wharton University. He's the biggest real estate developer in New York City. He's a low digit billionaire. He gives temper tantrums. And he also has excessive spelling errors and capital letters in the wrong places in his tweets on Twitter.com. And yet, he's the President of the United States of America. Who is he? None other than yours truly, Donald Trump.

Why is the term "trade deal" capitalized with a capital T and D in the middle of a sentence? Does that represent the excellence of a Wharton graduate and finance & real estate major?

Why is "border security" with a capital B and capital S, unless that stands for something else?

Are you listening?

How does his spelling errors make our country and leader look to other world leaders and politicians in Washington?

Something to truly think about. This projects an image that the one in the oval office has no grammar etiquette. If this is truly the case, how did he really accomplish "higher education?" What was his English grades like in his Bachelors and MBA courses like? Maybe not A's after all for Donald Trump in the grammar and spelling department?

You have lots of explaining to do about your proper use of spelling and grammar, Mr. Trump.com.