Over half 1 million America's federal workers dedicated to working for the federal government are furloughed. Most of the set home at the mercies of their landlords or mortgage creditors pleading for mercy. Donald Trump continues to virtually hold the country and civilian federal government workers hostage because he's not getting his way at this current time with getting the necessary monies he's requesting for the border wall. In his campaign for the US presidency as a presidential candidate, he made it ironically clear "Mexico will pay for the wall." Instead of Mexico paying for the wall, Americans and federal workers are allegedly and virtually being held hostage by the president of the United States because he has yet to receive his $5 billion he's requesting for the border wall. And it looks like no civilian federal workers will be getting back to work until Trump gets his money. What do you think about this government shutdown crisis? Is he holding the country and federal workers hostage? What do you think of his temperament and demeanor in the video above provided by CNN.com?

What kind of way is this for anyone in authority to carry themselves? Do you agree or disagree?