Bloggers are blogging. Computers are puting. People are talking. Donald Trump's presidency is in serious jeopardy.

Nancy Pelosi will be initiated today at 1:30 PM. And many people highly assume that political pressure will become so great one Donald Trump that he will possibly resign from office of the United States of the president and possibly walk out of oval office as if he did nothing wrong after allegedly resigning.

Trump might be scared of Robert Mueller and the fact that special counsel Mueller can bring criminal charges against you for Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. the Donald is allegedly afraid of his children going to jail. And he may allegedly resigned as a last minute resort of not getting the border wall funding money he's allegedly bullying the Democrats for and may reside allegedly as a last minute resort for protecting his kids from criminal prosecution.

What happened to Trump's claim of "Mexico paying for the wall?" Mexico doesn't have to pay for the wall. That's something the U.S. wanted to achieve. It's not fair for Mexico to pay for U.S. border wall anything nor fund U.S. ambitions. Unless that is, they feel a desire to, but they're not obligated to do anything for the United States. Facts.