It's not the Federal government workers faults that they got furloughed. The furlough happened because of Donald Trump shutting down the government over an alleged temper tantrum about funding for a wall. In 2019, Federal employees (not lawmakers) could possibly see a pay increase freeze. In other words, no extra pay. This is why day jobbers always need a "plan b," such as starting a "side hustle" by working from home just in case nonsense like this happens.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management noted in a article tweeted out a sample letter for federal workers to "in so many words," panhandle their creditors and landlords into not dropping the axe on them for the time being due to their lack of paying their bills and rent or mortgage. The sample letter, in so many words, claims that the federal worker has been furloughed due to the government shut down and is willing to workout a payment plan to keep a roof over their heads.

Sadly, the letter allegedly also recommends the federal workers would "perform chores." Say what???

This is unfair to federal workers because it's seen as Donald Trump being selfish and not thinking about the American people. the lives of over 800,000 low level federal workers had been jeopardized because they now have new paychecks to take hold to their families and risk losing their cars, homes, etc. over what one person thinks and does. This is absolutely wrong and ludicrous.