Who can work for free during a government shutdown and still find a way to pay their bills and move forward with your life successfully? To most people in America and abroad, it seems as if Donald Trump is allegedly a temper tantrum president. He's viewed by many cross the world and domestically as a sitting president of the United States who was allegedly on immature and won't budge until he gets his way with border wall funding. Realistically, people work to be paid because no one wants to work for free. The government shutdown is viewed by many people as a way of Donald Trump robbing them of their financial livelihoods and a way for him to get "free labor." Free labor was used allegedly as a means back and historical ages to keep certain races of people suppressed from moving forward financially and establishing their own businesses while keeping them in golf in slavery. Is Donald Trump allegedly repeating history by having a potential temper tantrum in the oval office and suspectedly getting free labor as a means of alleged greed in his heart?

Mr. Trump...what happened to Mexico allegedly paying for the border wall? Why must Americans pay for something you said someone else would pay for? The president of the United States is seen by many allegedly "not telling the truth."