Most Americans and others across the world would band together mentally and arguably agree that Donald Trump allegedly lost his mind. America was built on the fundamentals of allowing immigrants in the country for the purpose of having a better life and equal opportunity as Americans to make something of themselves and help their immediate families. President Trump recently closed the border between the United States and Mexico, additionally to authorizing U.S. troops to, if necessary, use lethal force on migrants who try to enter the United States of America.

Many people believe Trump has something in his heart allegedly against Hispanics, Blacks, and Muslims. Your thoughts on this?

In other news:

The Donald's company, Trump organization, even with Eric Schneiderman ousted from office as New York attorney general, will continue to have a pending lawsuit against the billion dollar organization despite Donald being a sitting president. Moreover, Don Jr and Ivanka allegedly have indictments to look forward to. Will they be charged and indicted by Mueller? To be or not to be is the question.

Lastly, Mexican - New York born rapper Tekashi69, a.k.a. Daniel Hernandez, made an absolute fool out of himself by being arrested by Federal authorities. His young thinking and rambunctiousness led him to do off the wall things, possibly leading him down the path to life in prison. It's quietly suspected that Donald Trump might allegedly be sitting back and not only discussing Tekashi69's arrest, but laughing at him because he's Mexican and the young rapper did something stupid to make the Donald's sayings about Hispanics look legit. Despite Tekashi's arrest, no race of people deserve to be judged negatively by anyone, and that includes being judged by a person in power.