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Believe it or not, men are judged faster and more than women for their hygiene. Men play sports. Men exercise and do cardio at the gym. Men are automotive mechanics. Men are doctors. Men are salesman. Men go out on dates with women. Good hygeine can determine how fast you achieve [Side Hustle Millionaire] status!

That said, men need to keep their complete hygiene up to par when dealing with people, especially members of the opposite gender up close and personal Robin Leach Style. Truth is, a man's hygiene is quietly judged by women and plays a determining factor in situations such as making or breaking the date, and acing a pre-employment interview. Maintaining healthy breath throughout the day is an absolute must for leaving a positive and lasting Impression.

Listerine.com oral breath spray in “Freshburst minty Wintergreen flavor” is good for men to keep on hand. A man never knows who he’ll interact with throughout the day, whether it's a prospective employer, ex-girlfriend, potential new girlfriend, a future wife, or within a closed circle of members of both genders. Having oral breath spray in a man's pocket is oral breath insurance that his mouth will smell fresh throughout the day.

A man who maintains good smelling breath will always have something positive coming out the mouth of others. Moreover, a man that maintains good hygiene and a combination of good smelling breath, good smelling cologne, maintaining a positive and clean appearance, and good character traits leaves a positive impression in people's minds and builds rapport.

Breath spray, cologne, Listerine mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste, and changing your socks t-shirt and underwear daily will help you look, feel, and think like a future “side hustle millionaire.” Keep that Listerine oral breath spray in your pocket if you want to impress a woman with good smelling breath.

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