Fast Fact: Side hustle millionaires who perform beyond the norm in their secondary side hustle employment working for themselves part-time succeed beyond expectation. Why? Not only was their back against the wall in times of great adversity, but they also refused to bow down to bully employers, sign contracts that allowed an employer or corporation to violate an employee's privacy, refuse to bow down to hateful and jealous family members, and refuse to live up to stands of society. They believed in themselves and continued the journey out of inspiration and did the transformation business work, operating in faith at full strength.

Want to start your own business but few financial resources to get started? No worries.

People who started side hustles and became millionaires while in debt or terminated:

Never allow anyone to wrongfully steal your faith and motivation. Achieving [side hustle millionaire] status and greatness requires doing the transformation side hustle work and having patience. Never allow people to define your spiritual and financial net worth. When they can't see what you see in yourself, it's because they're blind; family, friends, employers, etc. Everyone has a different outlook. Let your challenges bring out the best in you besides being a "side hustle millionaire" in the making. It's never too late to start your side hustle. Age, employment references, credit score, and education are irrelevant in the online side hustle industry. All that's required is willpower and "lots and lots of content."

It's time to do the transformation business work. Are you listening?